Disclaimer: I don't own the Toy Story movies or characters.

By Jennifer Collins

Jessie hung her head low as the toys walked through the dark yard outside of Sunnyside Daycare Center. Behind her, Woody was whispering quietly to Rex, Hamm, and the Potatoes, but she was more concerned about the toy who was moving swiftly in front of them. Occasionally, he would glance behind him to look at her admiringly, and she could feel his heated eyes on her whenever he did. She wrapped her arms around herself self-consciously and sighed softly. Oh, Buzz, she thought inwardly. How did we get into this mess? Will we ever understand each other again?

They were apparently reaching their destination, because Buzz's foreign commentary was becoming more urgent, that much she could tell from the gestures he was making with his hands. He stopped moving and the other toys walked ahead of them. Jessie raised her head and eyed him curiously. He leaned closer to her and murmured something quietly in Spanish. She racked her brain, trying to see if she could recognize any of the words from when Andy had taken Spanish in ninth grade, but he was talking so fast, and Andy hadn't been that great in Spanish anyway.

He grew closer to her and whispered this time, his breath tickling her ear. She shivered as a thrill raced through her, then shrugged it off, disliking the fact that this Buzz was getting the same reactions out of her as her Buzz. Unless…

She sighed softly and placed her hands on her hips in frustration. Her eyes widened as she searched his face for any glimmer of hope that he was the same Buzz, her Buzz, even though he'd been reset. He murmured to her once more in his foreign tongue, this time more insistent. Jessie looked at him blankly.

"Senorita! Pour favor!" He pleaded again, and she couldn't help but treat him with a sympathetic glance.

"I'm sorry, I don't understand you," she said sadly. He spoke to her again anyway. She shook her head in defeat. "Oh, Buzz," she whispered longingly.

She tossed her braid over her shoulder absently when she saw out of the corner of her eye that Woody was impatiently waving to them from a few feet away.

Buzz didn't seem to notice. For a moment he was mesmerized as he gazed at her, and he reached out a hand to gently stroke her braid. Jessie hopefully offered a small smile. He grinned back and took one of her hands in his, raised it tenderly to his lips. She blushed furiously as she felt a flutter of butterflies' wings swarm suddenly in the pit of her stomach.

Her eyes met his and she swore that she saw them sparkle, if only for a split second. His round blue eyes were loving, adoring, even… understanding. He patted her hand as if to reassure her and she was glad when he didn't let go as he gently tugged her forward towards the others. Her small smile slowly crept up into a huge grin. Now this was something she understood.

In one swift motion, he hooked his arm around her waist and a she was thrilled when a slight pepperminty sensation filled the air she breathed in.