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Unrequited Requiem

Chapter 1: Final farewell?

"Link…I…" Midna's last words to him were just that, but…what was she really trying to say? Link really wanted to know if it would be those last two words he desperately craved, but alas, it was not meant to be. "…See you later."

Her tear flicked towards the Twilight Mirror and after a moment's notice, they were exchanging eternally longing gazes with one another and a lingering regret settled on both of their souls. And before Link could run up the staircase, she was gone, forever, out of his life.

Link collapsed to his knees and merely was speechless, not sure of what to make of what just happened. "She…broke it…" he commented the obvious.

Zelda glanced at him earnestly and followed his gaze to the Mirror, almost as if their lives were concentrated on that one very important moment. "She did it for the best of both worlds, Link," she uttered, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Please do not take it the wrong way."

He wanted to push it away but merely stood there and let the last of his tears escape his eyes, not uttering another word. Midna is gone…what can I do?

Then it finally struck him like a dissonant chord. I'm never going to see her again! Goddesses, why did this have to happen to me? he cried in his mind.

Zelda squeezed his shoulder, but he finally mustered the courage to shake it off, standing up to collect himself and stare sternly at the post of the Mirror merely resting their like a silent vigil over the chamber. He growled something inaudible and moved away from the framework, trailing away from the construction and heading towards the stairs back into Arbiter's Grounds.

"Are you coming with me?" he groaned, turning his head and twitching an eyebrow at the hapless princess of Hyrule.

Zelda sighed and followed him out, not happy with his attitude, but knew he could not help himself any less. "You loved her, I know," she commented, but he said nothing. "I shared a part of her spirit through me from when I saved her then. It should not come to a shock to you."

Link was silent but Zelda continued anyway. "She loved you back, Link," she retorted in response to her previous statement. "But it is time to move on. I know it will be hard but it is for the better. Perhaps you could establish a small family back at home in Ordon and likely you will forget her with time."

Link frowned at her and was not amused, speeding up his pace and nearly leaving her behind, but they eventually made it out of Arbiter's Grounds, thanks to the lack of enemies after the defeat of Ganondorf. "You think it is so easy because you are so high and nigh in that little tower of yours," he spat. "Well, I for one am not a spoiled princess, so I cannot say it is as easy as you would assume."

Zelda fell back a little and looked on with pity. "Link, I-"

Link sighed and collapsed outside of the structure beside a downed column. "Forget about it, Your Highness," he seethed, but then calmed down. "I apologize for being so short with you, but you must understand my predicament. The only one…the only one I could ever be with is her…but now that she is gone…it is much too late…"

The trek back to the castle would be hard but it would be known to Link's feet in the morning, though he would never forget what has happened here.

Light swirled above her and she opened her eyes, met with a lid of harsh light when it took a while for her to adjust. This newfound light…it was the…

"Twilight…" she said admirably, owing her heart to the rich orange luminosity soaring in the atmosphere. "I'm finally back at home…"

Someone screamed out her name, "Midna! Come quickly!" cried a female voice from afar. A young woman a few years younger than Midna herself padded over to the relapsing princess who merely struggled to get back onto her own two feet.

Midna looked her over and saw the enflamed orange hair, but more dusky than hers, scaling down her shoulders. Golden bracelets were wrapped around the girl's wrists and an ornate blackish emerald dress clung to her delicate frame. Those eyes, however, were more amazing to Midna than anything else apart on her body.

"What do you want…?" Midna grumbled, staggering as she rose to both feet. The woman knocked her down into a hug. "Oof!"

The woman had her feebly pinned, but gleefully hugged her princess as a little sister would after missing her older sibling. "Oh, we missed you so much, Princess Midna!" she shouted into Midna's garments, pushing her head into the crook of her shoulder.

Midna shoved her away playfully and dusted herself off, suddenly remembering why the surroundings had changed. Oh… she thought quickly, but shrugged it off, not wanting to bring it up in front of any of her subjects. "What did you want me to see?" she asked the woman before her.

"Well, the celebration for Salvation is beginning to start! You won't want to miss it!" the girl said while jumping up and down.

Midna rolled her eyes and clawed ahead, pushing the young girl away and seeing for herself perchance what was happening. Rhomboidal balloons supported by dangly strings were clenched by royal hands. Royalty paraded beside a celebratory stand and ushered a large throne into the air, where apparently Midna would be seated.

Midna grinned impishly and strolled to where the festivities were transpiring, jumping right into the seat where she belonged. "Ah…feels so good to be home…" she announced, slacking in the chair. Several people were lined up to view the merriment along the sides and bow before their princess.

The royal soldiers clasped the handles of the enormous throne and watchfully wandered towards the entrance of the Twilight Palace, which had been refurbished and redesigned upon her arrival. A young man ran up and kneeled before her as soon as the troops dropped the chair slowly to the ground. His regality was polished and he had a royal alacrity to please his subordinate in whatever way possible.

"Your Majesty," he said, pulling a sword that was embedded with lacy, dark crystals and handing it to her, "This is for you for rescuing us in our time of need."

Midna only stared in disbelief, closing her fist around the obsidian pommel. "You knew?" she gasped audibly. "How did you find out?"

The man smiled and turned to the crowd before bowing once again. "Ladies and gentlemen," he started, standing up straight with arms flexed and a huge grin on his face. "I would like to applaud the efforts of the Twilight Princess and the Sacred Beast for freeing our land from the evil that once plagued this city. I ask that you adorn the same treatment on the Sacred Beast as you do for our lovely Princess."

Midna laughed at him. "Oh, Ragilim, you don't have to be like that," she snorted, spitting on his face. "Why the unusual treatment?"

He turned to her and kissed her hand after wiping the hilarious smudge across his face. "My dear, because you are going to be wed in a few days and will require the best treatment a squire can offer his princess during this time," Ragilim concluded.

Midna gasped but tried to conceal it, masking her distemper and approaching her people by getting up from the chair. "Alright, people, you can go back to what you were doing before. And, Elasien, you don't need to knock me down next time if you want my attention."

Elasien, the girl that had attacked the princess, smiled briefly before hauling off with everyone else from the sidelines, who departed to resume their daily duties. "That girl, she is a bit strange, right, Princess?" Ragilim asked from beside her.

Midna turned around and glared at the foolish prick. "You imbecile! How could you arrange a marriage before I even return from my journey?"

Ragilim cowered back and started muttering apologies. "I'm sorry, my lady, but it couldn't be helped! The Council has since been awaiting your decision to be wed to a suitor! They said if you do not find one in the next few weeks, then they will get one for you!"

She crossed her arms and stomped off, past the gates and up the stairs towards her quarters, but Ragilim stayed put knowing his fate would be sealed if he dared follow her up to her room. Midna slammed the door against the wall and ripped at a mirror at her bedside, the glass splintering as she flung it against the wall like with the door.

It crashed and clattered with a loud resounding noise but she merely collapsed into her bed and covered herself with her quilts, ready for a nap. The room was slightly tinged with heat emanating from a cauldron at the corner of the room and fire pooling in from the fireplace. A hastily swept rug was diffused across the floor and provided cushion for her feet. Several shelves aligned the walls with misplaced books and various folklore and literature spanning several decades, all of which were not important to Midna at this time.

She spread her arms across the twilight-mauve mattress, laying back in the plush softness. Bedposts scraped the ceiling above her and created a canopy overhead that could be used for a shade should the bed be out in the brisk sunlight.

"Pfft! Like that is going to happen!" she exclaimed, her voice still tiresome and dreary as the night before. "I'm getting too old for this."

She kicked her heels outward and rested her head on a decorated pillow right above her scalp, shifting it comfortably into position. Thoughts flashed through her mind as she remembered his last expression after she shattered the Mirror.

She shook her head immediately to dispel the traumatic introspections. "No, I'm tired, I don't want to think about him," she said, trying to keep from crying in her knees. But it was failing miserably as she grappled her ankles and pulled herself up into a seating position, drawing her knees into her chest. "Oh, Link…I just want to see you again…"

The sword in her hands had fallen to the floor and was just a piece of fancy embellishment for the bedroom. "What a piece of junk!" she croaked, turning on her side in a sideways fetal position. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she remembered the horrible last words she was about to say to the Hero.

The last teardrop rolled down her face only briefly, but it began to become buoyant in the air, gliding aimlessly across the wind. The glasslike ball soared to the Mirror at a snail's pace and finally nestled itself in the circular infrastructure of the magical speculum. Instead of besprinkling with salty water, the tear instead was magic in itself, forming little cracks across the Mirror's surface until finally several thousand splinters were made across the glass.

It was when Link gasped that Midna turned around, closed her eyes, and ran blindly up the staircase to the portal. She had extra tears she wanted to shed, but alas, she could not bring herself to gaze at Link with watery eyes. She spun herself around and began levitating towards the portal backwards.

The soulful sadness in Link's eyes broke her heart in half, but it was replaced by something…like an eternal tenderness that was shared between them. She couldn't put into words quite what she saw in those sapphire seas, but it was intangible now because she would no longer see it again.

"Link…I…" She paused as she stared at him longingly but sympathetically and nodded away, her body already disappearing into pristine white particles.

I want to say I love you, she thought. But it just won't…happen. Dammit! "See you later," she said chimerically.

At last, her body was completely gone and the next thing Midna remembered was being back in the Twilight Realm…

She flipped onto her belly and buried her face into the mattress. "Grr…I didn't want to remember that," she said thickly, closing her eyes to the sheets. She tossed back over and rested her hands behind her head. "Well, what could he have possibly said in return? It's not like he felt the same, you know."

There was a sudden discordant rapping on the door and Midna was startled by the rude intrusion of Ragilim into the room. Midna raised her fist and balled it in front of her face, but she was momentarily stopped by the audacity of Ragilim's move.

"What the hell are you doing in my quarters?" she shouted, popping him one in the shoulder as she tightened her fist.

Ragilim neither blinked nor budged, remaining firm to the posture. "My lady, there is some trouble concerning the Council. They have been seeking some answers."

Midna was alarmed slightly by his phlegmatic mask on the royal righthand's face. His eyebrows retained the same stolidity as his emotionless expression, but there was something disturbing by how he stared deeply into her eyes. "Yeah? What might that be that it entails imposition into my room?"

Ragilim shrugged and looked at the wall. "They have demands to be met, and you must go and speak with the at once."

Midna pushed him in the shoulder and walked to the door. "Since when does the squire tell me what to do? I told you not to boss me around, idiot!"

Ragilim glared at her. "They keep bugging me about your unwillingness to accept a decent suitor! It is you who should take the blame for such indolence!"

Midna strode up to him and slapped him across the face. Ragilim keeled over and refused to look at the buttressed princess. "Your punishment is not my concern, fragt! If it were, then don't you think I would have taken you under my ward in my own bedroom by now?"

Ragilim finally had the gall to look at her but she kicked him in the shin. "Gods! You could at least stop hurting me!" he yelled, bending over at the waist to grapple his knees.

"You're a sick impudent man I never wished to associate myself with, Ragilim," she hissed icily. "I would recommend never coming here again if you wish to keep your brain stringed together. I'm the princess, soon to be queen, and nobody tells me what to do, got it?"

Ragilim limped out of the chamber and lost his prior confidence after the incident and Midna slammed the door behind him before collapsing back on her bed. "Good goddesses, that guy is a jerk! Of course he would give me a present! But it's just a cheap ornamental sword! Am I really that low?"

Something inside her told herself "yes", but she knocked it away and dug her face into her pillow, voice being muffled by the feathery cloth. I don't really want to marry anybody…I'm not ready…to make a commitment I won't be able to make…

"Oh, Link, please do tell me you're doing alright. I need to know," she said softly before falling off to sleep.

Link's horse grunted disapprovingly and stopped immediately at the Castle Town entrance, snorting as the Hero dismounted her. Link patted her on the neck but his face was grim and mouth set in a straight thin line, eyes fixated in on the buildings in frustration. Zelda also somberly trailed behind him, knowing that the man was never going to be the same after what happened earlier that day.

You know why she did it, Link… she told herself more than to him, but it was still not encouraging at all.

Evening had already set in and the stars were twinkling dully above them, almost like specks of tears trapped in an eternal plane of sadness that rang out in an unearthly requiem at loves lost and times past. At least, that was what Zelda thought of it all as she gazed at the nighttime sky. Link wasn't fazed, however, by her pensiveness and, instead, entered Castle Town without so much as a glance back to what he left behind.

He was relieved, though, that most of the people were back in their homes and tucked safely away from all the tumult that occurred over there in the field. Would they ever know by morning the defeat of the evil king and the insurgence of a noble lad against a nefarious lord? Or would it all be for naught and would Link's name be forgotten to the wind?

Such breeze greeted him cheerlessly, almost to not celebrate his presence, but to shrug it off as if it didn't matter. No, it didn't matter if he saved Hyrule because all that he had had been taken away from him.

Link pitched to the castle entrance and didn't even realize that he was moving so quickly ahead of Zelda, but he halted anyway and positioned himself to look into the princess's eyes, albeit a bit sternly.

"Zelda," he said shortly, eyes not brimming with emotion like they had earlier.

Zelda sighed and regarded the guards with a friendly nod and look that signaled for privacy and they obeyed, leaving the scene. She turned back to the man that saved her land and world and locked eyes with him. "Link, please don't be like this. Midna wouldn't want to see you this way."

Link swallowed the urge to punch his hand through the wall. "What there is to live for I may be uncertain of, Your Highness," he finished, walking off and leaving a confused and hurt princess behind.

Link…where are you going to go? If you have nothing left, then why return home? The brazen question lurked in her mind and wouldn't go away whether or not she tried to rid of it. What was Link going to do without Midna if he could never get over her?

For this, Zelda worried and fretted hard over the future, as it was uncertain the poor Hero's sanity would be maintained. The whir of sober birds was sad and generated a thick emotion in the air, fluttering dolefully in the night. She entered the castle and wanted to leave the worries behind for now.

Link, however, was not so easily forgetful as she aspired for him to be. With a heavy burdened heart, Link strolled out of Castle Town and sauntered into Hyrule Field, mounting Epona and riding off to Faron Woods where he would greet his 'family' with dismal eyes.

But sadly, there would be no sleep that night he took to make the short trip to Ordon Village because his mind would be plagued with the recurrent, unremitting cries of Midna's name as he watched her slip away time and time again from his arms and through the nymph-sized cracks in the Twilight Mirror. A morose, heartbroken night indeed, and he would spend it all alone by himself…with no one to hold...

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