Breaking Fate's Curse

Rebel 24: Shattering Masks

Written by Jlargent

Me: I have come to inform you that this fic IS NOT DEAD! I was too focused on writing MLP and other projects so this story and others fell into the wayside. But now I'm back and ready to write again and I swear on Litchi's boobs that I will complete this story. I do not own Blazblue or Naruto in any shape or form typical disclaimers apply.

Makoto's POV

(Play thin RED line: Arakune's theme at this point.)

I dodge a tendril of hair as another one wraps around my ankle and yanks me into the air and another twists itself to a sharp point and moves in to impale me I raise my tonfa to block it and kick out of the tendril that held me.

I land onto the ground raising my arms into a defensive position "Geeze and I thought I've seen a lot of body hair on a fat sweaty bald man you take the prize for that one." I said as I duck underneath a tendril to get in close to Kukazu only to jump back when several hairy tentacles emerge from Kukazu's body and launch themselves at me.

He chuckles as he watches me dodge his attacks "Impressive, not may could actually hold out this long against such an assault. I cannot wait to see if your heart is compatible with the ones I've collected over the years." He says as he pauses his attacks for a moment.

"What do you mean?" I ask slightly afraid at his words.

" I'm sure that you have heard rumors about me using a forbidden jutsu in retaliation to those shortsighted fools, what I did was I literally took their hearts and along with getting all of their collective knowledge I attained a type of immortality. As long as I have five hearts I cannot be stopped, no one has ever destroyed more than two hearts." He said as he removes his coat to reveal a body covered in stitches and several hairy tentacles erupt from his body and they eventually reform itself into four monsters They must represent each of the hearts he had consumed I thought to myself as one of them opens its mouth wide and fire was inside its mouth I dodge the fireball only to get clipped by a stream of water from another monster a blast of wind and mud flew towards me I dodge them and I scream out as a bolt of lightning from Kukazu hits me in the leg paralyzing it.

"Oh come on! Creating monsters that use specific elements is cheating!" I complain.

Kukazu smiles evilly behind his mask "We're ninjas; it's in the job description. Let that be a lesson to you in the next life." He says as the four monsters open their mouths in preparations to fire four elements all at the same time.

"EXPANSION JUTSU!" Choji's voice yells out as a giant hand grabs one of the monsters and crushes it.

"Shadow possession jutsu successful!" Shikamaru's voice said as the remaining monsters struggle to escape the shadows that are controlling them "Ino! Do it!" he calls out as the platinum blonde places a kunai against Kukazu's throat.

"Gotcha!" Ino said "Makoto, you okay?" she asks me.

I grunted "Yeah, guy clipped me good but I'll live." I said.

Ino held the kunai against his throat closer "Surrender at once, there's no way to win this." She says.

Kukazu laughs "Oh you think so?" he asks as his body erupts in black tendrils knocking Ino back into Shikamaru and wraps himself around Choji's arm and pulls him towards one of his monsters which rears back a fist and slams it into his face sending him flying into a nearby tree. He pulls the tendrils back into himself "Please, I fought your parents and they put up more of a fight than you did at your age." He mocks as my leg recovers enough to allow movement.

(End Song at this point.)

"Dammit this guy's too strong. We'll have to retreat." Shikamaru said.

"But Shikamaru what about the mission?" Ino said worriedly.

"We got no choice. This guy's too powerful for us to face, we'll have to regroup and come up with a new plan of attack." Shikamaru said I moved in front of them.

"You guys go. I'll cover your exit." I said needing to stall for enough time to help them escape, Kukazu was now striding forward, taking his time knowing that he can wait; he's been waiting for years. It's what kept him alive until now.

"It doesn't matter to me if you run now or you stay to fight me. In the end I will eventually find you and remove your hearts one by one so that I can live forever." He says as he prepares for round two.

To be continued.

Me: I know it's a short chapter but I need to get back into the groove of thing. Next Time: Makoto and Team Shikamaru manage to escape and now Noel has to do the same but Hidan proves that he will not abandon a target. Tune in next time to see the action!

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