Loving You From A Distance

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Author Note: This story is written for Mystii's Challenge 30 drabbles in 30 days challenge. I hope you enjoy this story, reviews would be greatly appreciated.

Chapter 1 - Sapphires

He sat in the Slytherin common room with his friends. They had decided to relax a little before their next class was due to start. His friends chatted about various things but he sat in silence, observing them all. Pansy sat beside Draco as she normally did and was talking away to him but Blaise knew that Draco wasn't listening to her. He wasn't really listening to her as Draco didn't even look at her instead he glanced over at Crabble and Goyle and kept rolling his eyes as if bored or annoyed by her incessant chatter.

Blaise was suddenly filled with rage. He knew that Draco didn't like her very much but he felt that was still no excuse for the way he treated her and he felt that he had no right to treat her the way that he did. She deserved more than that. He turned and saw that Pansy had picked up on the fact that Draco wasn't really listening to her. Her eyes darkened and in that moments her eyes looked as hard as sapphires.

He smirked, Draco was definitely in for it now and he was going to enjoy watching this. Blaise had realised that it wasn't just about the way that Draco treated her that angered him but also because Draco failed to realise how much of a beautiful and amazing girlfriend he had. He didn't realise how lucky he was. He had figured out some time ago that he had fallen totally and completely in love with Pansy.

It was about time that someone stood up to Draco and told him exactly how terrible, he treated Pansy and he couldn't wait for that day to come. He didn't understand why Pansy stayed with Draco but she was never afraid to tell him exactly, what she thought of him. It was just one of the reasons, Blaise had fallen in love with her. He didn't agree with the way that Draco treated her and he loved watching Pansy put him in his place.

Blaise smirked at the scene in front of him and sat back in his chair. He just hoped one day, she would wake up and notice how much of a jerk Draco had been to her throughout their relationship and that she deserved better than him. Blaise would be there waiting for her the day that she did. He also hoped he could gather up his courage and tell his friend exactly how disgusted he was with his treatment of Pansy because Draco certainly needed to be told.