Chapter One

Destiny Islands Bulletin Board

A friendly reminder from your principal! First week back at school always brings about new things and the biggest of all is education! Remember to knuckle down to get the marks that you deserve.

Class times will be distributed by your teacher. Remember that we at Destiny High are hospitable people – so don't forget to show the new kids around!

With the start of a new year comes a new Blizball season! Check this announcement soon for updates regarding trials, teams and games!

Can the class 15A who participate in 'Magic Advanced – Inanimate objects; Friend or Foe?'please proceed to the oval for today's lesson.

W3lc0m3 bk MY sw33te5t. u r3turn3nd 4 n3W yr? I 3 u lwys mah $3x b0Mb.

Attention all Destiny Islands students. The Twifucks are here. I repeat: The Twifucks have arrived to Destiny High. Shit brown suits them, don't you think? Let's all give them the welcome they deserve.

"How ironic," Roxas thought to himself as he stared at the school's bulletin board, "Wonder how long it's going to take for the last message to be taken down?"

He stood in what the others called the 'shit brown uniform', with his other friends around him. Having examined the notices on the bulletin board, the blonde turned back to face his friends whom were talking about their first day at a new school. It was an idea created by the Board of Universal Education to link two schools that seemingly hate each other in a bond of exchange. Namely that every year a group of select students from either Twilight Town College or Destiny High would go over to the other school for a year and socialize with the students. These students were expected to represent the school and do their best to make themselves as well known as possible.

At least that was the expectation. How it was going to work out was a whole other matter.

"Hey Twifucks! Hope you enjoy your first day!" Something blue and round soared into the air and collided with the back of Olette's shirt. With a cry of surprise the brunette stumbled forward as water exploded from the object and soaked her back. Hayner managed to catch her before she hit the ground, and with livid eyes located the source of the water-bomb throwers. Two kids on bikes - one with blonde, spiky hair that shot out on either side of his head and another with orange hair and a bandanna around his head. They laughed as they sped off.

"Hey dumb-shits; wanna try coming back here and doing that again?" Hayner challenged, giving the two his middle finger as Olette frowned and got back to her feet. Her tone was not at all happy as she looked to him.

"Don't encourage them, Hayner. You'll get hurt."

"So… remind me why we decided to come to a school where everyone hates us?" Pence asked, having sheltered his camera with his shirt when he had noticed the water bomb flying their way. He removed it again and quickly snapped a shot of the boys as they sped off.

"Because the subjects at back home sucked and I for one didn't think that Seifer was coming." Hayner replied, frowning lightly at Olette. She was examining her shirt and trying to wring out most of the water. She didn't look at the others as she replied:

"Well I thought I'd be nice to end some of the rivalry."

"You just want more people to mother – that's what you want. Go on; admit it," Hayner replied, smirking as he poked Olette's arm. She reached up and thwacked him, beginning the course of their argument.

"I do not! I'm just tired of hearing the words Des-shits and Twifucks."

"Sure. But I'm sure you would love to boss the others around. Come on, Olette! You're thinking about it right now!"

"I am not!"

Roxas shook his head, smiling lightly at the antics of his best friends. He shrugged lightly at Pence and spoke. "Well you know why. I don't need to explain that."

The train pulled away from Twilight Town and sped through the expanse of thick, wide forest. Perched on the purple leather chairs, Roxas and his friends peered out as the landscape changed over the course of the hours. They were alone in a carriage, with Hayner, Pence and Olette marvelling at the changes the journey brought. For one, the sun began to rise higher in the sky – a change from the eternal sunset of their world. And as the scenery began to change, so did the fascination of his friends. They had never been to Destiny Islands before, since they had no need to travel there. Roxas, on the other hand, was used to the trip.

"How long do you think we have?" Olette asked, finally turning her head to look at the blonde as the beach greeted their eyes. It was late afternoon, with the group travelling since daybreak that morning.

"About half an hour," Roxas replied, using the beach as a landmark. He only glanced up for that moment, having been more preoccupied playing video games beforehand.

"So do you know anyone there beside your cousin and Aunt?" Pence then asked, using the excuse of time to begin questioning Roxas about his familiarity with Destiny Islands. The blonde shook his head lightly.

"I haven't been here in years. The last time I came here Sora was at the stage were he thought shoving sand down people's pants was hilarious." Finding a save point on his game, the blonde sat the consol down next to him. "And when I was here my Aunt never let Sora go anywhere. So I never met anyone."

"Plus Sora probably didn't want anyone to know his cousin was from Twilight Town, I bet," Hayner added, an undertone in his words. Roxas smiled slightly.

"Maybe. He used to always tell me if anyone asked where I was from I was to tell them I was from The World That Never Was. Despite it being next door to Twilight Town, people are much more open to it than us."

"Do you even know why?" Olette asked, scrunching her face up as she spoke. "I find it stupid how deep the rivalry runs. That a little boy would have to lie about where he came from so people didn't abuse him."

"I really have no idea. I guess its one of those things that just happens. No one quite knows why; they just learn to accept it. But I guess that's why were coming here, right? The schools and the towns want us to try and end it."

"If we don't get killed first," Hayner said bluntly. Roxas smirked lightly as he waved his hand at his best friend.

"What's wrong, Hayner, afraid of some beach boys? Afraid they're going to attack you with their inner tubes?" He teased.

"What? No! Don't be a pussy, Roxas," Hayner replied, returning the smirk. "If they try to mess with us we'll send their Des-Shit arses all the way to the DTD."

"Hayner!" Olette scolded. The three boys then cracked up in laughter, sending the brunette female frowning and tapping her foot against the carpet floor.

"Train 895 from Twilight Town to Destiny Islands has now arrived. Please make your way to platform nine." A male voice rang over the intercom, as all around the Destiny Islands Station people made their way to various locations. Either to board a train out or to pick up loved ones. Or in this case, to pick up the exchange students that were due to arrive from Twilight Town. In this crowd of people stood a middle-aged woman with long brown hair tied up into one long plat at the back of her head. Her face was a little worn, but the wrinkles were curled into smile and laughter lines instead of anger. At the sound of the intercom she turned to her son – a teenage boy with spiky hair and tanned skin. His face curled downwards at the announcement.

"Come on, Sora! We promised Roxas we'd meet him on the platform."

"You promised, Mum. I didn't agree to anything," came his reply. While normally a cheery, upbeat boy, Sora couldn't help but fear that his appearance at the station today could very well spell a motion of disaster at school. Despite the fact that everyone knew his cousin was one of the arrivals, he couldn't help but worry they thought he was going to beat Roxas up the moment he arrived. And he couldn't rely on his best friends to pull him out.

"Oh don't be like that. Aren't you excited? We haven't seen him since… well…"

"Yeah; let's just go, okay?" Sora pushed himself off the wall and walked in the direction of Platform Nine. His eyes scanned the people around him, trying to find a trace of a person that might think of saying something to him about meeting the Twifucks. Sora's mother sighed, rolling her eyes before she hurried after her son. Unlike the rest of Destiny Islands, it seemed, she was more than happy to host a Twilight Town student, whether it be her nephew or not. Mrs. Hikari was not one to judge based on a petty issue like a town.

"Do you see him?" She then asked, once they had arrived at the platform. Sora shrugged, making Mrs. Hikari lightly flick him on the arm in reprimand and look around herself.

"Oh, there he is! Oh my god; he's grown so much!"

"Here she goes." Sora thought, but the sight of his younger cousin didn't make the frown deepen. On the contrary – now seeing the familiar yellow spikes and almost identical blue eyes, Sora couldn't help the tiny smile that crossed his face.

"Roxas! TwiMoron!" He called out. Not to swear in front of his dear old mother, Sora raised a hand into the air to catch the blonde's attention. Roxas looked up from where he had been, having been trying to yank a bag from the luggage compartment for Olette.

"Sora! DesMoron!" came his smart reply. Sora grinned, only to have the grin replaced by a look of dismay as his mother ran forward.

"Roxas, look at you! Oh, you've grown so handsome!" Without regard to anyone else, Mrs. Hikari dive-bombed her nephew in a hug. Roxas stumbled back and uttered an awkward laugh as he patted his aunt on the head.

"Hi, Aunty Hikari; you're shorter than I remember." Sora's mother scoffed and pulled away from her nephew, but her expression was still as warm as ever.

"Have you got your stuff? I've got dinner cooking, so I don't want to leave it for too long."

"Yeah, just one second," Roxas responded. He used two hands to haul the bag out of the compartment and hand it to the brunette next to him.

"See you tomorrow, Olette," He said. Olette smiled and uttered a "see you tomorrow" as behind her Hayner and Pence were chiding each other, which resulted in Hayner putting Pence in a headlock.

The trip home was slightly more awkward.

"So how have you been, Roxas? Last we heard you had been pulled out of the OA?"

"Yeah," Roxas said, staring out the window.

"How are you enjoying TwilightTownCollege?"

"It's good."

"That Olette girl… she's one of your friends?"

"She, Hayer and Pence, yeah."

"And you all wanted to come to DestinyIslands for a year?"


"Well I'm proud of you, for one. It's nice to think that you can put everything behind you and have friends who are going through the same things…" Sora's mother continued, but Roxas wasn't really paying attention. He glanced to the seat beside him, where Sora was twiddling his thumbs and basically looking out of place. He hadn't said much beside his TwiMoron comment when Roxas had arrived. But the blonde wasn't going to try to make conversation with him either.

"I won't be able to protect you."

Roxas was tying his shoelace when Sora stood over him. It was their first day, right before school, and Mrs. Hikari had offered to drive Roxas to school so he knew where he was going."Plus I want to make sure that all your little friends are there so you have someone to talk to," Her voice echoed.

"Why do you think I need protection, Sora?" Roxas gave a smile as he looked up. The brunette's face was far more serious. His eyes were narrowed and his mouth turned down. Roxas would have almost thought him to be worried. He straightened up to the other's height.

"I know we're cousins and all, but if something happens I'm not dragging your ass out a raging inferno -" Sora began. Roxas cut him off.

"You won't need too. I can look after myself. I have before." Sora looked nervous. Roxas wasn't sure if it was genuine concern for the welfare of himself or of Sora's apparent popularity. Not that the blonde really had an idea of how popular Sora was. He assumed the spiky haired teenager was fairly well liked.

"Look; I'm not going to hunt for trouble. If someone wants to start shit with me then of course I'm going to retaliate."

"That's what I'm afraid of," Sora mumbled.

"Wait - what!" Roxas' eyes were wide as he stared at the piece of paper in his hand. "Come on Pence - look again - Who do you have math with?"

"This is the third time I've looked and it hasn't changed. I'm still not with Mr. Merlin."

Roxas couldn't believe this. It was lunchtime, and the blonde and his friends sat in the back of the cafeteria with the rest of the Twilight Town College kids. All around them the Destiny High students eyed them, but no one seemed game to approach. Apart from a few snide comments and the attack on Olette that morning, everything seemed relatively calm.

"Have you asked Seifer or anyone?" Hayner asked. Roxas nodded miserably.

"Yeah. He called me chicken wuss and said that even if he did he was "fucking ditching that piece of crap". How is it that no one is in this one math class?"

"No idea. Bad luck to you, man," Hayner replied. Roxas put his head in his hands.

"Oh don't be like that," Olette scolded, "You might find someone there you like."

I said this before. I don't think this is working out. You're my best friend, but I can't lie to myself.

The young man with the sliver haired stared at his phone blankly. He didn't look upset or happy about the news. Instead he lent up against the back wall of the school as he typed the reply on his phone.

I know. I'm sorry to put you though this.

And with the ringing of the bell, Riku slipped the phone into his pocket before walking to class.

Roxas tried to make sure he was the first in the room.

This was for a number of reasons. One, he didn't want to be late to class and make a fool of himself; second, he didn't want to get there on time to have to fight with people about where he could sit or have people stare at him as he entered.

So he managed to find the class on time, and had located a seat at the back of the class. It was eerie being alone for the first few minutes, but people began to trickle in. They all stared, which Roxas responded to by widening his eyes as if he was surprised at them and getting more comfortable in his seat. It was only when the clock ticked closer to the start of class that problems started.

The cause was a young male, older than Roxas. Seawater green eyes hidden behind silver hair, the "king" of Destiny High – as he was 'lovingly' dubbed - walked over to Roxas' table. When there, he smirked, sitting himself next to Roxas and turning so he could rest his legs on the blonde's table.

"So, Twilight, shit brown your favourite colour, or are you just that much of an attention whore?"


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