Just wanna write a fic to one of my supernatural favorite pairings. Sarah/Sam from Provenance!

Kinda songfic. The song is "Waiting in Vain", has been sung by a lot of artists.

It is my first time to write a songfic. I'm kinda lost when I'm trying to pull the emotion. I am not sure about the format in this fic. Like how I put Sarah's conversation with herself.

So, if you think this is bad , or need corrections, or suggestions, please let me know, I will definitely correct it =]. And probably I will edit it later.


"Still Waiting"

Sarah is standing in front of her front door.

The song from the radio in her home can be heard, flowing together with the sound of rain.

From the very first time I rest my eyes on you,boy
My heart said follow through but I know now
That I'm way down on your line
But the waiting feeling's fine

Her hair and clothes are wet now, she has been standing there under the pouring rain for minutes.

Watching the empty road.

I wanna know when you're gonna come


Has been two years since you promised me you would come...

She says to herself

She sighs and rub the water on her face.

It has been two years since then.

Since she said she could wait. And She would wait forever for him.

Since he said that he would come for her.


I don't wanna waiting in vain for you love...

She still remembers the way he kissed her at the place she's standing now. Passionately. So intoxicating..

And the way he left with his brother through the empty road.

Cause summer is here
And I'm still waiting there
Winter is here
I'm still waiting there

"Whoa, seriously Sarah, you broke up with Jeff? Again?"

"Yeah Nad, how many times should I tell you?"

"It has been your tenth relationship, you're kinda playgirl now"

"Geez, you're wrong. I just can't love them."

"The way you love that Sammy-guy?"

She blushes and nods slowly.

Nadia rubs sauce on her lip.

"If I remember, you told me you don't even know this guy for more than a week? And since he left, you haven't heard anything from him?"

She nods slowly again.

"You're weird. Get over him. He's gone like wind now. How can you expect him to come back to your life?"

Gone like wind... Nad is right...



"So.. What do you say now?" Nad asks her sarcastically.

"Well... I will.. just wait..."

Her mind recalls memories. Conversation with Nadia and.. Her mother.

The face of her mother passes her mind. Her loving mother. Her beautiful mother. She still remembers clearly how broken she was. The most important woman in her life left her. Alone. Her death left deep wound to her and her father. No more her smile, no more her hug .. her kiss.. her tender voice...

You see-
In life I know
That there is lots of grief
But your love is my relief

Sam... What are you doing now...

Do you still remember me and our promises?

Will you come?

Tears in my eyes burn
Tears in my eyes burn
While I'm waitin'
While I'm waitin' for my turn

She blinks her eyes.

Her tears dissolve with the pouring rain.

"Sounds crazy for you Nad, but you don't know how I... feel for him. And...

I believe... He will... fulfill his promise...

So I... will be waiting for him..."

Cause if summer is here,
I'm still waiting there;
Winter is here,
And I'm still waiting there.

In the pouring rain

She's still standing there

Waiting for her love.

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