Muse: 'Dear Diary' by. Pink (Song)

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A/n: this is just bits of pieces Kagome writes down in a diary. This might stay a one shot or I might develop it more. If I do it probably won't do anymore chapters that are just diary entries.

'Dear dear diary, I want to tell my secrets…

Cause you're the only one I know who'll keep them…'

Dear Diary,

You were a gift from a very close friend of mine. I've never had a diary before so this is all new to me.

This is my first entry, so I thought I'd tell you about myself a little bit.

This is the summer of my sixteenth year, so we have a lot to tell each other. Let's start from when it all went wrong.

My father died when I was five, and it's my entire fault.

'Dear dear Diary, I want to tell my secrets…

'I know you'll keep them, and this is what I've done….'

It happened so fast that I didn't understand. One minute we were talking and the next he was staring at me with such lifeless eyes. He was lying on the ground one hand over his heart, his eyes seeing into my soul.

'I've been a bad bad girl for so long,

I don't know how to change what went wrong…'

I don't remember much besides his eyes, though I can recall how I killed him.

I was mad at Daddy for some reason. He was talking to me, telling me he loved me and no matter what I did it wouldn't change. I got upset and started yelling at him, telling him how much I hated him. He looked at me shocked, grabbed his chest and died. They told me it was from a heart attack.

I caused his heart to hurt, and caused him to die.

It was my fault. It's one of my secrets no one but me and you knows.

'Daddy's little girl, when he went away….'

'What did it teach me? That love leaves….'

I was alone after he left. No one told me it wasn't my fault, they all knew. At five years old I was a murderer. They don't know what I said but they all knew it was because of me. My mother never looked at me the same. My grandfather calls me a monster when he doesn't think I'm around.

It's my entire fault after all; I killed the one man every one looked up to.

This is what started everything…

'Dear dear diary, I want to tell my secrets…'

'You're the only one I know who'll keep them'

Five years later, when I had turned ten, I met a guy. He reminded me of me so much that we became fast friends. I never told him of my home life, he never asked.

'Dear dear diary, I want to tell my secrets…'

'I know you'll keep them, soo this is what I've done….'

It wasn't long before we spent ever minute together. Since the day I've met him, I haven't returned home. It turned out Inuyasha, my best friend, was the brother of a gangster and he controlled his own branch of the gang even if he was only thirteen. Over time I ended up as his right hand man, considering the fact that I acted and dressed like a guy. That's another secret, I'm a girl but no one knows they all call me Kage and assume I'm a male. In fact I'm still his right hand man.

'I've been down every road, you can go….'

'I've made some baahaad choices, as you know….'

I've been in this gang, my new family, for six years. I've never met the real leader, Inuyasha's brother, but I'm happy. Here it's okay to be a murder, here, I'm understood.

'Seems like I got this whole world, cradled in my hands…

'But it's just like me not to understand….'

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`entry 3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

'Dear dear diary, I want to tell my secrets…'

'You're the only one who that I know will keep them….'

I was going to tell you more of myself today, but something happened….

Today, Inuyasha died. Shot dead from the bullet of one of our own men. Today is a sad day. I was the one who led the raid on the shooter's family. I was the one who killed the man along side his family. One bullet for each person, an instant kill.

I was a murderer again today. I killed innocent along with the guilty, as is the code for our family. Kill one of ours, we kill all of yours.

'Dear dear diary, I want to tell my secrets….'

'I've been a bad bad girl….'

Today as Inuyasha lay cold and lifeless, I sent him off with the blood of those who killed him. I revenged his death.

It was both a sad yet happy day. One can not move on if the killer is still alive. Maybe my father never moved on…

'Iiiiiiii've learned my lesson'

'Iiiiiiii've turned myself around….'

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~entry 4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I went today and got the family tattoo. I have a specially created cross and beside that cross goes the name of the family members that you have revenged, as his second in command it was my duty and pleasure to do him this honor. It covers up most of my back, with his name tattooed on my shoulder.

It is said the first name tattooed there would forever be your guardian angel. Inuyasha would forever be with me.

'I've got a guardian angel tattooed on my shoulder,'

'She's been watching over me….'

I love you Inuyasha, even in death.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~entry 5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Dear dear diary, I want to tell my secrets…'

'Cuz you're the only one that I know who'll keep them….'

It has been a few weeks since Inuyasha has passed on. I've taken over as the leader since everyone has known me for years and everyone trusts me. But soon I will have to meet my leader, so that my leadership will be approved and I can continue caring for my family. This is all I have left; all I can do is pray and hope that Inuyasha will guide me right and that his brother will accept me.

Diary, this will be the last time I write until I finally meet the only man who I will serve under. I hope he is like his brother yet at the same I time I do not, for I already miss him and wish it was me who had taken his place.

Until we see, I will put you somewhere safe.

'Dear dear diary, I want to tell my secrets…

Cuz you're the only one that I know will keep them…

Dear dear diary I want to tell my secrets…

I know you'll keep them, so this is what I've done…

Dear dear diary I want to tell my secrets…

I've been a bad bad girl…

I'veee beeen aaa bbaadd badd ggiiirrrl'

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