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The Boy Is Mine

Arisu moaned in pain as they made their way into the hospital. She looked up at Minato and blushed heavily.

"Thanks for carrying me, Minato-san" she said, coyly. He looked down at her in surprise and she gave him a slow smile. Kushina didn't fail to notice and her face became instantly disapproving and slightly hostile.

"Oh…I carry all of Kushina's victims. It's not that big of a deal" Minato said, shrugging it off. Arisu unwittingly frowned slightly. Victims? And why was he so damn attractive.

"Oh but it is. Thank you so much. I should make it up to you" she said, earnestly. Minato looked down at her with a raised eyebrow before walking up to the desk and leaning in.

"Can I get a wheelchair…we need to go to the Urgent Care center" he said to the old medic at the desk. She glanced at the redhead and raised an eyebrow. She looked angry by the way her nose flared at her eyes were narrowed.

"Tsunade's on stand by. Bring her in" sighed the old medic. Minato nodded and propped Arisu in the wheelchair. Before she could Kushina grabbed it and pushed harshly. Minato watched in confusion at Kushina's anger. She was going awfully fast and Minato had to actually jog to keep up.

"Anyway, like I was saying, I should repay you Minato-san. How about dinner…tonight?" Arisu asked, playing hesitant. Kushina's tan face paled and she jerked to a stop. Arisu flew out of the wheelchair, sprawled onto the ground. Minato gasped.

"Are you okay? Arisu-san?" asked Minato, helping the pale haired girl up. Kushina stared down her face cold but her eyes raging with anger. But this time her anger was all her own and not the bitterness of her ancestress.

"Ye-yeah I'm fine. Ow…" moaned Arisu. Minato sat her down in the chair and looked at Kushina in complete confusion.

"What happened Kushina?" he asked. She cleared her throat and didn't even bother putting on an innocent face. Her eyes held so much pain that he couldn't quite place what it was. He had never seen that much of emotion in her eyes except for rage.

"The brakes locked" she said, bluntly. She continued walking as if nothing happened and Arisu glanced at Minato again, shyly this time.

"So how about it?" she asked as they went into the room where Tsunade was. Minato placed her on the bed and tilted her head.

"Dinner? On you? I never pass up good food. Sure. Whatever…Kushina I have to go train with Jiraiya-sensei now, okay? Will you stay to see if Arisu-san will be okay?" asked Minato. Kushina's eyes were downcast and she nodded once.

"Of course Minato-san" she said, stiffly. He looked at her in surprise and grabbed her chin and lifted her head gently. Her eyes stayed on the ground steadily.

"What's wrong with you?" he asked, quietly. Kushina shook her head and sighed, smiling that fake smile that she knew he wouldn't take but wouldn't push her for answers.

"Nothing Minato. Nothing at all" she said. He smiled softly at her, his eyes warming but he was still clearly worried. He kissed her forehead, softly and she cast a glance at Arisu's direction. The girl looked confused and she was frowning slightly.

"I'll see you after dinner" promised Minato. She nodded and smiled and Arisu cleared her throat. The two looked at her.

"Bye Minato-san" she said cheerfully. He nodded and walked out quickly. Kushina's mask broke and she glared openly at Arisu, the pain contorting her face.

"He's mine" Kushina hissed. Arisu stared wide eyed at her self proclaimed rival and tilted her head.

"Not yet…I have a chance" Arisu said, confused slightly. Kushina took a dangerous step forward and looked at Arisu with such rage that she was shaking. But she could keep herself in check. It wasn't bloodlust raging. It was pure pain. And she wasn't used to pain…not at all.

"No. You don't. You don't know anything you…you little girl! I've gone through so much! I love him and you can't do anything about it! And he won't let me say it. If he lets you say that means he wants to hear it. You try being me for a day and you'll feel this pain. He'll kiss me and hug me and flirt with me but he won't let me tell him three words. Three words! He won't let me say it because he doesn't feel the same! You try being me you wretched stupid child! You think those wounds are anything! Yeah right! Be me for a day and you'll feel true pain!" Kushina shrieked. Arisu stared in shock as Kushina broke down.

The redhead wept and Tsunade stared in shock. She had never seen the young girl cry. Never…

"I'm gone. Just…do whatever you want!" Kushina snapped. The girl was out before Arisu could mutter a single word. Tsunade walked over slowly.

"What'd the girl do to you?" asked Tsunade. Arisu stumbled over sounds before answering.

"I challenged her to a spar and she cut my back…what was that?" Arisu asked, quietly. Tsunade sighed and leaned back.

"Wow you are stupid for challenging her…well from what my teammate Jiraiya told me, Minato refuses to date her until after the war and he won't even let her say 'I love you'. He doesn't want to lose her during the war so he says nothing. And she took it for him not loving her. They have terrible communication sometimes…" sighed Tsunade. She rolled Arisu over and began to heal the girls back.

"I…I didn't know he meant that much to her. He's just really cute and really nice and I was wondering why he didn't have a girlfriend…" Arisu sighed. Tsunade smirked and sat down.

"Because the girls in Konoha have too much respect for Kushina to ever do that. It really doesn't have anything to do with fear. It did before but now she's much more mellow. Everyone knows that she cares for him" explained Tsunade. Arisu's mouth dropped open and sighed.

"I've sure made a mess but…I won't give up" responded Arisu. Tsunade smirked and slugged the girl in the shoulder. Arisu winced and swallowed a groan.

"Wow…you've got balls girl. I like that. So Kushina's finally found a rival…interesting."