Fight For Your Rights

A Twilight FanFiction

Pairings- Mostly Canon

Slightly OOC

Disclaimer- Sadly, I do not own twilight, although I do own a copy of the short second life of Bree Tanner.

I woke up to the sun glaring in my eyes, a rare occurrence for the small, sunless, rainy town of Forks, WA. Then, I noticed something cold and hard around my waist. Then I realised, those arms were Edward, and I wasn't on the couch. I was in that un-necessary monstrosity of a bed. I turned around, and all I wanted to do was to hold him and tell him how much I missed him. Then I remembered my fury from last night. I jumped up and out of the bed, and glared at Edward Dumb-Ass Cullen like my life depended on it. If looks could kill.

" Now Bella, I know what you're thinking,"

I cut him off.

" No, don't you frikken dare tell me you know what I'm thinking dumb-ass! What you did is completely un-describingly stupid! Did you even think about how this would turn out? You took my rights away from me just because you are too jealous and selfish to allow me within arms reach of another person, let alone my best friend! And you got my other best friend involved as well, with a Porsche never mind! And it's for next time, at this rate, there will not be a next time!"

At this point, I Stalked out of the room, Alice handed me her keys and a fresh pair of clothes. Although she was in agreement that the werewolves were volatile, she did not agree that they were completely dangerous, especially to me. She was someone who I could count on. She also knew Jake's little secret, and knew there were no chances of us being together.

I stomped down the stairs, and drove Alice's new Porsche down the drive. And carried on. I was too angry and shocked to cry. I sped towards the reservation. As I reached the border, I saw Jake with his soulmate, Trent. Jake's secret was, that he was gay. And happy. That was the reason why Edward did not need to worry about me getting with Jake. And Trent was so nice, him and Jake deserved each other. In fact, I introduced them. That was why Jake thought he loved me, it was fate bringing us together, so Jake would find his soulmate, and I would get my best friend in the universe. It was a win-win situation. The only problem was that Trent is a vampire-human hybrid. But the pack get on with him well, and the treaty only applied to the Cullens, so Trent was allowed on the reservation. I got out of the car, and walked in silence with Trent on my left, and Jacob on my right. They knew that I needed space to breathe right now.

Finally, Jacob decided to break the silence." So, uh, Bells, what went down?"

" Edward frikken Cullen and his big-ass head!"

" What did he do this time?"

" Not much, only gave Alice a Porsche to kidnap me for a weekend when he went hunting, only so I couldn't see you! I mean, yeah Alice does understand that the pack are not dangerous, and that you're gay, so there is no chance of us hooking up, so she let me escape with you, but Edward is too pig-headed to notice. I mean no offence by this, but you are camp as Christmas, it is a bit hard not to tell. And for the 'Dangerous Wolf-Pack' thing, I was around the pack regularly for about six months. So he just needs to get his head out of his ass."

" Let me guess, you need to vent."

" Yup."

" well, I could mention shopping, but I know you would cut off my balls with a blunt spoon, so how about bikes?"

" You speak my language."

A/N Hope you liked the first chapter. I don't really like putting too much detail in Chapter one, So it doesn't tell you much about the story. Just means more surprises later lol!