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The blonde bartender looked over his shoulder as he walked down the streets of Ikebukuro. Tilting his sunglasses to get a better look at the one running towards him, he smiled and waved, "Good evening."

A grin became visible to him as the other stopped before him, cheeks red and breath uneven, "Good evening."

"What brings you here?"

"Ne, before that! Shizu-chan! Could we go to Russia Sushi? I want some fatty tuna!"

Shizuo thought for a moment before nodding, turning and taking out a cigarette, "Sure. I don't have to meet up with Tom-san for another couple of hours. I'm free."

"Yay!" came the squeal before thin arms wrapped around one of Shizuo's, both walking towards the sushi shop. "Ne~ Shizu-chan! Don't smoke! Not in front of me! You know I don't like it!"

Dark eyes glanced down to their right, meeting with a pouting face, he sighed, placing the stick back into its container. "Fine, fine. If that's how you're going to be…pain in my ass."

"But, you love me Shizu-chan, so it's all right!"

"Right, right. I love you…"

"What's the matter? You don't look happy. Are you in a bad mood? Is it my fault? Did I do something bad?"

"Calm down, it's not your fault," he laughed slightly to comfort the smaller life form, patting the brown locks with gentle care. "I was suddenly reminded of something is all. Something I can't stand."

"Was I the one who made you remember that bad thing?"

"Eh? Ah…n-no! It….was a…uh, a s-sign! We walked by a sign! It just, reminded me…and…"

The creature tilted it's head to the side, almost seeming wounded, it must have known he was lying, "What sign?"

"Ehhh? Oh, um, well-!"

"Shizuo!" a deep voice called out, heavily weighed down by a thick accent. The couple looked over to see their favorite black Russian outside of their favorite sushi bar.

"Simon!" they called in unison, making him laugh as he smiled at them.

"Airi, too! Friends! Come! Eat sushi! Very good! Very fresh!"

The female clinging to Shizuo giggled and nodded, "Will do, Simon Sir!"

As the two walked in, they waved and nodded as Simon went back to distributing his fliers, scaring someone almost immediately; poor Simon. As they settled themselves in at a booth, Airi instantly began her gossip that she always enjoyed to share with Shizuo, who could care less and eventually learned how to tune her out. It wasn't that he hated her, no, he didn't hate her, just hated her talking. Women, all they liked to do was talk about meaningless things.

With his ears out of commission, his eyes went to work, studying her. Her violet colored eyes, her dark brown hair that ended at her shoulders with a slight curve. Wearing a simple white tank top and below a black skirt, black heels attached to her feet. She'd been new to Ikebukuro for a year and seemed to have taken a liking to Shizuo almost instantly. He didn't mind hanging out with her here and there, since she was generally a nice person, had a scary temper but she always put whoever she was with first, always wanting to know what they wanted to do and insisted on that. However, there were just some things about her that…pissed him off…but only a little. The name "Shizu-chan". He didn't mind her calling him that, but the other one…that flea….it always made him that about that damn….Izaya. Even her love of a fatty tuna made him twitch and think back to the informant who made his life such a hell. He sighed before shrugging at his own thoughts until Airi noticed and sighed as well.

"If you don't want to listen then just say so," she muttered, looking dejected as Shizuo glanced up at her.

He blinked a few times, ears working once more and taking his mind a moment to register what she had just said, "Oh? Ah! No! Sorry sorry! I just…something you said reminded me of-"

"Save it!" she said, putting a hand up as if to command him into silence. "I don't like excuses, if I did something or said something, tell me, I'll stop."

Shizuo sighed, "No, Airi, it's not your fault. I just…my mind wanders to…other things sometimes. I'm sorry."

"Shizu-chan, don't be sorry! Let's order! I want fatty tuna and that's the only way I could become happy now! FATTY TUNA!" she grinned, shouting loudly and gaining the attentions of those around them.

"You're so weird sometimes."

"What? The weird one is you! Shi. Zu. Chan!"

"Oh? And, how am I the weird one?"

"Brother complex! Brother complex! Brother complex!" she repeated over and over and over, loudly.

The blonde blushed reaching over the table and placing hand over her mouth. "I do NOT have a brother complex!" he hissed in a whisper tone, making Airi laugh as she pulled away.

"Looks like you're having fun. Hm? Shizu-chan?"

The voice of the one who said that made Shizuo's blood freeze. That cold voice, the teasing tone, the smugness in it, the holier than thou bull shit that came with it. And, that goddamn nickname, that insult. It could only be…

"IIIZAAAAYAAAAA," Shizuo turned, glaring at the man who stood not even a foot away from his table.

"Izaya?" Airi echoed staring over at the thin man who smirked at the blonde. She had never met the brunette before but had heard stories of him. He didn't seem like a bad person, a jerk maybe, but not a bad person.

"Is Shizu-chan on a date?" Izaya teased once more, faking a smile as he sat down next to Airi and placed an arm over her shoulder. "Mind if I join you?"

Shizuo's eyes turned red, and before he knew it he was being picked up into the air and over a broad strong shoulder. "Wha-What? Simon! Let me down! That bastard Izaya-"

"I let him in thinking you would be peaceful. Fighting is bad. Hoping for peace is good. No peace, no food," Simon explained as he walked out, taking Shizuo's punches to his back as if they were nothing. The Russian made sure to walk a bit away from his restaurant before setting Shizuo down on the sidewalk. "Come again," was all he said before turning and going back to Russia Sushi.

The bartender glared at Simon's back before looking at the ground, gritting his teeth. He had to calm down somehow, sure Izaya was only a block away now, but still he was immobile, Shizuo could kill him! But, no! If Shizuo had a fight with Izaya inside of Russia Sushi, it would ruin everything for Simon, and he couldn't do that, couldn't let himself do that to his friend! But, still, he just…had to…


Instantly, said blonde looked up to see Airi running towards him, a to-go bag in her hand. He sighed, "You didn't have to come all the way out here."

"But, Shizu-chan, it's not your fault, you can't control yourself and Iza-chan knows that. Besides, I wanted to eat fatty tuna with you!" Airi smiled once again and held the box in front of Shizuo, hoping to convince him.

Again, he sighed, "Fine. Let's go to the park or something and eat it. And, don't call him 'Iza-chan'. It's disturbing. If you want to call him anything, call him 'Flea'."

"But, that's your pet-name for him, isn't it?

Shizuo stared wide-eyed at the woman before him, blinked several times, and shook his head, "What the HELL did he TELL you?"

"N-Nothing! I just thought, that since you refer to him as that then…you…"

"Were not hearing me when I said I HATED him?"

"…Sorry," she mumbled, redness crossing her cheeks.

Oh, how Shizuo wished he could whip out a cigarette and smoke it, but he couldn't, damn Airi. "Look, let's just get to your place, it's closer," said, placing an arm around her shoulders and walking back in the direction they came from. It wasn't his fault that she lived so close to Russia Sushi, but hey, if he was lucky, he'd meet with Izaya and then he could kill him.

"Shizu-chan?" Airi paused in opening the door of her apartment. Shizuo and she had enjoyed some sushi, talking about nothing in particular and had a generally good time, and now it was time for Shizuo to get going for he soon had to work.

"Yeah?" he replied, wondering why the woman suddenly became so…hesitant.

"Izaya-kun, he calls you Shizu-chan, too, right?"

"Yeah? So?"

"Do you hate it that he calls you that?"

"Of course! I hate him all together! Why?"

"Do you hate it when I call you that? Do I remind you of him? Do you hate me?"

"What? No! I don't hate you! And, I don't hate it when you call me that!" Shizuo said in a panic, placing his hands on her shoulders in comfort, smiling awkwardly in the same manner.

"But, I remind you of him, don't I? When I call you that I…"

The blonde gave out a half sigh half groan, biting his lip as he said, "YES! I'm sorry, but yes you do. But, it's not your fault! I can't help it! My mind wanders to him and then I…then I…I wish it wasn't like that but…he just…takes over my mind so easily and it pisses me off!"

Airi looked up at the man, his face flushed as he was glaring at the ground. "Should I stop calling you 'Shizu-chan'?" she asked.

"No, don't stop calling me that," he answered, petting her head. "I'll get over it one day. You can help me."

After a moment, a smile came to the brunette and Shizuo smiled in return, placing a hand on the door, over hers, and twisted it, "I'll be going now, take care," he said, placing a kiss on her forehead.

"You, too," was her reply, holding the door open and watching him walk out. "Do a good job at work!" Shizuo was silent as he walked into the bustling streets, and as she watched his back disappear she couldn't help but think of the crushed look Izaya gave her when they were in Russia Sushi.

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