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Toby and Charlie said their good- byes to Charlie's parents before they got into the car.

"You sure your parents knew?" Toby said.

Positive Charlie thought, My dad said so.

"You can stop thinking now, we're out of your parents' house."

"I know." Charlie replied.

"It would've been really funny if they still thought we were engaged." Toby said to her.

Not really. Charlie thought. They were silent for a little bit.



"We need to stop at CVS." She said.


"I forgot the bag that I had my tampons in." Charlie said.

"You need it?"

"No, Toby, not at all." Charlie said sarcastically. He took the hint and they went to the nearest CVS. Toby parked the car and they went inside. In the check- out line, Charlie stood in line.

"Charlie Marks?" Someone said to her. She turned around.

"Frank?" She asked.

"I saw your sister, she said you were engaged."

"Yeah, he's-" She stopped when she saw him, "Toby!" She yelled. He went over to her.

"Frank, this is my fiancee Toby. Toby, this is my highschool boyfriend Frank Smith." The two men shook hands. Charlie checked her items out, and she and Toby got back in the car to go home.