A beautiful woman sat on a dais made entirely out of marble with gold set into it. Several men stood behind her and two in front of her, one of them was forced to kneel by the other.

The woman glared at the kneeling man "do you dare wish to defy your queen? I who made and raised you, I who shared my blood with you?"

the man nodded shivering "yes I do. You are cruel and ruthless. You forced all of those who fought for you to become your chevalier; you never gave us a choice."

The woman grinned "yes I did and look at how you have all become, even you Kai. You are forced to love me but you also do it of your own accord. All of you who have fought for me did so out of love, when I stopped your time you loved and hated me but I love all of you. Now do you wish to continue to defy me or shall I give you a 5 minute head start and let one of your brothers do the honor of finishing you off"

The man bowed. His red hair touching the floor

"I'm sorry Saya please forgive me for my rashness. I do love you but I don't like the way you have changed".

One of the men standing beside Saya came down to stand in front of him "Saya has never changed Kai. This is how she was meant to be, a true queen. This is how she was before her sleep. We are her chevalier and have been honored to have become so. To be loved by a mother and a lover at the same time is truly remarkable. Now are you going to apologize and let our queen decide your fate or are you going to continue to act rashly."

Kai looked up and glared the man "I will behave David" He looked up at Saya "Please forgive me Saya for acting out of turn"

She looked down at the prostate man "I forgive Kai. How could I not but you are going to have to work very, very hard to get back on my good side"

Saya turned to one of the men "Hagi get me a new boy to play with. And Im hungry"

the young man walked so that he was standing really close to her and he bent down "of course my queen"

he turned his head so that he would bare his neck to her.

She extended her fangs and sunk them into his neck and began to suck blood from him.

A/N I know this is different the idea just came to me and I had to put it down. Please let me know if you want me to continue this story