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~*Jacob's Point of view*~

"When love is eternal, lust is inevitably nocturnal. Is it a crush, or something much more that can last a life time? If it is love, is it automatically obvious to he who's heart feels the thriving emotion? No. The feeling is one of wits, not one of pure tem-" Blood-sucker continues on and on reading that passage of his little book, Bella's face full of curiosity as she listens and takes in every single word he says.

"Aye, blood-sucker!" I shout at the boy who has seemed to forget that I'm in the room. I see him roll his eyes and look up at me, through his bronze hair. "You are the one who asked me here, ya?" I ask impatiently.

"Well that's how it would appear." An annoyed, plastic voice comes from behind me. I can't help but to mimic the words as she says them, in a rather sloppy sneer. I'm not in the mood to take time mocking her that I usually would. Over the years, I have became damn good at mocking her predictable words.

"Then why can't he talk for himself, blondie?" I roll my eyes, not even bothering to turn around. She's not even worth my time anymore, she's ran out of insults lately and decided that recycling them wouldn't hurt. Actually, it sort of hurt my feelings, well- it did until I realized that Emmett was a bit more fun to mess with. He hadn't always been, but once Rosalie decided to become lazy and not even take the time to come up with at least mediocre disses, Emmett became my man. In a non-gay, non-vampiristic way, 'course.

Bella's groaning is loud, as she complains -shocker there-, "Guys, do you really have to start this up again? I thought you were over this?" She asks. I don't even want to be here, Edward's the one who practically begged me to come here! So of course Bella, never the one to complain or take sides (bull-shit), has to replace Edward with complaining about my actions. Other than just the fact they're a bunch of blood-suckers, they're a bunch of annoying blood-suckers.

I raise an eyebrow to mirror Edward's expression as he wraps an arm around Bella. Get on with it, blood sucker. I watch as his expression changes, to a more careful and friendly expression. "It's good to see you again," He says.

"I saw Bella three days ago. Your patience aren't that jacked up," I say. "Even your patience," I emphasize. "The only ones who's are that jacked up are blondie's." I turn to looked at Rosalie, "Awwww….blondie, did you miss me? I can't say the feeling's mutual. But'cha know…it's always nice to feel loved. I heard Quil-"

"You wish." Barbie girl sneered.

"Oh if you only knew how much that's not true . . . " I muttered, rolling my eyes as I shrug my shoulders. If I needed anybody's love -anybody at all- it sure as hell would not be that blond bitch.

Ignoring out bickering, Edward continues on as if I never said anything. I think it's good he doesn't, because he knows I won't put up with his shit. He just knows . . . From a lot of experience, to say the least. "Well, you are like family to Bella, and I know how much it pains her to be away from such a close friend." He explains simply. If she wants to see me so much, why is she breaking your headboard every night and then some. Huh, Eddie Boy? I think, just to get the reaction I want out of him. He glares towards my direction momentarily, but then gets a grip and keeps his face composed. Haha, got you Eddie.

"My name is not Eddie." He says out of nowhere, much to Rosalie's amusement. Even though she tries to hide it, I can still hear a quiet, muffled giggle.

"Sure it's not, lover boy. So you were saying… You do realize I have patrols later, right?"

"I told you we shouldn't have asked him here," Blondie eyes Edwards and then grumbles, "As if you ever listen," I can't help but to snort in agreement. So true, Blondie, so true. But why would she say that? Other than the obvious, of course.

"Rosalie…" Bella cooed softly in reprimand.

"Bella." Rosalie stated matter-of-factly, rolling her eyes and looking at her nails. The two had gotten a lot closer, but still bitchiness gets in the way of a real friendship. Not that I am complaining. Oh, God, no- I'm not.

Eddie. I just had to add in to their name- announcements. I glance at the black leather couch to my right- the only piece of furniture that nobody is occupying. I shrug, pouncing on it and extend my legs, crossing them at my ankles. I look up at Edward expectantly.

"Esme!," Blondie manages to speak up before Edward. "We need a new couch, it just got ruined!" She says, raising her voice just slightly to ensure no matter how occupied the nurturing vamp mama is, she'll be sure to hear. I snicker to myself, before looking back at Ed-Nerd. He really needs to get to his point.

"Jacob, before we all get at our wits end, I'm just going to say it,"

"Finally. I appreciate it."

"Attitude not appreciated." Blonde's voice rings through my ears.

"Good. Was meant to piss y'a off." I explain simply, with a lazy shrug.

"Jacob," Edward's voice lectures. I look back at him, noticing his very… nervous appearance? Ha, since when is that even possible? "We….We need your help." He looks like he doesn't act asking me to help. The only reason he is is probably because his precious Bella got herself in trouble again.

Before I can think to respond, I hear a thunderous voice laughing. It takes me a minute to register that it's my voice, but I continue to laugh. Why, oh why, did it have to be so funny? "You…" I manage to gasp, hot tears rolling down my even hotter cheeks from laughing so hard. "You're asking me," I point to myself. "For my help?" I laugh. "Oh, this- this is great." I laugh. "Why the hell would you need my help?"

"Jacob, this is serious. " Bella says, almost in awe that I would be laughing at a time like this. Whatever the hell this is.

I nod slightly to her, but with her leechy vision I'm sure she can tell. "Go on," I say.

"We uh- Well, Alice actually, thinks the Volturi might be watching us." Edward says, looking worried and almost.. sickly. Nah, he always looks that way. Edward ain't just a vamp-head, he's also a dickhead and a crack-head.

"Wai- what?" I exclaim, the situation all of a sudden becoming serious. The more of them that show up, the more descendants that will shift. The only ones that I know of that are left are young- all less than fifteen fucking years old! There's no way in hell! I become angry, shaking with rage as I stand up, my death glare on both Edward and Bella. "What the hell did you do?" I demand. "What the fuck did you do?"

"We err… may of . . . Well she was so- Emmett! Bring Jennie in here." Edwards calls, looking nervous. I look at him unsurely until I hear the big Oaf's footsteps enter the room. I look towards the sound, only to see him carrying a limp girl in, who looked very uncomfortable. She is gritting her teeth and thrashing her body around. I know the familiar symptoms- she was changing in to a vampire.

"You broke the treaty?" I growl, gritting my teeth. "You broke the fucking treaty and you have the balls to ask for my help?" I fume, my body starts shaking again . "Why the hell would the Volturi care if you broke the treaty!" I scream.

Before I see anything, I feel a hard cold hand on my shoulder. I look over, and see Bella's hand. She looks patient, yet serious. "Jake, we need your help." She says. "Jennie is from Volterra." She whispers.

What the fuck?