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Please Say You Love Me Too

Chapter 1

Orihara Izaya panted heavily while he leaned against the wall of a deserted alley with Japan's strongest man, Heiwajima Shizuo standing just a few feet away from him with a stop sign in hand, cutting off all escape routes for the poor informer.

He almost flinched- almost, because he was Orihara Izaya and not some lowlife scum on the streets, but instead pushed himself upright and gave a weak smile when Shizuo raised the metal pole threateningly above his head.

"Shizu-chan~~ I like you."

The question caught the blonde off guard and Izaya could have sworn his eyes budged out of their sockets by the tiniest bit.

"What?" Shizuo's low growl dripped with confusion and and a hint of impatience.

Izaya rolled his eyes and stalked up to the blonde like a cat stalking its prey, risking turning into the prey in the process. When they were just a breath's distance apart, he dropped his gaze to the floor and for once, looked more the defeated young man that he had never been.

"Shizu-chan's really so oblivious at times…I love humans, but I love Shizu-chan the best."

It took awhile for the infamous bartender to process the confession but when he did he almost found himself at a lost. The flea had feelings for him?

Clearing his throat violently, he tossed the sign board aside and glared at the wall beside them, refusing to look at the informant before him. "Stop fucking around would ya… things like these aren't funny."

Izaya looked up in surprise at Shizuo's embarrass-sounding voice. "Ara? Could it be…?"

Shizuo twitched when the flea did a happy dance in front of him and starting poking his index finger in his face.

"Could it be that Shizu-chan is actually embarrassed?' He said with a teasing smirk.

Something snapped. Shizuo's fingers were just aching to strangle the the man in front of him and end his annoying and pesky existence. Stretching out his muscular arms, he stuck true to his plan just when an idea struck him straight in the face like those little cupid arrows do when you meet your destined one.

Grinning to himself, his urge to KILL KILL KILL went down the drain, only to be replaced by a sinister plot which he was oh so sure would make history.

Izaya's blood red eyes widened just a fraction in alert when the bartender made as if to strangle him. Just before he could whip out his trusty switchblade however, strong arms enveloped him tightly and pulled him face first into a board chest. Shock momentarily left him speechless and he could only produce a feeble "Shizu-chan…?" as warmth enveloped him gradually.

Shizuo remained silent for a time, feeling oddly filled with the flea in his arms. He could almost believe that the flea was actually fragile and breakable when he snuggled up against his chest. How adorabl- Wait what? He forced his thoughts back to square one and continued plotting oh so sinister plans then.

"I like you too, you goddamn flea."

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