A/N wow an update so soon im impressed with myself. Anyway if you have ideas on what direction to take this story please let me know. I do want to make my dear readers happy. So on with Ch. 3

Diva sat up and looked around her room. A young man was on the floor before her bowing. "Solomon what is my dear sweet sister doing now"

He looked up at his mistress "milady she is gaining more chevalier as we speak. She believes that you are creating an army yourself"

The girl giggled leaning back on her couch "if that's what nee- sama wants then that's what nee-sama shall receive. I obviously don't wish to insult her intelligence."

Solomon nodded and stood up "of course. It shall be started immediately. I will tell Amshell about your latest desire. He will start on it soon"

She leaned back and grinned at him her blue eyes glinting "good now come here. I am hungry"

The young man walked up to her and bent down showing his neck to his queen. Her eyes shone brightly like two sapphires as her fangs elongated and plunged into his neck sucking in his life force.

He gasped and then fell limp smiling at the thought that SHE was drinking his blood that he was feeding his queen, his mistress, his bride and lover. (A/N yeah I know I made him a bit of a worshipper).

When she was done she stood up and towered over him 'bring me a new toy. I want a fresh face to command"

Solomon bent down and nodded "as you wish." He stood up and walked away quickly touching his neck occasionally.

Diva walked out of the room and began singing softly to herself while dancing and skipping acting like a child at the thought that her big sister wishes to play dirty and fight.

Amshell her first chevalier and the love of her life watched her and toyed with a new sword that he had created for his queen.

One with sapphires on the handle and a groove in the middle and one of the edges so that she could put her blood in the sword and not have to worry about it going to waste.


Saya layed on a couch overlooking a city the name of which is inconsequential and ignored her officers and lovers as they plotted how to end the enemy (Diva's) life.

She yawned and stood up causing the men to stop talking and wait for her to demand something.

Saya turned and grinned "enough talk about war im bored. Entertain me"

Hagi walked up to her and hugged her from behind "lets explore the city, find new victims and new lovers for my queen"

She shook her head "that and shopping. I want a new dress. You don't need me to find new men. Go look for them yourselves"

The rest of the men nodded and bowed before leaving knowing that its good to obey rather than question their queens wishes.

Saya left the room with Hagi close behind. He watched her every once in awhile wondering what was going through her pretty little head.

Both queens got closer and closer to creating an epic army Saya of Chevalier and Diva of Chiropteran.