A/N: Please read this word by word to make it look easy it rhymed.

Tezuka once bought cookies,

The ones he grew to love,

He went to practice Tennis,

With his cookies in case he starved,

There he saw a boy,

He didn't know him well,

His name was Fuji Shuusuke,

But that was all he could tell,

He got his book and waited,

For the other clubs to end,

Tennis wasn't something he hated,

But he didn't have any friends,

Suddenly Fuji sits beside him

But Tezuka didn't mind

Not until his hands reached the rim

Of the bag of cookies he bought that time

Tezuka was insulted

Weren't those cookies his?

Fuji took them and waited,

Eating the cookies he now sorely missed

"Maybe I should take one,"

Tezuka thought to himself,

So under the settling sun,

He took a cookie with stealth

Thinking he would have stopped,

Tezuka was mistaken

Fuji continued on from the top,

He finally knew he was beaten,

When there was one cookie left,

He waited in for Fuji's last move,

Tezuka knew he would just take it,

And leave with nothing to prove,

Fuji did take it,

But quickly broke it with a laugh,

"Here, "he said as his face lit,

"You can take the other half."

Tezuka knew this day wasn't lucky

But he took it, still shocked

He still wasn't happy,

The cookies tasted like rocks,

When practice was over,

Fuji had already gone out,

He took his bag and zipped open the cover,

His mouth gaped open, then a sad pout,

There he saw a bag of cookies,

The ones he thought were gone,

Tezuka felt like a rookie, [lol]

For thinking Fuji was wrong,

That bag he thought was his,

Really belonged to Fuji,

Tezuka tightened his fists,

…Those weren't his cookies.

A/N: Wow, okay. I don't know how to rhyme words very well, but surprisingly I managed to get this done in an hour. There was suppose to be a stanza after that, but I couldn't continue it from then. Anyway, hope you liked it!