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Chapter One: Enough.

"Worthless!" screeched a voice from within the walls of a stately mansion. "Slither Outer!"

A pregnant pause followed until the ornate doors burst open. A young woman stomped out of the portal, mumbling cruel, harsh words.

"Sophie!" Cried a handsome man who promptly pursued her. "Please—"

"Don't you 'please' me, Mister!"She rounded on the man, blue eyes electric with rage. "Enough with your excuses! I have tried to be patient and leave you to think, but—But!" Her voice took a dangerous pitch and tears welled up, but she had too much pride to let them fall.

Stubborn as ever. The man mused. "Sophie, darling, calm down." His husky voice caressed her frayed nerves. But she refused to fall for that ploy again, oh no! Sophie was determined!

"Look here Great Wizard Howl!" She snapped. "I am done! Your cowardice is not acceptable any longer!" her stern voice demanded attention; attention Howl would gratefully give if it was for any other reason. Howl dropped his gaze.


"Yes?" he moaned, looking out through his black bangs.

Sophie took a calming breath. And with her feet planted in the grounds and fists on her hips she announced,

"I want kids."

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Word Count: 200