This list was written by my aunt who doesn't have a fanfiction account and asked me to post this. She would like to be known as Eilidh Roberts.

You might be a firefly fan if…

1. You did not know a firefly was a bug.
2. You know all the words to the theme song
3. You know all the words to 'the hero of Candon'
4. You listen to Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' and think of a Gun
5. You think Jayne is a boy's name
6. You know the deeper meaning of 'Huh!'
7. You commiserate U day.
8. You went to fifteen stores to find a brown coat
9. You think that all Cowboy movies should end with them flying off into the sunset.
10. Blue latex gloves scare you.
11. You learned Chinese just to get all the jokes.
12. You didn't know saffron is a spice.
13. You've tried to juggle geese.
14. You think it's perfectly acceptable to workout with a shotgun nearby.
15. You look at a teddy bear picture and think of coveralls.
16. You don't punch anyone for fear of challenging them to a duel.
17. You think 'this land' is a good name.
18. Mr. Universe isn't a title
19. Mr. Universe should be re-named Mr. 'verse
20. You think there is a 'New Melbourne'
21. Reavers have replaced the boggy man.
22. You've tried to make Mudder's milk.
23. A goodnight kiss is a bad thing.
24. Gorram and ruttin' are legitimate cursing words.
25. You know exactly what the chain of command is.
26. Shiny is not just a reflective surface
27. You're disappointed the chandler doesn't hover
28. You believe a 90 pound girl can beat up anyone
29. Inevitably betrayed dinosaurs are scattered over your workstation
30. You think uncomfortableness should be in the dictionary
31. You're disappointed all westerns don't have laser guns.
32. A dress must have ruffles, or slink
33. You think dead guys can be ordered
34. As far as you know, "If wishes were horses, we'd all be eatin' steak" is the saying.
35. Someone doing the math, is not comforting.
36. Folk heroes come back. (And push over their statues for no good reason)
37. There is such a thing as kosherised rules
38. Joining an Alliance is a bad thing.
39. There is nothing more dangerous then swallowing a bug.
40. You've agreed with everything on this list