And here ya go, a new story. This story is still related to shinigamis and stuff. And I know that Yuzu really doesn't look like a male during the real anime but this is for the sake of the plot. Just treat it as Yuzu changed her look before she died or before she got her job at the Kuchiki manor. Please point out to me to any grammatic errors if you find any. I hope you will enjoy this fic!

And the characterization for Yuzu in this fic that she still remains the kind old self but I also added a spunky and too-stupid-to-be-scared personalities. Plus, one of her flaws would be that she lacks in confidence.

Full Summary: During Hueco Mundo Arc when Ichigo, Rukia and Karin head to save Orihime, Yuzu is met with an unexpected accident which leads her to her immediate death. Having found by one of the servant from the Kuchiki manor and also Byakuya's personal servent, Yuzu is invited to work there as well. But the problem is, the Kuchiki manor stopped hiring females. It shouldn't be a problem right? After all, Yuzu looks like a male.

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Yuzu was originally from the Rukongai 76 then started to wander to Rukongai 1 when a servant from the Kuchiki manor, Airi, found her and offered her to work at the Kuchiki manor. At that time, Yuzu hadn't had any food since she came to Soul society and her clothes looks worse for wear.

"And this is Yuzu." Airi introduced. Airi has long flowing black hair, purple eyes which can be changed according to her mood and pale skin. She is wearing a special uniform, which is tinted blue, which is different from the others who wore completely white uniform.

"Yuzu? That's a weird name for a guy." A servant remarked.

Yeah, Yuzu does look like a guy. She has short brown hair and wide eyes. People would think that she is a guy with a baby face. Plus, it's difficult to say that she is a female since her chest is flat too.

"Please bring this to the dinning area." The chef handed her a tray, interrupting Yuzu's attempt to explain.

Yuzu held the tray carefully and steadily to the dinning area as usual. Many servants were either nervous or anxious to have this job because they would get to see Kuchiki Byakuya there. Yuzu have never met him in person before but she heard that he is a very handsome guy. That already made her curious as to how handsome he is. So far she hadn't met any handsome ones.

Yuzu went into the dinning area and set down the tray while glancing at the noble: Kuchiki Byakuya. After that, she bowed as Airi instructed and wobbled out of the dinning area. She's still not used to wearing a full body kimono yet.

"How did it go? Were you nervous?" Airi asked once she arrived at their shared room, she is the only one who knew Yuzu is a girl.

"Its quite nerve wrecking." Yuzu admitted.

Airi gave a laugh, "That's what most servants said though some straight away fell in love with him."

"I know how." Yuzu said.

"Hmm? Don't tell me you fell in love with him too?" Airi grinned.

"Eh, I don't really know much about love since I've just arrived here but he is very handsome." Yuzu admitted.

"Yeah, you just arrived here recently so I reckoned you don't know much but it's okay, if there is anything, you can always ask us." Airi smiled.

Yuzu nodded, "Thanks but there is something I've been wanting to tell you, why didn't you correct the servants when they had mistaken my gender?"

"No apparent reason I guess. Our personal identities are not of importance when we're just servants. Besides, don't you think that it's fun?" Airi grinned.

"I don't really know your standard of fun but I don't really like to lie." Yuzu said.

"Sorry but I sent in your personal form and stated that you're a guy." Airi admitted.

Yuzu blinked, "Why would you want to do that?"

"Actually, the manor has already stopped hiring females since most of them spend their time gossiping or drool over Kuchiki-sama." Airi explained.

"But I-"

"You look like a guy so you don't have worry." Airi smiled.

"Why do I get the feeling that you're enjoying this?" Yuzu asked.

"You're just over thinking this." Airi said firmly, "Let's get our dinner."

Dinner! "Okay, let's hurry!" Yuzu grabbed her arm and practically flew over to the servants' dining area.


Yuzu ran all the way to the servants' hall as fast as she could after tripping about 4 times as she is late for the announcement by Kuchiki Byakuya. And why didn't Airi wake her? Oh, She did say that she would be there in a few minutes. Hoping she wasn't late, Yuzu quickly opened the door and found herself getting stared at.

"Oh no! Kuchiki-sama is here already! I'm so late, holy freaking crap!" Yuzu waved her arms around anxiously as he looked at her with an emotionless expression. "As punishment, I shall stand outside. See ya." She slide the door shut and got herself two buckets filled with water and stood outside.

She can hear Airi said, "Stupid…" Followed by muffled laughter.

"It is of no consequences." Byakuya said emotionlessly.

"O-Oh okay." Yuzu said, trying to open the door with the two buckets in her hands causing the buckets to slip out of her hand with the contents spilling the floor. Suddenly, Yuzu slipped on the water and fell. "Ah! The hallway is flooded with water! A-A towel!"

"May I be excused?" Airi asked.

"Yes, you may." Byakuya said.

The door opened to reveal a dead serious and angry Airi, whose eyes have become red, picked her up by her collar. "You are so dead." She growled before getting a towel out of her robes and threw it at Yuzu.

"S-Sorry." Yuzu apologized while cleaning the hallway.

Airi sighed, "Let's just hope that you won't get fired. I'll try and get in a good word for you but I'm not sure if it'll work."


"Stop apologizing."


Airi sighed again, "Forget it. Let's just clean this up. I don't think Kuchiki-sama will be too angry at you if I talk to him. I've been his personal servant for a long time."

"You're his personal servant? I didn't know that…" Yuzu muttered.

"Of course you don't, I've never told you." Airi pointed out, "But anyway, try not to get into more trouble. Kuchiki-sama is a really strict and cold guy. You don't want to get on his bad side." She warned.

"I can tell…" Yuzu muttered.

Airi bonked her head, "Glad you do. Now clean up and get dressed. I'll tell you about the meeting later." Airi stood up and walked into the meeting room. Sigh, Airi is so beautiful and elegant at whatever she does.

Airi was walking to Byakuya's room in thought of how is she suppose to get Yuzu out from her situation. Not that she is afraid of him but no matter what, she is a servant and he is the master though there're times he would treat her differently, in a good way, than other servants so there is still some hope that he might listen to her.

"Kuchiki-sama." Airi knocked on the door.

"You may enter." Byakuya said.

Airi slide open the door and stepped in, "It's about the new servant, I want to ask if you're planning to fire her." Airi asked boldly.

"You saw how he acted; he is not fit to be a servant."

"I promise that he will get better. Besides, we're in need of servants since we've already stopped hiring female servants, aren't we?" Airi pointed out.

"You may be right."

"So, you will spare him?" Airi asked hopefully.

"Why are you so attached to him?" Byakuya inquired, a small hint of jealousy present.

Airi blinked, "This is the first time I heard you asking a completely non-work related question for once."

"Stop trying to change the subject." Byakuya ordered.

Airi giggled, "Fine, fine. I found him wandering at the Rukongai street 1 with no food and I found out that he came from Rukongai Street 77 only recently."

"…Fine, he may stay."

"If I wouldn't know better, you're exceptionally soft for those who came in the slums, aren't you?" Airi asked, knowing that he still held the memories of Hisana-sama.


"Come on, you can tell me anything." Airi smiled.

"Go and do your job."

Airi laughed, "Okay, okay. Don't need to remove me from your presence so harshly." Airi gave a final smile and stepped out from the room.

Byakuya looked back at the door after Airi had stepped out. She is right. He is exceptionally soft to those who came from Rukongai Street 77. He is also sure that Hisana would be said if he were to treat them badly. Byakuya stood up, ready to head to Airi and Yuzu's shared room to deliver her punishment. No matter what, people who do wrought have to accept their punishment. What he found wasn't what he expected though: A naked woman.

"EEP!" Yuzu squeaked and quickly wore her kimono, "K-Kuchiki-sama?"

"Explain this." Byakuya ordered.

"U-Um…I-I'm a girl?"

"I can see that. Are you posing as a male?" Byakuya asked.

She nodded.

"What is your name?"

"Yuzu." Yuzu said.

Byakuya narrowed his eyes, "Yuzu. You entered the Kuchiki manor posing as a male. This is something that I can not oversee."

Yuzu hesitated before answering, "…Okay."

That was easy; most of them would immediately plead for forgiveness. That made Byakuya wonder what kind of person Airi picked up, she acts strangely like Hisana though. Are all people from the slums like that?

"I mean, I broke the law didn't I? So I have to pack my bag and scram right? Oh, I don't have any bags…so the only thing left to do is scram." She attempted to run out but instead crashed into Byakuya's body sending her to the ground. "May I ask what are you made of?"

"Flesh and bones." Byakuya replied monotonously to her obvious question.

"Uh, it doesn't feel like that." Yuzu said, rubbing her head.

"It does not matter. I have already prepared your punishment; you are to double your duties." Byakuya ordered.

Yuzu blinked, "It doesn't sound so bad…" She muttered.

"Excuse me?" Byakuya narrowed my eyes.

"Uh, I mean how terrible! What a tragic fate! Oh my god! More work! How can I ever survive? This…This is cruelty! Beyond humanity! Nooooooo! Why meeeeeee?" Yuzu wailed.

"Cease your acting and do your job." Byakuya ordered.

"Okay. But may I ask what will happen to be after I've done my punishment? Would I still be banned away from here?" Yuzu asked.

Byakuya stared at her, remembering the promise he made to Airi. "No, you may stay as you did not show any signs of the reason why we avoid hiring females. However, you have to continue to conceal your identity as the order is issued by Ginrei Kuchiki."

"I see." Yuzu nodded to herself.

And by the time she had probably come to her senses, Byakuya have already left.

That wasn't so bad, I pose as a guy and Kuchiki-sama didn't fire me...I've got to thank Airi later. Yuzu thought.

"What a turn of events." Yuzu sighed.

"Indeed." Yuzu heard Airi said from behind her making her jump. "You are lucky Kuchiki-sama spared you this time."


Airi sighed, "You should be more careful."

"Yes mom, you've already said it more than three times already." Yuzu said teasingly.

Airi laughed and attempted to make a swipe at her head. "Seriously Yuzu, be serious. I can't guarantee that I could help you again. This kind of thing only comes by once. So you'd better not mess up this time."

"Yes, yes. I know." Yuzu nodded. "Kuchiki-sama stopped by to give me my punishment. I am to double my duties.."

"So he did keep his promise." Airi mused.

"You're really something. I thought for sure that I'm going to be fired or worse, executed." Yuzu smiled.

"Execution is taking it too far." Airi said.

Yuzu folded her arms, "Hmm, oh well, never mind. How am I suppose to double my duties when there are already many servants to finish the chores in the house?" Yuzu asked.

"Well, you can help me with some of my chores. There're things to do when you're Kuchiki-sama's servant." Airi said.

Yuzu nodded.

"I'll probably ask you to help me wake him up tomorrow because the chef isn't free tomorrow and I have to take over the cooking." Airi said.

Yuzu's eyes widened. "You want ME to wake Kuchiki-sama up? Are you insane? Look, why don't I do the cooking while you wake him up. I'm even getting the chills from thinking about stepping on foot into his room!" Yuzu exclaimed.

"It's not that bad and I'm not sure if I can trust you with the cooking. It's okay, Kuchiki-sama likes my cooking."


"No negotiating." Airi cut her off.

Looks like I have to tell Byakuya what I planned for Yuzu. I wonder if she could really accomplish this, Kuchiki-sama can be a sleeper when he stays up late at night like today. Airi thought as she walked to his room, wanting to ask him about his decision.

"Kuchiki-sama?" Airi asked, sliding open the door.

"What is it?" Byakuya looked up from his work to face Airi.

"It's about Yuzu's new duties."

Byakuya raised an eyebrow, "That is all?"

"What do you mean 'that's all'? I want to tell you that I've already let Yuzu do some of my shares of the chores since there's nothing left for him to double."

"That is fine." Byakuya said.

"Good." Airi smiled, "I've asked him to come to wake you up."

"Excuse me?"

"I can't wake you up in the morning because I will be taking over the cooking tomorrow because the chef isn't free. Is it okay?"

"I guess I have no choice." Byakuya said.

Airi smiled, "Glad you understand. Don't worry, I'll make you your personal favorites, okay?"



After the talk with Byakuya, Airi walked towards the shared room, ready to instruct Yuzu. When she opens the door Yuzu immediately launched herself at Airi, tears streaming down her cheeks like an exaggerating waterfall.

"Did Kuchiki-sama succeed? Did he manage to get you to change your mind?" Yuzu wailed.

Airi raised an eyebrow, "He is okay with it."

"WHAT?" Yuzu exclaimed, "This can't be happening to me!"

"Yes it can and now I want you to listen. Tomorrow at 7am, you will wake Byakuya up." Airi instructed.


"I think she fainted." Airi sighed.

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