Breaking fate's curse.

Rebel 1: Stranger in a strange land

Written by Jlargent

Me: Like I promised the first ever Naruto/ BlazBlue crossover! After seeing the overwhelming success of 'Crucify My Love' I decided to take a shot at this and I promise that I will try and not disappoint you. Typical disclaimers apply I do not own Naruto or BlazBlue in any shape or form.

Noel's POV

As I embrace Ragna my mind tries desperately to fight my limbs as they lead the two of us towards the cauldron, while I drag him I could not help but feel that Ragna feels somewhat familiar to me as though he's has that air of an older brother. Finally we arrived at the lip of the cauldron my mouth moved on its own accord speaking in a voice similar to a little girl's.

"I told you that there was nothing that you could do." I said as we leaned towards the fires that resided in the cauldron, when all of a sudden a gloved hand grabs Ragna and a boot slams into my face sending me flying into the cauldron. As I look to the source I see that it was Jin that separated me from Ragna, I turned my head towards the oncoming flames that resides inside and for a moment time seemed to slow to a crawl Is this what it's like to die? I really wanted to do more with my life. I thought to myself as the flames started to become hotter. I close my eyes for the last time awaiting death all the while shedding silent tears.

Naruto's POV

It has been almost three years since I left Konoha to train with Jiraiya in improving my almost nonexistent skills after failing to capture Sauske at the valley of the end, I stare at the stars looking up at the night sky It's hard to believe that I'll be coming home tomorrow after three years away. I wonder how my friends are doing? I thought absently as a shooting star streaks across the night sky I decided to make a wish I wish I could change things three years ago. I thought to myself as I turned to resume sleeping.

I awoke early enough to see that dawn is coming soon, knowing that it would be pointless to go back to sleep I decided to train by myself. First I decided to take a five mile run and do some taijutsu and return to camp in time for the pervert to wake up from a drunken stupor and beret him while he's on the receiving end of a hangover. I find a clearing large enough to provide some decent training and start on the usual katas and progressed into the more advanced versions when I noted a light in the sky Another shooting star? I thought to myself as my theory was shot by the fact it was moving too slow and too low to be one. The object flies over my head forcing me to drop to the ground; I look up to see the object slam into the ground with an incredible crash,

I rush to the site of the crash and noted a decent sized crater and in the center a figure was standing there but due to the amount of smoke I could only see a silhouette until at last the smoke dissipated enough to allow me a clear view of the person to reveal that it was a girl around my age wearing a dark blue beret a blue and white dress adorned with a red tie elbow length blue sleeves that you can remove and black socks that reaches above the knees in her hands are two metal objects that looked as though they could cause some serious damage if need be, the girl opens her eyes to reveal them to be a vibrant green looking at me as though she was lost. Taking a step forward, the girl collapses onto the ground I rush over to see if she is injured I leaned over her and performed a diagnostic jutsu, while I can perform simple medical jutsu my charka would overload something more complex. After a moment I canceled the jutsu and let the information flow into me it seems that whatever she went through she was tired and needed some rest. I gently pick her up and decided to take her back to camp Where did you come from? I thought to myself as I proceeded to take her to the camp all the while thinking that she's rather cute.

To be continued.

Me: Sorry if this is short but I need to start building momentum for the upcoming chapters. Next time: Noel awakens to meet a interesting ninja.

As always Hoody Hoo!