Authors: Space77 & TemperTemper
Pairing: Booth/Brennan
Rating: M, from the start.
Spoilers: Takes into account canon events of the 100th ep and assumes general knowledge through all US-aired episodes. Events of the S5 Finale have no bearing on this story.

Disclaimer: This is not-for-profit fanfiction, written purely for entertainment – Bones remains the property of Fox.

Summary: But this secret dance, it goes on. This. This is for them, between them, and they're not ready to share that with the world. Not yet. They've waited too long.

A/N: This fic is based on the following prompt from a comment fic meme at LiveJournal: Booth/Brennan; they're together, no one knows, and they try to sneak off on vacation without giving themselves away; The story is almost fully published elsewhere, and we plan to post a daily update until completion. If you are active on LJ this may be familiar, forgive us the cross-posting or, you know, accept the excuse for a re-read. Mind the rating from the start. We hope you enjoy ;)

~o~ Chapter One - Introduction ~o~

"Mmm… god you are amazing," he says, trailing kisses along her bare arm, up her shoulder, nuzzling into the hair at the back of her neck as he wraps himself around her.

"So you've said several times… and that's just tonight." She smirks, turning to look at him over her shoulder.

He nips playfully at her as he cups her chin and places a quick kiss on her lips. "I don't recall hearing you complain either, babe."

"Well, there was that one thing you did…" She laughs as he begins to tickle along her ribs, "No! Bo-ooth!"

He manages to wrangle her back underneath him, indulging in something he knows he will never tire of - her beautiful smile, twinkling spring-sky eyes, her silky hair so sexily mussed from his (and her) fingers, those lips, still flushed a full pink from… from the best love-making he's ever had. This woman… she does things to him that no other ever has, that no other ever will…


"I…" He's not sure why he hesitates. He wants to tell her… everything. He knows how strong she is, how far she's – they've both – come in recent days. But he can't. He doesn't know why, but he can't… not just yet. "I… think we should get away."


"I know you're going to argue. Please, Bones. Just listen to me, okay?"




"What, okay?"

"Booth… I'm listening."

"Oh, um… well, yeah, I think we should go away together. You and me. A beach. Or a cabin. Or something… somewhere… else."




"That's it?"

"Well, I think I'd enjoy some time away with you."

"I… yes… I think you would, too."


"And… I would definitely enjoy some time away with you… with you underneath me like this, all day every day…"

Before he can finish that thought, she has flipped them until she's straddling him, pressing his arms above his head, her full weight holding him prone beneath her. "That sounds… very monotonous. Variety is the seasoning of life, right?"

"Mmm, close enough," he tells her swaying breasts. Lifting up, he licks a long slow line up the center of her chest, as far as he can reach, then raises his eyes to hers. "So, you'll go? No work, no dead bodies, no danger, no interruptions? Just you and me?"

His eyes are mesmerizing, swirling brown chocolate, growing ever darker as she allows herself to hover over him, their lips barely brushing. There's truly nothing she wouldn't do for this man. Well, anything but make things too easy. "I think I'd have to have my laptop… and my journals… and…"

"No. No no no, Bones. That's not a vacation? That's… that's work."

"But, what if someone needs us?"

"They can wait. Right now, we're the only ones who need us. I need us. You need us. We need this." He captures her mouth with his own, soft pressure quickly deepening as he stretches up to devour her lips, running his tongue along the line of them, tempting her to open to him. And distracting her, just enough that he levers his arms from under her grip and presses up into her, pushing her ahead of him until they are laying side-by-side.

His lips never leave hers, and he holds her so close; he's so warm and she feels the stirrings of him against her. She pulls back, giving him access to her neck, her chest. "Booth…"


"What… what are we going to tell people?" Her fingers trail circles across his scalp, and she holds him to her, loving the sound of his moans and the way he shudders beside her. "We can't… can we just both leave at the same time and not arouse suspicions?"

"Ah, Bones. Just leave that to me."

And she decides that, at this moment, she's willing to leave a lot of things to him. "Yesss…"