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Chapter 3: Reflections

Thursdays at school were always the worst; homework was always piled at its highest, tests were issued the next day, and people would panic under stress and pressure. Namine, Xion, and Kairi were no exceptions; to be the best, you had to actually be the best.

Aqua Egami was never worried about her grades; photographic memory was a very helpful trait in studying. So when her friends walked in on that faithful Thursday morning, scowling with bags under their eyes, she grinned and waved cheerfully, trying to uplift their moods.

"Ok. I have Chem. test, Trig test, and English quiz. You?" Selphie mumbled, barely coherent. She continued to sip her colossal sized coffee while reading her study notes. Naminé shrugged, flipping through the pages of her notebook. "Chem. test, English quiz, speed paint," she answered.

"Chem., Trig, speed paint, and a mile at gym," Xion answered briskly, reading over Naminé's shoulder.

"English, French, flute recital, mile at gym," Olette sighed. Aqua laughed nervously as her friends continued on, sharing notes with each other and crying out in frustration.

"What about you, Aqua?" Kairi asked, while grumbling under her breath the words 'Damn that Chem. test! I forgot to study'. Aqua laughed again to try and lighten the tension, but her friends simply ignored her, waiting to hear her schedule.

"English, Cello recital, French, and Pre-Calc," she stopped to think for a bit, "Oh, and a Government quiz."

Aqua flinched a little when she saw the expression on Naminé's face fall and her skin go paler than it normally was; she figured that the blonde had forgotten to study for that specific test, and was internally beating herself up for it. She tried to help her.

"I can give you notes…" she started, but Naminé had already sprinted down the hall and out of sight, disappearing in the crowd of grumpy teenage girls.

"Where do you think she's going? Her locker is this way," Xion mumbled, staring after her best friend. Aqua shrugged, a little worried.

Naminé wanted to scream. How could she forget about History? She never forgot to study! Was she so preoccupied with that fake letter from Roxas to remember? How could she be so stupid! Without a care as to who she bumped into, she sprinted into the girl's bathroom and locked the door behind her, leaving her alone with three empty stalls and the large ceiling length mirror by the sinks. She pressed her fingers to the glass and closed her eyes, hoping to god that he would come.

"Naminé, what's wrong?"

She sighed in relief upon hearing his voice and opened her eyes to see his, worried and scrunched. He placed his hand up to hers and gave her a look asking for her to explain.

"I forgot my history papers! I don't know anything that's going to be on the test, and I'm going to fail!" she whispered furiously. Roxas let out a breath of air and smiled.

"That's all? I thought something terrible happened. I can help you during the test, History is my best subject. What course?" he asked.


"Perfect. Do you still have that compact mirror?"

Naminé reached into her back pocket and pulled out a white rectangle, holding it up for him to see. He nodded his head.

"Just keep that open in a place where I can see the questions, and I'll whisper the answers to you," he said confidently. Naminé frowned.

"But that's cheating. I'll try and answer a few myself, but if I get stumped, I'll press my eraser in the number. How about that?" she asked.

"Sounds good."

Relieved, she stood on the tips of her toes and gently kissed the glass where his cheek was. He blushed even though he didn't feel it, and faded away with the bright blue ripples that flowed from corner to corner of the mirror. Soon, Naminé was looking at herself again. Goodness, she didn't know what she would do with herself if she didn't have Roxas; he knew exactly what to do to help her, and was always there if she needed him. Holding the compact mirror close, she trooped back out into the hallway, sprinted to her locker, and barely managed to make it to her art class on time. Xion gave her an odd look.

"What were you doing?" she asked, eyeing the white case in Naminé's hands. She swiftly placed the object back in her back pocket, bringing her sketchpad out.

"Hyperventilating in the bathroom," she lied. Xion shrugged nonchalantly, understanding. They all went through that stage at some point.

"Good morning, class," Mrs. Gainsborough called cheerfully, entering the room with the usual skip in her step. Naminé straightened up in her seat and folded her hands neatly in front of her.

"Now, I know that everyone is probably worrying about the speed paint tomorrow, but don't fret; it will be quick and painless, and as long as you give me a detailed description of your drawing," she started, and Naminé could hear the relieved sighs escaping from the members at the back of the class. She fought the urge to roll her eyes.