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Zoro spent the better part of two days hiding out in the infirmary alternating between fitful anxious sleep and exaggerating his symptoms to convince Chopper to let him stay in the infirmary. The place was a safe haven where he could pretend to be asleep whenever Sanji came by with food. He felt as if he would do anything to put off his inevitable and crushing conversation with Sanji.

Chopper eventually kicked Zoro out when he caught Zoro heating up his thermometer with the lighter that he'd stolen from Sanji. Apparently doctors look harshly on that kind of thing, which was apparently vandalising medical equipment.

At first he tried to escape up the mast to his weights room, but the withering glare that Chopper sent him warded him off. Which was completely unfair, it wasn't even like he'd been planning on doing any training! Okay, so maybe he'd been planning on doing just a little training.

Eventually he settled for just leaning against the mast and pretending to doze while he waited for the blonde-haired bearer of his doom to show up. He was just about to doze off when a loud and familiar voice appeared in his ear.

"Ah, Zoro! You're okay!" Luffy declared both ecstatically and loudly as he sat down on the deck next to the swordsman. Zoro opened his eyes and smiled at his captain, even though his mood was pretty black at the moment it was hard not to be even a little cheered up by Luffy's infectious enthusiasm and happiness.

"Yeah Luffy, I'm all better now." Zoro agreed, showing his much more normal coloured arms as proof of his health. Luffy grinned at him, clearly pleased that his nakama was feeling better.

"Aah, you're lucky though. I wish I was allergic to something." Luffy whined as he rested his chin on his fist and looked at Zoro at a jaunty angle.

"That means that you wouldn't be able to eat some things though. And you couldn't just eat everything that you see either." Zoro pointed out with a raised eyebrow. He could tell that his rubber brained captain hadn't thought this through at all.

"True, but if I was allergic Sanji would make me lunches all the time and I'd never get hungry!" Luffy exclaimed, his eyes shining with young optimistic hope.

"Sanji's never been able to keep your rubber stomach full for longer than five minutes. I doubt that Sanji making you food away from the ship would change that." Zoro smirked he could see Sanji's face now if Luffy were in his situation.

"Heh, maybe you're right. And anyway Sanji tells me off when I ask him to make me food, can you believe that he said that he wouldn't cook me a chocolate covered sea king?" Luffy exclaimed.

Zoro had a horrible moment of imagining those giant monsters covered in chocolate and probably not even cooked, he could already visualise Sanji's horrified face at the idea, he vaguely wished that he'd been there when Luffy had made that bizarre request of the cook.

"Yes. I definitely can believe that." Zoro snickered.

Zoro's ear perked up, he could hear voices on the other end of the ship coming towards them, in particular he could hear the particular cadence of Sanji's voice that Zoro could recognise instantly. A shiver ran down Zoro's spine and he was ashamed to admit that he didn't know if it was one of fear or one of excitement at the prospect of seeing the cook.

"That thing is horrible Usopp, get it away from me." Sanji's voice got louder as he rounded the corner, he had his hands stuffed in his pockets and he was chewing on the end of his cigarette.

"But I thought that you could cook anything!" Usopp whined, chasing Sanji around the corner with a giant green fish with hideously bulbous eyes dangling from his hand.

"Sure I can cook that Usopp, if you all want to be poisoned! Its meat is toxic to humans! Throw it away!" Sanji snapped, wincing away from Usopp who was shoving the evidently horrible smelling fish in his face.

"But I spent so much time catching it!" Usopp cried, keeping so close to Sanji's heels that he was practically stepping on the man's feet.

"I'm not going to cook- Zoro!" Sanji exclaimed as his eyes landed on Zoro.

"What? I don't want you to cook Zoro." Usopp blinked holding the fish in his hand still. Zoro gulped, the cook stared at him for a moment before Usopp started tugging on his sleeve again. The cook's eyes narrowed and he spun on one heel and kicked the ugly fish out of Usopp's hand and over the railing of the ship where it landed in the ocean with a pathetic splash.

He looked back at Zoro and quirked his head towards the galley and breezed past the teary eyed Usopp, still mourning over his rejected fish.

Zoro stood up with a sigh, he supposed that he hand to face Sanji sometime, it wasn't as if avoiding him had done him any good. He slouched over to the kitchen and with a deep breath opened the galley door.

Sanji was leaning against the counter by the fridge, his palms were flat on the counter when Zoro entered the galley. Zoro leant against the door and looked warily at the cook. His posture didn't look angry, but Zoro had seen the cook's body go from liquid and relaxed to deadly killing machine in the blink of an eye. Sanji straightened up and looked Zoro up and down thoughtfully.

"Let's see you then, you must be better if Chopper is happy to release you." Sanji said beckoning Zoro over.

Hesitantly Zoro walked over towards the counter where Sanji stood. The cook stubbed out his cigarette in the ash tray before reaching out to Zoro's hand and tugging it towards him. The cook studied Zoro's skin carefully, turning his arm one way and then the other curiously. Zoro closed his eyes and reminded himself yet again that contact with Sanji didn't mean that the cook felt the same way that he did.

"Well, you look much better, almost normal for you marimo." Sanji said with a small smirk as he exhaled the last of the smoke from his crushed cigarette. Zoro remained silent, Sanji seemed almost normal but Zoro could have sworn that Sanji was furious before. He decided that it would be better to get whatever it was that Sanji wanted to talk to out in the open, there was no point in prolonging his anxiety.

"You said… you said that you wanted to talk?" Zoro muttered, pulling his hands back to his sides. Zoro really wished that he had his swords with him right now, sure he wasn't going to attack Sanji with them but they made him feel safer.

"Yeah… I wanted to ask you something." Sanji said looking off to the side nervously.

"What?" Zoro asked begrudgingly.

"The other day, when you were dumb enough to go and order that stupid peanut thing, which by the way I will kill you if you ever do that again." Sanji threatened, cold fire burning in his blue eye again.

"You said something before you passed out. I want to know, did you mean it?" Sanji asked as he looked carefully over towards the swordsman.

Zoro's eyes widened, what could he have said? Had he confessed to the cook or something? He didn't remember anything like that, although, oh god, he had been practically climbing into Sanji's lap at the time.

Sanji's eye narrowed, apparently he had run out of time or his face had shown the wrong answer.

"You don't even remember, do you?" Sanji muttered turning away slightly. Zoro's eyes widened, he was screwing this up with Sanji. He needed to salvage this conversation and quickly, Sanji's shoulders were already visibly twanging with tension and Zoro was starting to anticipate a kick to the face.

"What did I say?" Zoro asked quickly.

Sanji let out a puff of air, his fringe fluttering at the movement. The cook scratched the back of his head and he rolled his shoulders in an effort to release some tension and calm down.

"You said that… that eating just my food for the rest of your life would be just fine with you. I believe the word you used was 'perfect'." Sanji explained in a completely emotionless tone.

"Oh, that?" Zoro asked raising an eyebrow, that certainly wasn't what he thought Sanji was going to say. Sanji's head snapped around and he glared fiercely at Zoro.

"Oh, that?" He snapped angrily, nastily mimicking Zoro's words. His face was filled with rage and Zoro felt himself back away although even though that small step was nowhere near enough to take himself out of the range of Sanji's deadly legs.

"I- no, I didn't mean it like that! I just thought that you meant something else- that's not- I-" Zoro floundered wide eyed.

"Did. You. Mean. It?" Sanji ground out darkly, his fists slamming into the counter top as he leaned forward and forced himself into Zoro's personal space in a very intimidating way.

"I… yes, of course. Why wouldn't I?" Zoro replied feeling baffled, his arms dropping to his sides.

Sanji seemed to consider this for a moment. He leaned back and rummaged in his pockets and pulled out another cigarette. He leant down and flicked the ignition on the stove, inhaling sharply. He exhaled a long stream of smoke.

Zoro stood dumb struck as Sanji carefully went about the business of lighting and smoking his cigarette, he had no idea why Sanji was asking him about food or why the cook was so worked up about it. He felt as if he had walked in on a scene in a play and someone had given him an entirely different script to what was currently going on.

"Why-" Zoro started.

"Why am I asking you that? You don't even know do you? You have absolutely no idea what you just said to me, do you?" Sanji laughed darkly. He inhaled again and turned to lean on the counter opposite Zoro.

Zoro felt genuinely perplexed, he'd expected Sanji to grill him about his actions or something revealing that he'd said. Not about his preferences in food, not about whether or not he liked Sanji's cooking or not.

"No." He confessed, hoping that Sanji would enlighten him.

Sanji sighed and gave Zoro a level look. He idly flicked ash off of the end of his cigarette into the empty sink.

"How can I explain?" Sanji mused out loud, his eyes wandered to Zoro's sword-less hip and he smiled.

"You fight people with your swords, people who are probably stronger than you. Guys twice your size, people with bigger muscles, but you still win." Sanji explained thoughtfully.

"Yeah…" Zoro said raising an eyebrow curiously.

"It's because you fight with your soul, you put everything of who are into your fights. It makes you strong. The way you fight is who you are, it's…everything about you. Would you agree?" Sanji continued.

"Yeah, that's about right." He conceded. Sanji smiled slightly at that.

"Now, my cooking is the same for me. Every meal is a part of who I am, my soul is in my cooking. My food is me. So… when you say that all you want is my food… it says more than just that you like my cooking." Sanji said quietly. Zoro's eyes widened, so he had said something revealing after all, even without knowing it. But… Sanji didn't seem angry, or at least not about what he had said, admitting that he'd not known what he said had meant seemed to have pissed the cook off a bit but… perhaps…

"So, with that in mind… did you mean it?" Sanji repeated.

"I meant it." He breathed before he even could think about his answer. Of course he meant it, he'd give his life for Sanji and for Sanji's dream, he'd do it in a heartbeat.

Sanji's smile turned slightly catlike and predatory and the thought stole over Zoro that perhaps he shouldn't have divulged that particular piece of information. But he'd never been a big liar and when Sanji asked him how he felt so openly like that he had no option of lying at all.

Sanji tapped the ash off of the end of his cigarette and rested it in the groove of his glass ashtray. He blew a stream of smoke off to the side and stepped around the counter towards Zoro in a walk that could only be described as 'slinky'.

Zoro was completely frozen, he just couldn't get a read on what the cook was up to. Was Sanji being smug about making him admit something that he didn't want to do or was that his silent and deadly walk? It certainly looked predatory.

The cook hooked a long slender finger into Zoro's haramaki and tugged the swordsman closer. Before Zoro could even blink Sanji had pulled their bodies flush together and Sanji's lips were pressed against his kissing him. Between the unexpected kiss and Sanji's left hand roaming across Zoro's chest the swordsman could do nothing but melt into Sanji. Only after Zoro heard the breathy gasp did he realise that it had been him who made it, but by then Sanji had pressed closer to him and deepened the kiss.

Zoro's mind was scrambling to keep up as Sanji ran his tongue along the swordsman's lip before raising a hand to Zoro's face and deciding to explore his mouth. Zoro groaned, he wished that he'd said something to Sanji sooner, if he'd known that all he needed to say to Sanji was that he liked his food that much then- wait…

Zoro pushed Sanji away roughly with a gasp and backed off, clutching his hand to his mouth. Sanji stumbled backwards from the force of Zoro's shove. His cheeks were tinged with pink and he looked startled above all else, but after a second that familiar pissed-off look returned to the cook's face.

"What the hell marimo? I thought you wanted this!" Sanji snapped irritatedly.

"No…. no I don't." Zoro muttered, running a thumb across his lips.

"But- but you-" Sanji started, Zoro held a hand up and cut him off.

"I said something nice about your cooking, I know. I don't know if that's some kind of ultimate turn-on for cooks but you and I don't want the same thing here." Zoro growled angrily. The only reason Sanji was doing this was because Zoro had confessed how he felt about Sanji through his food, clearly Sanji liked the idea of having someone in love with him because that was all it'd taken for the cook to kiss him.

He should have known it, he didn't call Sanji love-cook for nothing, the man was in love with the idea of love, not him. He had no desire to delude himself of that fact and be the man's plaything until someone else came along.

Sanji's weight shifted dangerously to his right leg and his left foot started tapping menacingly, Sanji's visible eye looked icy all of a sudden.

"I'm considering whether or not to kick your face off marimo. I don't know why you think I'm shallow enough to be flattered so much by your words as to jump you, but that's not it. Despite my better judgement I actually want you." Sanji huffed irritatedly.

"Maybe you should stick with your stupid judgement in the first place and leave me alone." Zoro muttered turning his back on Sanji and stomping over towards the galley door. This day was just getting worse and worse, he'd anticipated Sanji shouting at him, but not this. This was just so close to what he wanted but so devastatingly different. How was it that whenever he thought things couldn't get any worse he always ended up being wrong? He should know by now, things can always get worse.

"Oi! Don't walk away from me you idiot!" Sanji snapped, grabbing the back of Zoro's shirt and yanking him back.

"I thought… I thought that you wanted this, that you wanted me." Sanji said to the back of Zoro's head. Zoro winced, Sanji's voice had an uncertain quiver to it, the cook was actually sounding upset.

"I thought that was obvious by now." He replied with a sigh.

The next thing that happened was something very hard connected to his ribs with enough force to send him half flying and half stumbling across the room, his back hit the edge of Sanji's work surface painfully. The cook lowered his deadly leg and shot Zoro a look that if it could it would have reduced the swordsman to a burnt crisp.

"Then what the hell is your problem?" Sanji shouted angrily.

"My problem? What the hell is your problem shit-cook?" Zoro shouted back, touching his tender ribs. He'd probably have the outline of Sanji's shoelaces bruised into his skin forever.

"Oh, what? Did I hurt you?" the cook shot back mockingly.

"No!" Zoro retorted defensively.

"Look, I want this and you want this, so what is the problem here?" Sanji demanded, not willing to get sidetracked into a familiar fight right now.

"The problem is that what I want and what you want are completely different! You just want some distraction until something better comes along, something with boobs. Or you'll drop me the first time Nami flutters her eyelashes at you!" Zoro snapped as images from his dreams flashed behind his eyes, Robin and Nami's mocking laughter as they stole Sanji from him.

"You shitty-" Sanji snarled and kicked at Zoro again, but Zoro was ready this time and caught Sanji's foot and locked it under his arm. Sanji's eyes widened as he tried to pull his foot back, but Zoro's grip was firm. The two were left in an awkward stalemate, Zoro not willing to let Sanji go and Sanji not willing to admit that he couldn't get free.

"Let me go!" Sanji eventually shouted when Zoro backed up and forced him to hop feebly after him or else fall over.

"If I do that you'll kick me, so no." Zoro muttered. Sanji gritted his teeth and pulled at his leg a little more, it wasn't going to budge, Zoro's grip was like iron. He was fed up of this, they'd be like this all day at this rate.

With a grunt Sanji suddenly shifted all of his weight to the foot in Zoro's arm and pushed off of the floor with the other. Suddenly all of Sanji's weight was pushing down on his captured foot and Zoro lost his balance and fell just as Sanji had intended. The cook followed him and landed neatly on Zoro's hips, he shuffled forward before the swordsman regained his composure and pinned Zoro's strong arms under his knees.

"Now, I don't know exactly what you think I'm like marimo, but I'm not that sort of person. I'm not going to just change my mind for a pretty face you know." Sanji said flatly, ignoring Zoro's struggles beneath him.

"I've seen you with women remember?" Zoro retorted and desperately tried to free his arms. Sanji shot him a dark look and pressed harder on his arms with a black suited knee, Zoro could feel his blood flow starting to restrict with that and his hands were starting to tingle in what promised to be a painful way.

"Yes, I flirt. But beautiful women should be told how lovely they are, that's a fact." Sanji insisted.

"I'm not-" Zoro started to protest but Sanji quickly covered the swordsman's mouth with his hand.

"Shut your stupid face for five seconds will you?" Sanji said rolling his eyes.

Zoro could feel his cheeks reddening under Sanji's scrutiny and being pinned down by the cook's dangerous legs certainly didn't help the matter.

"Right, as I was saying." Sanji continued, "I don't play at this sort of thing, marimo. When I'm with someone it's serious and I don't care who else happens to be around and whether or not they're interested in me. If you're mine then you have me, all of me, you got that?" Sanji said fiercely.

After a moment Sanji seemed to realise that Zoro couldn't exactly answer him when his hand was clamped over the swordsman's mouth so the cook cautiously removed his hand.

Zoro at least thought about what he was going to say before he opened his mouth this time, he wanted Sanji, he really did but… there was still a painful bit of doubt niggling at the back of his mind. He'd been telling himself for so long that Sanji didn't like him at all and that Sanji certainly wouldn't want him that it was hard to even understand what the cook was saying.

"But… you barely even like me." He said in a small voice. Sanji winced slightly at that.

"I didn't think I did up until a while ago. But as soon as I thought about it, well…" The cook shook his head and tried again.

"Look, we're in the most dangerous place on earth right? People die out here in the grand line all the time, right? I like you because you're brave and honest and you look after your nakama and you're pretty much the only person out here that I don't have to worry about." Sanji sighed.

The cook shifted his weight off of Zoro's arms and rested his hands on the swordsman's chest and drummed his fingers in thought for a moment.

"With Nami and Robin, I worry about them. And I can't afford to get distracted out here by worrying about someone I'm involved with, none of us can. But I never worry about you. Even when you get ass-backward lost on an island I know that you'll be okay no matter who or what you run into because you're the world's best swordsman, there isn't anyone who can beat you in a fair fight. And I need that." The cook continued.

Zoro felt something in his chest tighten at that and he sat upright suddenly, nearly toppling the cook off of him. He caught Sanji and the cook landed lightly in his lap with a startled expression on his face.

"You think I'm the world's greatest swordsman?" he asked surprised.

"Seriously? That's what you took from that big speech about why I like you? You know your ego isn't exactly what I'd rather be stroking here." Sanji muttered rolling his eyes.

"Do you?" Zoro pressed, trying to ignore the redness in his face after that lewd statement from the cook. Sanji gave him a hard look but then relented with a mutter of 'idiot swordsman' under his breath.

"Yes, I do. I wouldn't be supporting your insane dream of cutting Mihawk in half if I didn't think you were would I?" the cook replied with that 'you're a moron' tone of voice.

"Oh." Zoro said in a small voice. Then he grabbed Sanji's tie and kissed the cook for all his was worth because, really, what else could you say to something like that? Sanji practically purred and wiggled distractingly in Zoro's lap.

"Man, if I'd known that all I needed to do to get you to shut up was to say that then I would have said that much earlier. Wow, you're kind of easy Zoro." Sanji teased playfully.

"Shut up, it's just because it's you." Zoro shot back, feeling too happy to be able to inject much venom into his words. He groped the cook's fantastic ass whilst Sanji busied himself with exploring Zoro's three piercings with his teeth and tongue.

The door to the galley squeaked open and Zoro could hear footsteps.

"For fuck's sake." Sanji muttered angrily against Zoro's ear as he released the gold bar of Zoro's earring from his mouth and stood up.

"Oh, Nami!" Sanji greeted in a pleased voice, Zoro froze at that.

"Sanji, I thought you weren't here for a moment there." Nami cooed in her annoying voice.

"Oh no, I was just doing… something. Ah, what did you want my lovely flower?" Sanji asked, his voice syrupy.

Zoro felt like he'd been dropped into the coldest water around Drum Island, he hadn't even got five minutes with Sanji before that goddamn sea-witch had stolen him away. And he could hear the voice that Sanji was talking to her in, he was completely wrapped around her little finger. How had he been so stupid as to believe Sanji when he said that this wouldn't happen? He couldn't even bear to listen to their conversation, he didn't want to hear Sanji declaring his everlasting love for her.

And now Sanji was walking away from Zoro, around the counter to his precious Nami-swan. He was probably going to follow her out onto the deck to rub suntan oil on her back and leave him here with a broken heart. The door clicked shut again, no doubt with Sanji gone.

"Thank god, I thought she'd never leave." A voice sighed with relief and the lock on the door clicked. Zoro's eyes widened, that couldn't be Sanji could it? The cook would never talk that way about his precious navigator.

But there was Sanji, appearing back around the counter and standing over him with concerned eyes, well, eye.

"You okay? You look paler than me." Sanji asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I- I'm… what did she want?" Zoro stumbled.

"Oh, Nami?" Sanji asked in the same tone that he'd enquire about Usopp. Zoro gawped, had someone sneaked down in the night and replaced Sanji with some sort of opposite clone? It'd explain a lot.

"She wanted to know when dinner was and if she could have a snack. I told her no and that dinner will be ready in two hours." Sanji shrugged disinterestedly.

"What're you making?" Zoro asked automatically, feeling numb with shock.

"I don't care, I work in here all day making food for them, and it's time I actually get something that I want instead. They can have a salad or something. So that leaves me almost two hours with you locked in my galley and I'm sure you and I can find some way to entertain ourselves." Sanji declared in a pleased voice as he settled himself back in Zoro's lap with a dirty smile.

Zoro stared at the man in his lap, he certainly looked like Sanji, he was beautiful enough to be but… surely this couldn't be real, could it? Understanding flashed across the cook's face and he gave Zoro a dark grin.

"You thought I was going to do whatever she said didn't you?" Sanji accused with a smirk as he poked Zoro in the chest.

"Uhh…" Zoro stalled, not wanting to get kicked again.

"I'm not sure whether to find this irritating and insulting or adorably insecure." The cook smirked, apparently already having decided which he thought it was.

"I don't want Nami, you idiot, I want you." Sanji asserted and brushed a kiss to Zoro's lips. Zoro beamed at that.

The cook paused and a strange worried look settled on his face as he looked at Zoro.

"What?" Zoro asked as he snaked an arm around Sanji and stroked the tense muscles in the cook's lower back. Sanji's eyes fluttered shut for a moment at that and Zoro made a mental note to do that to the cook again if he got a chance. After a moment Sanji pushed his hand away and looked Zoro nervously in the eye.

"I have a confession to make, sort of." He said, worrying at his bottom lip with his teeth.

"Sort of?" Zoro teased, trying to ignore the worry coiling in his own gut at Sanji's words.

"When you were sick Chopper had you on some pretty strange meds that made you all… odd. Drunk and rambling and stuff. And I was looking after you when the ship got attacked by pirates, and despite the fact that you were sick and didn't have your swords you wanted to run off and fight them because you're a moron. And I tried to stop you, I really did, but you just wouldn't listen to me so I may have sort of, kind of, maybe drugged you a bit. Just to save your life so you didn't go off and get yourself killed!" Sanji blurted out quickly.

"Okay…" Zoro said raising an eyebrow, he had no idea where Sanji was going with this.

"Okay, so you were pretty much gone, but you were still really strong and you might have, sort of, shoved me against the door and kissed me. And I know that I should have stopped you and I really tried to but then you just said my name and that you'd wanted to kiss me for so long and- I- well, I couldn't help myself! And I know I should have stopped you but it was so good, and honest I'm not like one of those sleazy guys in bars and I'm so so sorry!" Sanji said in one long breath. Zoro blinked as he tried to piece that explanation into something coherent with proper punctuation, rather than the terrified babble that the cook had given him.

"Oh, I thought that was a dream." He said after a while as the similarities dawned on him. He looked at the cook, waiting for more story but Sanji just stared nervously back at him.

"That was it? That was your big confession?" Zoro exclaimed when he realised that Sanji was done talking.

"What you do mean that's it? You bastard! I've been agonising about this all week! I'm a terrible person, I took advantage of you! Aren't you even a little angry?" Sanji yelled, thumping his fists against Zoro's chest.

"Okay, okay!" Zoro said, grabbing Sanji's hands before the cook could hurt them by accident and then REALLY hurt him out of revenge.

"Bad Sanji, next time take advantage of me when I can remember it properly." Zoro scolded Sanji sarcastically. He lifted his knees so that Sanji slid further forward in his lap and he tilted his head upwards and caught the cook's mouth in a kiss.

His stomach fluttered, this was real, Sanji was really here and kissing him back.

"Hm, would now be a good time to take advantage of you then?" Sanji grinned against Zoro's mouth.

"I'm pretty sure I'll remember this forever, so yeah, go ahead." Zoro gasped as Sanji nibbled a line along his jaw. Sanji grinned against Zoro's skin and set out making the next two hours incredibly memorable for Zoro, so much so that he didn't care at all when they lost track of time and only pulled away from each other when the entire crew started hammering on the door two hours later demanding to be fed. He didn't even care that Sanji kicked him for not reminding him that he was supposed to be cooking. All he cared about right now was the cook in scuffed black trousers and a fancy blue shirt with the buttons done up wrong in a fluster about not being able to find the celery.

He grinned and rubbed the mark on his hand whilst Sanji ran about the kitchen in a panic, the outline of Sanji's lips was still there and on his wrist on his other arm was the barely there outline of Sanji's fingers. Perhaps Robin was right, he'd always know that they were there, even if other people couldn't see it, just like Sanji himself.