Daneel had merged with Fallom. He felt odd, at being human. Although he was more advanced than any robot, he had never been human. He had studied human minds, and their emotions many times for millenniums, but had never felt them himself, of course.

He still remembered everything, of course, from the beginning of his existence. He remembered Partner Elijah, Giskard, Dr. Fastolfe. Then the merge had gone well, of course.

"Everything went just as planned." he told one of the other robots.

Now he would initiate his final mission. He would not see the completion of Galaxia, but he would certainly see it started.

Suddenly, he experienced an odd sensation. The memories of Earth seemed to come to the front of his mind, suddenly.

One of the other robots asked if he was all right. He nodded and regained control of himself.

Of course, Daneel wouldn't know what he had experienced was anger and fear.