Disclaimer: This story was based on "The Strangerhood" series of videos, which belongs to Rooster Teeth, not me. If you have not watched the videos, I recommend that you do so. "The Strangerhood" was made using "The Sims 2", which doesn't belong to me either. I think EA Games own that...Having said that, on with the fanfiction!

Who's That Person In The Mirror?

Dear Diary,

I don't know who I am. This would be the part where I introduce myself, except I don't know my own identity, so screw that. There isn't much I can tell you, except that I don't know the following: my name, my occupation (if I had one), my age, where I'm from, where I am, what I'm doing here, how I got here, did this happen to other people (there are several others houses not too far from mine), and about 100 other things (mostly just variations on the first things).

When I first got up, I was kind of sleepy and muzzy-headed. Of course, I was wide-awake when I realized I was in a strange location. (I feel reasonably confident that this is not the place I went to sleep in.) I spent the next two hours searching the house (I was on-guard and moving slowly), but found no one. It feels a bit large for just one person. Hunger forced me to find the kitchen and eat some of the food there-within. I don't think it was poisoned or anything; it tasted fine, and I'm writing this a few hours later.

Something odd happened when I was searching, though. At some point, maybe a third of the way through my mini-odyssey, I found the bathroom. It's a nice bathroom, as bathrooms go. Definitely better than that of a gas station. (I can't remember my name, but I can remember THAT. It feels like a cruel joke.) I was startled when I looked into the mirror. It was like one of those animal videos (again, cruel joke) when the animal freaks out because it doesn't understand that it's looking at itself. It took a little while (maybe a half-minute [Is that a measurement of time?]) to realize I was looking at myself. I didn't recognize the face in the mirror. It took half a minute for the thought "That's me." to register. Which is made irritating by the fact that it took virtually no time at all to think "Who am I?", followed by the realization that I know virtually nothing about myself. What I DO know is that the Universe is screwing me over big time.

But now I'm getting tired. It's been a long day, mostly spent waiting for something to happen which never did. I'm going to go to bed. Tomorrow I'll go see if I have neighbors and if they know anything. Of course, that's all assuming I'll still be here tomorrow. Maybe this isn't the first time I've been put in a strange location. Maybe this is what happens every day, and I just forget it all when I fall asleep. Now I'm afraid to go to sleep. Ah, well...if I'm still here, I'll write another entry. If not, this is me signing out.

-Name Unknown