Soft sand takes in all the heat that the sun produces, a warm blanket of Earths oceans and sea shores. When your body is pressed against the heat, the sand conforms and pacts down, eventually turning in to a hard, rugged surface. It will keep you warm, and occupied, but will the heat ever really keep you alive? When a thought of life sparks, is it really that much different than the heated sand Earth produces for all that inhabits it? As a full moon shimmers across a body of water, reflection against the moist sand mixed with water, it tells a life story. The wind venomously whips against the water, making it lap over the sand- some of the san returning in to the water, only to drown and lay eternally at the bottom.

Life's funny like that- eager to find the next un-expecting thing to victimize. The beauty of life rules the setting, never to let darkness completely erase the opportunity. However, there is always the time of a new moon- an empty, shallow period of life. This is sometimes acted out as a period of depression- a feeling of pain, regret, sorrow. Sometimes the feeling can even became one of self-loathing. Then when the darkness disappears, the sand of our lives heats up. During the light is when we find love, we develop emotions towards others, and relationships are strengthened. I, myself, have always been blind to the light. The lust of the moon will forever draw me, however always kept in the darkness.