Fallom and Jemby stood, watching the Far Star ascend. Bliss had found it especially difficult to leave Fallom, however, she knew that she had to, as Daneel needed her for Galaxia to be created, and she must think about Gaia, about Galaxia first. That was what was most important.

Fallom felt happy to be with Jemby, who was actually a humaniform robot named R. Daneel Olivaw, and was actually the oldest robot in the universe, as he had been created before the galaxy had been settled.

However, now Daneel was 'dying'. During the course of his existence, he had had several parts of himself replaced, or undergone repair, including his positronic brain. The only thing, perhaps that remained as it had always been were his memories.

He had established his base on the Moon, and had guided the history of human beings. His mission was to protect humanity, and now he would soon be able to fulfill this mission.