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Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh GX
Title: Scenes From A Reversal: Taming Johan: 1:50: Error in Judgment
Romance: Juudai x Johan
Word Count: 937
Genre: Romance, Drama||Rated: PG-13
Challenge: 50scenes: prompt: regret
Summary: Fifty scenes from a story unwritten, with one fact reversed: what happens when the Gentle Darkness is not gentle?

Guardian Baou was on top of the world. There was no reason he shouldn't have been. He led the mighty Haou's Death Duelists. He was the one who had engineered the capture of the leader of the rebellion, that ridiculous Johan Andersen. The human had thought that he was mighty and proud, unbending and unyielding to Haou's commands. Baou had seen him enough times in the past four months to know how that had changed.

He wanted the chance to kill the human. Haou-sama won't allow it. Baou didn't know why, but he had his suspicions. Still, if the chance should come, he would take it with both hands.

Baou looked up suddenly as the master entered the throne room. No one had to say anything. His presence was such that everyone knew when he was there. Today, however, something was different. Johan stood behind him, his head held low, his shoulders hunched over. A slender leather collar decorated his neck, with a leash that ran from it to Haou's hand. Baou noticed, with more than a hint of smugness to his thoughts, that his clothes showed obvious signs of wear and tear as well as dirt.

Not the proud little rebel anymore, are we? He would have said that out loud, if he had dared.

Haou stepped over to his marble throne, Johan only a few steps behind. The dark leader of the world turned his gaze onto his supporters. "One of you is going to duel Andersen today." As always, his expression was cold and impassive. It was impossible to tell if he looked forward to this or if he found it annoying. "The duel will occur in a circle of death."

Soft murmurs coursed through the assembled duelists. Those words pronounced a death sentence on the loser, with no mercy possible. Two duelists entered and only one emerged with their life.

Baou didn't let anyone else interfere. His time had come. He raised one hand, a fierce grin twisting his lips. "Allow me the honor of disposing of this wretch, my lord."

Golden eyes skimmed over Baou, and the briefest of thin smiles bent Haou's lips. "As I expected." He gestured to Andersen, who moved forward without delay and waited as his master unfastened the collar from around his neck. The ex-rebel leader already had his duel disk on.

The master has tired of him, Baou realized as he prepared his own deck and duel disk. He wants to kill him and to make a show of it, and he's allowing me to do it!

Baou realized a bit belatedly that Haou had spoken to Andersen while he had shuffled his deck. Last words of the conquerer to the conquerered? It didn't matter. The time had come.

Andersen lifted his head, and fire burned in those eyes, just as it had on more than one battlefield when the young warrior had faced Baou and his servants. He's not afraid to die! Baou smiled. Good. That made it all the better. He would be before the duel ended, when he saw his own death staring him in the face. Baou looked forward to that. It was the sweetest part of any duel, when one's victim knew that one more attack would end them forever.

It began. Baou took an early lead and worked on grinding down Andersen's life points with every strike that he could manage. It didn't matter that the brat's monsters never truly left the field. His life points dropped lower and lower, until they stood at a mere five hundred, while Baou's were over twice that.

One last attack by Baou would finish it. He played a spell card, clearing Andersen's field of all of his spell cards, or rather of the Gem Beasts in the spell and trap zone. One facedown card remained; that was a trap of some kind. No matter; there was nothing that could stop him from winning now. Still, that fire burned unceasingly in Andersen's eyes, and a faint trickle of unease crossed Baou's mind. Did the human know something that he didn't?

No, it couldn't be. It was a bluff. Time to end this. "Direct attack!" At the very least, the trap card would give Andersen one more turn, but there was nothing else that could be done, nothing. He didn't even have any cards in his hand!

"Trap, activate! Rainbow's Gravity! When all seven of the Gem Beasts are on my field or in the graveyard, I can summon Rainbow Dragon from my hand or my graveyard." He paused, those fiery eyes staring right into Baou's, and there was death written in them, but not for the human, no. Baou saw his own demise in that look, and now he looked behind Andersen for the first time, to where Haou casually relaxed in his throne.

A cold smirk touched the master's face, and Baou knew, knew that this had been planned all along. Whoever had taken up the challenge against this prisoner would have been doomed.

No. No one else would have. Haou knew how much Baou hated Andersen. He'd known that no one else would take it up.

This had been to kill him.

Baou hardly noticed the rest of the duel. There was nothing else to notice. He ended his turn, and Andersen struck with deadly precision, Rainbow Dragon's attack slicing through Baou's defenses and reducing his life points, and his life itself, to nothing.

He fell, his vision dimming already. He could still see Haou, as the other placed one hand on Andersen's shoulder in approval.

I should have...killed him that day...

Notes: Each scene will have 'the end' on it, though together, they form part of the real story. The scenes themselves are disconnected, will be posted completely out of order, and pretty much in order that I get inspired to write in. So, the next one I post could take place years later or be in someone else's point of view or who knows what I might do. I really want to know what you think about this. And I promise, there will be a lot more Juudai x Johan in the scenes to come.

The End