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Let's start with Ryoma… our resident cocky protagonist. No OCs just the cast.

If you want to know what schools are included, its all of tehm except Higa chuu are crashers. O.o


One particular day in the tennis camp, everyone was bored since same old procedure since last week was done. Really…

Wake up

Eat breakfast


Play tennis

Tag around

Atobe being himself

Shiraishi yelling 'ecstasy!'

The loud cheers of loud mouths

Play tennis

Eat lunch

Do some laps

Play tennis

Tennis class (is there really something like that? O.o)

Dinner time

Boys talking among each other

Atobe calling everyone's attention

Ignoring him, literally and mentally

Everyone proceeding to their rooms, since they're done ignoring Atobe

"Mada mada dane" Ryoma would say before falling asleep

Then everyone's asleep

And again same old pattern

And again…

And again….

And again…

"Damn it! This is boring me!" Gakuto yelled as he slumped on the couch.

"You're not alone, ahou!" Shishido snorted.

"Don't call me a fool! Fool!" Gakuto snorted back.

"You baka! I haven't even called you idiot in the first place just fool!"

Gakuto glared at Shishido.

Though both words are just the same with a different…way of saying the meaning (confusing?).

"So to change the road what'll we do?" Marui asked.

Ryoma lowered his cap.

Fuji gave a chuckle "Why don't we play charades?" he suggested.

"Hmmm, good one but how do we play it?" Eiji asked.

"We got 2 boxes there one for the names the other one for the things we're going to guess" Fuji explained.

"Then let's start!" Aoi said loudly.

Eiji inserted his hand in the box as soon as all the names were written and withdrawn.

"Echizen!" Eiji called happily, the said boy widen his eyes.

Really of all the people inside why is he the first? He could be middle or last. Wait last is more embarrassing.

Ryoma stepped forward and just circled his hands inside not really minding which one he'll pick.

…Pen Knife Lover…. What the f***!

Of all the choices (now he minds it) why this, oh well.

Ryoma faced everyone and raised 3 fingers.

"Three words!" they chorused.

He thinks through his head how many syllable.

He made four gesture cuts on his left arm.

"Four syllables!" they said a bit grumpy.

He made a 'c' on his hand

"English" they said (if some of you are wondering in our country 'c' for English 'T' for tagalog, just info).

He raised a finger.

"First word" they said.

He made a scribbling motion…since he figured it's the closest one.

"Scribble, ecstasy!" Shiraishi said.

Since it's charades Ryoma can't voice out and just shook his head and repeated his act.

"Writing!" Aoi beamed.

Again he shook his head.

And motioned his hands to go further to his guess, well he didn't take the cue.

He changed his act into writing/scribbling then shook his hand.

"What?" Momo ask raising an eyebrow.

Ryoma slapped his forehead and returned to his first act.

"Uh…scribbling!" Kenya guessed.

Ryoma was in the verge of erupting and shook his head again.

He waved his hand and he imagined he was holding a pen and really pointed at his hand. Now everyone was confused.

"What do you guys use when writing!" he half shouted.

He gave a clue! And charades was supposed to be a guess not tell a clue.

"Pencil!" Kintaroo grinned.

Ryoma groaned loudly.

"Calligraphy pen?" Sanada asked, maybe he can guess!

Ryoma motioned his hands to go on his guess, he was a bit desperate to move on the next word.

Sanada thought for a while, while the others looked at him.

"Paintbrush?" Gakuto asked.

Ryoma showed his teeth, clenched.

"Pen!" Almighty Atobe said, smirking.

Ryoma finally breathed.

He gave Atobe a thumbs up.

He raised two fingers

"Second word" they chorused

Maybe this wasn't so bad after all.

Ryoma jab/stab 'act'

"Murdurer!" Kintaroo pointed.

Ryoma glared at him.

"Okay I take it back" Kintaroo said grinning uneasily.

He did his act again and made a swish motion like as if he was slashing things.

"Sanada's sword?" Niou asked.

Ryoma shook his head furiously.

"Sword!" Yuuta ask raising his eyebrows.

Ryoma shook his head and his eyebrows knit together.

"What a knife?" Kamio ask out of nowhere.

Ryoma gave a relieved smile.

"So Pen Knife….?"

"Third word!"

Ryoma made a heart shape on his hands.

"Love?" Yuushi ask.

Ryoma motioned him to proceed

"looooooooved?" he replied.

Ryoma shook his head


Again no.


Ryoma face palmed his self.

"Lover!" Yuushi finally guessed he gave a smile.

"Finally!" he gasped.

"PenKnifeLover…an American band, metal I assume" Inui said looking at his notebook.

" that was it, Echizen you make hard to guess acts how can we know!" Momo said loudly.

Ryoma grimaced and said "Mada mada dane!" and lowered his cap.

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Penknifelover is just a made up band actually real one is actually called pen knife love life…I just happen to cross this name in the net.

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