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"Oh dear," was the sigh that left Miss Airi's mouth. She sat at Russia Sushi, as Simon hummed about to make sure the tables and such were clean for the next guests that would eventually, if ever, walk through the door.

"Airi," the deep booming voice that was Simon's caught the young woman's attention, "why you look so glum? You should be happy, no?"

She smiled, giving a sigh, "Simon, I'm just worried about Shizou and Izaya…"

"Them?" he rose a brow. "They have been fighting again?"

Airi shook her head, "No, they haven't. Shizuo has been antsy lately and I've been worried since I've met Izaya. He didn't…give me a warm welcome."

"That is so?" Simon rubbed his chin in thought. "Then-"

"Ah! Shizu-chan!"

Hearing the brunette's gleeful shout of her friend's name, Simon looked over his shoulder to see Shizuo had lazed himself in, hands in his pockets as he held a rather thoughtful expression, and obvious amount of troubles on his mind. "Shizuo!" Simon extended his arms to his sides. "Welcome!"

"Ah," the blonde rose his head, as if he just noticed where he was and who was standing before him. "Simon…yeah, thanks, bud…" He attempted a smile before he turned to Airi, walking over to her and stopping beside the table. He then turned his attention back to Simon. "Hey, Simon, do you mind if Airi and I have a moment to ourselves?"

At first, the Russian was silent, as if wary of the idea but Airi was quick to jump in, "Simon, it's fine. I'm sure it's really important to Shizu-chan." She beamed, and Simon visibly relaxed, nodding to the two of them, and making on with his business.

Giving a sigh, Shizuo shrugged himself into the seat, and once he got comfortable, he looked to Airi hesitantly. "Airi…there's something I want to talk with you about…"

Izaya blinked, finally recognizing that he was walking the streets of Ikebukuro. The last thing he remembered was sitting atop the roof of a building that belonged to someone who he held under his thumb, thinking about…Shizuo…and…and… Having a revelation…? After the shock and surprise of what he uncovered within himself, finally willing to admit; silently; that he always held an important place for the blonde, he didn't realize that his mind shut down as he went into auto-pilot mode and just wandered about.

He ran a hand through his hair, heaving a heavy sigh. What was wrong with him? Now that he finally came to terms with the very thing he had always made sure to steer clear from it wouldn't leave his mind? His chest was feeling burdened from the rapid beating within. Just the thought of Shizuo was getting his blood pumping and his adrenaline rushing, and not out of disinclination. He didn't know what to do, for the first time in his life. He had done his best all these years to keep in mind of just how much he loved his humans and how Shizuo was nothing like them; to think that all that time he was just abhorring the fact that the very thing he found interesting and most lovable was making him turn against his humans at the very idea of them even so much as touching him. He shuddered at the thought, all these years of convincing himself that all he held was loathing towards the creature, the realization of that not even being the half of it was still a hit to his blind-spot. He never saw it coming. He could hear various lines from cheesy romance movies, "Love works in mysterious ways", "There's no telling when you'll be hit by the lovebug", and so forth.

Then, just as he was about to give up entirely for the rest of the evening, he noticed he was nearing Russia Sushi. The thought of grabbing a bite wasn't too terrible an idea to him, Izaya, until he saw that specific scene outside of the restaurant just a few yards down the sidewalk. Shizuo and Airi were embracing. Her back to Izaya, arms wrapped around Shizuo's neck as his arms were snaked about her waist. His face buried in the crook of her neck so that all Izaya could see was the blonde of his hair.

The brunette's jaw tightened, he suddenly felt sick all the way to his bones. And, without thought, he purposefully made his way over and in a flash grabbed a tight hold on the roots of Airi's hair and yanked her away from Shizuo, forcing a painful cry to slip from her mouth as her neck was cranked back to accompany the angle in which Izaya dug his nails into her scalp. He sneered at the flabbergasted blonde, and spat venomous words, "Oh no, Shizu-chan, who said an animal like you had the right to act so cozy in public? It's disgusting." He turned his wrist, along with the woman who he so claimed, and shoved her aside, her owns hands coming up to cradle the area in which his fingers so abused her, fighting back a few tears as she turned to watch the scene that held even her in an anxious state.

Shizuo, however, bit the inside of his lip. His fists were balled at the sight of harm done to the woman, and the words that flea shot at him teased his blood to aboil. He ground out the man's name, and almost reflexively, a hand shot out to grasp at Izaya's jacket, fingers catching the side of his hood as the other tried to step back. One of the blonde's fists rose and swung back to gain momentum, but he froze as he saw the look in the other's eyes. As if the slightest bit of hurt was hinted those glistening orbs, he saw the same confusion he felt since the night before, and an empty longing that also pained his chest. And, in that split second, instead of a fist coming into contact at full force with Izaya's face, lips were smashed, in an unusual gentle manner, against his own.

Just as Airi's eyes widened at the scene, so did Izaya's at the sensation. Those slender and strong appendages that held tight to his hood slithered up to cradle the back of his head, the hand that was once a fist loosely gripped onto Izaya's wrist, and tightened when it felt him try to pull away, his free hand pushing at the other's chest. Shizuo's held the other closer, Izaya's eyes clenched shut as the taller man's tongue slipped between his lips. He felt it surging, a tingling down his spine as that muscle slid along the sides and roof of his mouth, coaxing his own tongue to join in.

And he did.

Izaya's free hand crumpled the front of Shizuo's uniform, the other reaching up to slip fingers through golden tresses, the hand on his wrist gliding down to rest on his hip and erase the distance between their bodies. Izaya groaned but felt his lungs screaming for air. He tried to call the other's name between kisses, but it appeared that he wasn't the only one in need of oxygen as slowly Shizuo pulled away, his cheeks just as flushed Izaya felt his own to be, both panting and trembling.

"Sh-Shizu-chan," Airi called to the blonde but instantly gained Izaya's attention.

He glared at her, making her freeze on the spot, and just as he was about to spit out some more nasty words, Shizuo tugged at his arm. Surprised, the informant looked up at the other man who took off his sunglasses and placed them in his pocket. He didn't say a word as he turned Izaya around and dragged him down the road, fingers in a loose grip on his thin wrist.

Airi watched as Izaya was being led away hurriedly, and surprisingly quietly. Her shoulders squared and with a smile on her lips she called out as loudly as she could, "Go easy on him, Shizuo!"

Her voice carried, but it was possible that neither of the men heard her. Izaya's mind was numb, much like how it was earlier. So much was going on in an instant and he wasn't sure if what was happening was what he wanted or something he was even okay with. But, he allowed Shizuo to take him wherever it was it seemed to be, after that…display of affection…there was no way Izaya was leaving this man's side until he understood just what the idiot was up to. And, by the time his mind finally registered everything it could, he found himself sitting on the edge of Shizuo's bed, inside Shizuo's home.

He looked around, and he was alone, but he heard a noise in the kitchen, and hesitantly, he stood, the bed creaking from the motion and making his ears tinge pink. Izaya slowly stepped into the direction he believed the noises were coming from, and Shizuo was standing there, pouring a few glasses of what he presumed was milk. Attempting to gather himself, he stepped in and called out, "What's going on?"

Putting the carton back into the refrigerator, Shizuo looked over his shoulder at Izaya and frowned, "I thought I told you to wait in my room." He closed the door roughly, making the appliance release a groan before he grabbed the glasses and held one out to the other. "Here."

Nervous, nervous, Izaya portrayed calm and serenity as he took the cup, eyes looking into the white liquid. "Like I said," he murmured, "what's going on?"

Walking into his room with a shrug, Shizuo placed his free hand into one of his pants pockets, "Hell if I know."

Izaya half-gaped and half-glared as he followed the blonde back to where he found himself just moments before. "What's that supposed to mean you idiot?!"

Shizuo took a sip before placing the glass down on the nightstand beside his bed, sitting on the edge of his bed. "Look, you're asking me, but I don't really know. I don't have a plan or anything like that, in fact I'm just acting on instinct right now. And, my instincts are telling me that something messed up is happening."

Once more, Izaya glanced at his drink, also taking a sip before looking around, finding a spot on Shizuo's dresser that was open and placed it there, "You're telling me. What was with that earlier?"

The blonde rose a brow, "What was with what?"

"That…kiss…" Izaya tried to sound disgusted but the word caught in his throat, burning his mouth like fire.

Shizuo fell silent, his mouth opening to say something, but he found himself at a loss for words. He shook his head and shrugged, until he remembered just what drove him to do it. "Well," he piped up, "what was with that look earlier?"

Izaya crossed his arms, "What are you talking about?"

"Those eyes of yours, damn it. With the way you were acting…and the look you were giving me…"

Cheeks flushed, "I wasn't giving you 'look'." And just as he was about to hiss something else, he stopped himself. Izaya shook his head, turning on his heel, "This is imbecilic. I'm leaving. Don't come near me-"

He was forced to stop as a hand harshly grabbed his elbow, he looked over his shoulder to see Shizuo was now standing behind him, a serious look in his eyes that had him shivering on the inside. "Don't walk away, Izaya," he spoke gruffly. "Not right now. Not this time. We need to talk."

"Is that right?" the tone in the other's voice was mocking, condescending. If he could avoid it, he would do everything in his power to refrain from spilling his thoughts to the other. No one aside from him needed to know what ugliness lied underneath, the disdain he could feel for what he claimed to be his favorite toys of all time.

Shizuo retracted his hand, "Listen, I've been thinking and-"

"Oh, thinking?" Izaya cackled. "I had no idea you were capable of su-"

"Shut up," the blonde grunted, gripping Izaya's jaw. "I'm not in a mood to mess around. I don't care how much of a coward you are, I frankly don't give a damn, but either way, I'm going to say my piece and you're gonna listen, got it?"

Izaya said nothing, not even attempting to with the hold on his face. As he was released, he sighed, placing his hands in the pockets of his jacket. "All right," he grumbled. "Go ahead, you damnable pest…"

Wanting to make a remark, Shizuo held his tongue. What he had to say was more important than getting into another spat with Izaya. "Like I said, I was thinking about everything…our fights and everything since the day we first met. I've been looking back on our actions, how many years we spent doing all of this and…thanks to a friend, I had to really wonder why when you didn't seem right it bothered me. You didn't seem the usual Izaya that night I saw you on the bridge, and it really pissed me off. I was actually…worried…that something was wrong. I…" he held back, so many words wanting to be said, so many wrong words that wanted to set this conversation off-tilt. He was concerned that he'd make a mistake and bringing the informant here would have been nothing but a waste. "I don't know why, but you 'love' humans, don't you?"

Izaya looked offended but nodded nonetheless, "Of course."

"Then, why were you violent towards Airi?"

There was a pause in the beat of his chest, but the brunette didn't falter, "I was getting her away from you. She shouldn't touch a monster like you that way. She'll become dirty."

Hands grasped onto thin shoulders, dark eyes narrowed, "Then, how dirty did you become? Even if I kissed you, you returned it. Did I make you filthy?"

"Sh," Izaya glared, not wanting hear about the moment of weakness he was entrapped in earlier, "Shut up. That was me merely humoring you."

"That's not what your eyes were saying."

"Would you quit talking about my eyes?!" the brunette shoved the other away. "My eyes didn't say anything. My eyes are just fine!"

"Were you jealous?"

Izaya stiffened, "Jealous of what?!"

"Of Airi. That she and I were being so 'friendly'?" Izaya inhaled sharply, once again trying to turn away but Shizuo grabbed his arms once more, almost bruising the pale skin beneath and forced him to face him. "You're not running away! I'm fed up with these games! This ends here and now, today! Understand?! Be serious for once in your life, Orihara Izaya, and man up! What the hell is making you act so strangely lately?!"

"…ate you…" was the mumbled reply, head hanging low so as not to look into the other's eyes, afraid of what else he would "see" in them. "I hate you." His jaw grew tight once more. "Whenever they're around you, I start to hate them. When they touch you, I want to erase it. I don't want them to claim you, I don't want them to have interest in you."

"Who's 'them'?" Shizuo inquired, raising a brow once more.

"My humans," the words were chilled. "I can't stand it when they're close to you, I start to wish they'd just disappear. And, only a monster could make me feel that way. That's what you are, a monster, a horrible creature that makes me turn on my precious humans."

"It sounds like you're upset about being jealous of them," was the deadpanned response.

"You-!" Izaya lost his words, eyes pathetically glaring at Shizuo who held no expression of superiority or teasing. He was serious in his words, he really did want to end anything foolish that was between them. But, why? "Why did you kiss me?"

"I'll answer if you tell me that you were jealous of Airi," before Izaya could deny it Shizuo pushed forth. "I know you were. Just admit it, and I'll tell you why. I confess it all."

"'Confess'?" the informant snorted, trembling once more as he was trying to maintain whatever dignity he could pull together. "What, are you in love with me?"

"And, what if I said I did have feelings for you?"

The significance in the other's tone was nerve-wracking, and Izaya tried to laugh it off, "You're joking."

"I wasn't sure at first when the idea first came to me," the blonde admitted. "But, when I kissed you and held you close earlier, I knew you were more than a rat that I wanted to kill. I knew that there was something we really were avoiding, and that's why I brought you here, so we could talk about it. You're important to me, Izaya."

On impulse, the brunette used all his force to once more release himself from the brute's grip. Spitting his words out with a forced glare, "If I'm 'important' to you then why do you let that woman hang about you? Why does she call you the name I gave you? Why do you let her touch you?!"

At first, Shizuo wasn't sure how to respond, but quickly he smiled softly and allowed a small sigh to escape, "So, you really are jealous of Airi."

Crimson spreading across the bridge of his nose and top of his ears, Izaya scowled and flicked out one of his many knives. "I dare you to say that again, you bastard."

"Izaya, there's nothing between Airi and me," Shizuo spread his arms as if to bare himself. "She has a lover but it's not me."

"Then, who is it? Why is she so intimate towards you in broad daylight if you have no attachments of that sort?"

"We're friends, Izaya. Airi is an intimate person, and earlier I was thanking her for helping me out with something."

"With what?" Izaya would not be fooled. He wouldn't allow his own emotions to get the best of him. The last thing he'd allow would be that Shizuo had the upper-hand.

"With you." The statement was so simply stated, that Izaya froze wide-eyed. "I told Airi all that I had considered about you and me and we talked and talked until it all finally made sense and I could begin to accept that I really do care about you."

"Why? What could possibly…make you care about me?" He was feeling like a cornered cat, baring its fangs and ready swipe its claws at the fool who so dared to near him.

"You're a weak coward who uses people," Shizuo admitted. "You bribe and blackmail, and save up favors. You've set me up, put my life at danger more than once, from the very beginning you set your sights on me, testing me. You…accepted me…in a way…"

"…What?" Izaya gaped, eyes blinking as if he could hear the words correctly that entered his ears.

"I know it doesn't sound sane or reasonable, Izaya, but…you know what I'm like, you know my strength and you aren't afraid of it. You make me use it all the time, you exhaust me throughout the day trying to catch you and…Perhaps, it always pissed me off that someone like you always say words that got me rearing to go, the things you did, the hiding and sneaking about always caught my attention, I always wanted to know what you were up to. I always felt as if you were trying to get my attention. I…I don't know, I can't say for certain about much, but I…I do have feelings for you, Izaya."

"You…" the brunette was at a loss for words. He turned once more, grabbing his glass of milk and gulping it down. He couldn't face the other, it was impossible. The idiot didn't even know what he was saying, but…his heart was fluttering about in his chest, and he couldn't stop the warmth pooling inside of him. "You're an idiot."

Shizuo walked up behind him, carefully placing his hands atop quivering shoulders. "Do you really hate me, Izaya?"

Eyes clenched, and voice cracked, "Idiot. I already explained myself, didn't I?"

"Well, I'm an idiot, right? You have to explain it better."

"I…hate that you make me feel envious of humans…because I don't hate you…"

"Do you have feelings for me as well?"

Quickly turning to face him, Izaya frowned, "Don't push your luck, you amoeba." Dark eyes glancing at the informant's lips, Shizuo chuckled, increasing the frown the other had. "What now?" Without saying a word, the blonde smiled and swiftly traced the top of Izaya's upper lip with his tongue, causing the shorter to become rigid and bristle, and Shizuo couldn't contain the burst of laughter that escaped him as Izaya sputtered, "W-What the hell is wrong with you?!"

Shizuo raised a hand, thumb landing at the corner of Izaya's mouth and rubbing it, "You had milk on your face. Like one of those mustaches." Scarlet encompassed Izaya's entire face, noises squeaked out but his intelligent brain couldn't comprehend the foolishness that was taking place, and Shizuo loved it. He leaned in, taking the other's lips once more, softly moving his against them.

However, Izaya pulled away, still seeming a bit shaken up, "Then tell me, if you aren't that woman's lover who is?"

Shizuo sighed, "I promised not to tell a soul."

Izaya scoffed, "So, you'll admit to…'caring'…about me but you won't tell me a secret?"

"Only lovers share everything with each other."

Brows furrowing, the brunette replied as he put away his knife, "Is…that your way of asking me…?"

"Call it a proposal, or even a deal," the blonde smirked. "I know that's how you work, as crooked as you are. In exchange for information, you'll become my lover."

"You…are a simpleton," Izaya whispered, just before wrapping his arms about the taller man's neck, pressing his mouth against his, surprising Shizuo that he even initiated a kiss. The two closed their eyes, feeling the other against them until Izaya started pushing forward, making Shizuo back up into his bed until his knees hit the edge of it and Izaya continued forth, shoving him down on his back as the informant landed on his knees and elbows. He pulled away from the kiss, straddling the man below him as he slipped his arms away and used his hands to steady himself up above the mattress and Shizuo. "I'll be your lover…with no exchange…" he answered, trying to remain dignified. "But, I still want the information and nothing much will change between us. Understand?"

"If that's how we have to start out, then I accept," Shizuo's eyes were blazing, a passion in them that Izaya had never wanted to know of, but was so glad to see.

"Then," he half-pouted, "as your new lover…" the word made him shiver, "I want to know…who is this Airi 'with'?"

"Promise not to tell?"

"Shizuo…" the name was growled, but Izaya immediately regretted it as he felt beneath the hips he sat upon react in an unexpected way, and his spine tingled.

There was a light blush dusting the blonde's cheeks, "All right. Airi is dating Simon."

"S-Simon?!" That would make sense then…SBLuv…Semyon (Simon) Brezhnev… A hand hurriedly placed itself over Izaya's face as he groaned. To think he actually underestimated Simon's ability to start a relationship with others.

"What's wrong?" Shizuo chuckled. "Feeling foolish?"

Peeking through his fingers, Izaya glowered before reaching over and picking up one of Shizuo's pillows, and covering his face with it; not completely smothering him. "You're the fool!" When he heard the muffled laughter from below, Izaya moved the pillow aside, seeing the elated expression of the other man. "Then, tell me this, why is it practically impossible to find anything more on Airi than the basic date of birth and so forth?"

"She moved here a while ago," Shizuo reached to grasp onto Izaya's wrist before taking hold of his hand and interlocking their fingers, an action that greatly settled a look of discomfort on the informant's features, but he didn't pull away as his eyes stayed glued on the connection. "Some of her files were lost and there was some sort of power shortage or some sort with the company she used to be affiliated with. Some of her online information was deleted and couldn't be found, so for now she's just laying low until she can build her identity again."

"You're kidding," Izaya's tone was exasperated. "I've been trying and trying and I've never had such difficulty finding anything on anyone."

"She's not one to call attention to herself surprisingly," Shizuo added, placing a kiss to their interwoven fingers, noticing the red in the other's cheeks and counting it as a secret victory. "She tries not to burden Simon with silliness she said. So, she'd actually been avoiding going out and about until recently. So, that's probably why you've never really heard of her."

"With Simon as her lover, I'm sure he keeps her safe," Izaya smiled wryly before he sighed. "I still don't understand."

"Understand what?"

"There's nothing good about me…how on Earth could you find it in yourself to think that I'm…I'm a 'good example' of a 'lover'?"

Shizuo reached up with his free hand, smiling, "You're qualities are all actually really adorable. You keep me on my toes and give me excitement every day. You make my life have meaning, even if it was to 'catch and kill' you. Without you, what would I have in this world? Without me, wouldn't you be bored? We match each other, don't you think?"

"Now," Izaya coughed, feeling embarrassed, "I know you had help with thinking that up."

"Or, maybe I'm not at much of a brutish idiot as you think I am?"

Izaya smirked at that, "No, you're definitely an idiot." He leaned down a kissed the blonde quickly. "My stupid monster."

At that, Shizuo grinned wickedly, flipping Izaya and himself over, hovering above him with a look in his eyes that Izaya wasn't sure about, but created butterflies to swarm in stomach. "Then, you're my cowardly flea."

"It doesn't have as nice of a ring to it," the informant mocked.

"I beg to differ."

Izaya said nothing in response before rising to his elbows, leaning back on them as he placed a kiss to the base of Shizuo's neck, then biting. The blonde released a breathy grunt as he started to feel a small sucking sensation. "What are you doing?" he queried, cheeks red as a stirring took place in his lower belly.

A couple more harsh sucks took place before Izaya pulled back, completely lying on his back as he caressed the spot he just worshipped with a grin, "I'm marking my territory."

Shizuo frowned slightly, though happy he was at the statement, "Did you have to put it there?"

"People may or may not see it," Izaya shrugged. "But, I want them to. That way, my humans won't be tempted to claim you anymore."

"I see," Shizuo purred. "Then, would you like to 'claim' me, tonight? Or, should I 'claim' you instead?"

"Let's leave the 'claiming' to another time, ne, Shizu-chan?" Izaya beamed, slipping easily from out beneath the blonde, surprising him and making him turn to sit on the bed as Izaya stood in front of him, back to him as he adjusted his jacket. "Let's not…get into this too fast, now, all right?"

As much as Shizuo wished to disagree, he understood. Izaya wasn't much of the affectionate type anyway, and he was lucky to get what he got today, because if he hadn't made the first move, then perhaps he wouldn't have gotten anything and they'd still be playing their silly game. "All right," he sighed, trying to calm himself as he had felt his carnal desires rousing. "We'll go at your pace."

Izaya blushed, hearing the words as if being spoken by an expert in intimacy and he was novice. Then, he looked over his shoulder, "Tell me, now, Shizu-chan. Are you a virgin?"

The blonde shrugged, "You'll have to find out."

Izaya gave a snort of a chuckle, shaking his head, "Of course." He turned, "Well then, I'll see you around then." He walked to the bedroom door, surprised not to hear any footsteps behind him, and when he left, he had to wonder if Shizuo was being respectful of his wishes or just taunting him.

Shizuo, on the other hand, fell back on his bed as he heard his front door click closed. He stared at the ceiling, heart racing. One step at a time, and one day…he'll have Izaya for his own. He was sure of it.


Ikebukuro was once again startled from peace as the day began with a lovely chasing scene. Heiwajima Shizuo was hot on Orihara Izaya's heels, the devilish brunette with an equally devilish smile as the blonde followed him with bent up bench. Many eyes were on them that day, but only a few actually "knew" Shizuo and Izaya.

"I can't believe they are still at it," Kyohei murmured as he and his friends watched the two pass by the front of Russia Sushi.

"Oh, come now, Dota-chin~ Let them flirt~" Erika purred, eyes shining as her friends grimaced.

"Seriously, Erika, would you stop with that?" Saburo half-begged.

"Why? She isn't wrong," Airi giggled beside them, gaining their attention quickly. A collective "Huh?!" was sent her way, but she simply held her finger to her lips, indicating that this was best to be kept a secret, winking as though they made a silent deal.

In the meantime, Simon stepped out, hearing the commotion and frowning at the sight. "Fighting is no good," he murmured. He stepped forwards, but Airi took his large hand into her much smaller one, gaining his attention quickly. "Airi?"

She shook her head, "Let it go this once, please, Semyon moya lyubovʹ?"

Fighting himself, Simon sighed, nodding. "Just once," he reminded her and she beamed up at him, jumping up onto her toes as he leaned down and accepted a kiss to the cheek. He turned and smoothly entered Russia Sushi, unknowing of the amazed gazes from Kadota and his posse.

That day was the marked as the possible beginning to the end of world.

But, also marked as the true beginning of a long and special relationship between two people, two men, who for years ignored the real reasons they hid themselves from the other.

Happiness was just around the corner, that was for certain.

The End-

Really, I thank you all so much for reading this and I'm happy to have finished this fiction as much as it creates an empty place in my heart, for all good things must come to an end. Thank you all so much! (Also, Airi called Simon "my love" in Russian)

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