A Love Story with a Twist

The classic love story of Romeo and Juliet only with a twist.

In the 25th century there are two Kingdoms that rule over the entire world and two families the Hinamori's and the Tsukiyomi's. The Hinamori's rule the country of Shugo and the Tsukiyomi's rule the country of Chara(I know it's lame). Both country's are half of the entire world. One day Amu the princess of the Hinamori's goes out past the outskirts of Shugo and out to her secret grove. Only she doesn't know is that Ikuto, the prince of Chara, has also always gone there. When she arrives she sees him but she isn't in the normal thing a princess would wear so he thinks she's just a peasent. She decides that when ever she goes there she isn't going to be Princess Hinamori Amu but Nakamura Amu a regular girl. Her plan works until she has to go to a party for Ikuto's 18th birthday in the country of Chara. What happens when Amu's parents give her the Moon charm and tells her that who ever has the sun charm is the one she will marry? What will happen to Amu and Ikuto? Will Ikuto forgive Amu for lieing to him? What happens when Amu's parents die? Why are you still reading this? Ohh and yes there are Chara's and some OC characters & chara's.

Peach-Pit's Character's(*=mine)

Amu Hinamori-Princess of Shugo, 16, Ran, Miki, Suu, Dia, Usagi*

Ikuto Tsukiyomi-Prince of Chara, 17-18, Yoru, Tora*, Izo*

Midori&Tsumugu Hinamori-King and Queen of Shugo

Souko&Aruto Tsukiyomi-King and Queen of Chara

Ami Hinamori-Amu's Younger sister, 12, Ren*

Utau Tsukiyomi-Ikuto's Younger sister, 16, Iru,Eru

Nagihiko Fujisake-Ikuto's Friend, 17, Rhythem

Rima Mashiro-Amu's Friend, 15, Kusakusa

Kukai Souma-Ikuto's friend, 16, Daichi

Yaya Yuiki-Amu's friend, 14, Pepe

Kairi Sanjo-Ikuto's Friend, 15, Mushai

Lulu de Morselle Yamamoto-Amu's Friend, 16, Nana

Tadase Hotori-Evil Person, 16, Kieski

OC Character's

Gin Nagoya-Amu's Cousin, 16, Nami, Sakura

Eiji Todiji-Ikuto's Cousin, 17, Iruka

Tama Kira-Amu's best friend, 16, Akako, Mika

Ryoma Oshige-Ikuto's Best Friend, 17, Tatsu, Ken

A/N: I own nothing except my character with * next to them!

Chapter 1

The Faithful Meeting of Two

Amu's POV

'I can't believe them! They want me to go to someones 18th birthday party that I don't even know! Oh and even better he's the prince of the Chara Kingdom!' I thought as I stormed down to my room. I opened my door and slammed it closed. I walked over to my closet and picked out a black halter dress that ties around my neck with a silver hoop belt and a silver thin belt and black high heels with one black x clip. Above my dress I put on a black blazer and put my hair into a black and white hat.

"Ran, character change." I said to a little pink cheerleader floating near my door.

"Ok Amu-chan. From a girl who can't fly to a girl who can, Character Change!" She said and my x clip changed to a pink heart clip. I jumped off of my balcony and into the city. I landed in an alley way. I fixed my blazer and hat and walked out into the streets.

"Amu-chan, where are we going~desu?" Suu another of my chara's asked.

"We're going to my secret place," I stated. "my secret grove." I said and walked past the entrance to my families kingdom and out to a secret grove on the outskirts of town. I walked into the grove and took off my hat letting my hair cascade down my back right to my mid back.

Ikuto's POV

I heard a girl walk into the grove. I looked down to see a girl with pink hair and golden eyes with five chara's all around her. My three chara's were all sleeping next to me.

"Ikuto~nya?" Yoru my cat chara said. I looked over at him.

"What's up Yoru?" I whispered taking my eyes off the pink haired beauty.

"Who's that~nya?" He asked pointing his paw towards the pink haired girl.

"I don't know Yoru." I said leaning back against the tree trunk.

Amu's POV

I looked around. 'No one's here good.' I thought as I inhaled.

"donna tokidatte
tada hitoride
unmei wasurete
totsuzen no hikari no naka megasameru

deguchini tatte
kurayami ni hikari wo ute

imadoki yakusoku nante
fuan ni saseru dakekana
negai wo kuchi ni shitaidake sagasou
kunimo shoukai suruyo kitto umaku ikuyo

donna tokidatte
zutto futaride
donna tokidatte
soba ni irukara
kimi to iu hikari ga watashi wo mitsukeru

toori ni haitte
unmei no kamen wo tore

saki wo mitooshi suginante
imi no nai koto ha yamete
kyou ha hoshii monomo tabeyouyo
mirai wo zutto sakidayo
bokunimo wakaranai

kansei sasenaide
motto yokushite
one scene zutsu totte
ikeba iikara
kimi to iu hikari ga watashi no scenario

motto hanasouyo
mokuzen no ashita no koto mo
terebi keshite watashi no koto dake wo

donnani yokutatte
shinji kirenaine
sonna toki datte
soba ni irukara
kimi to iu hikari ga watashi wo mitsukeru

motto hanasouyo
mokuzen no ashita no koto mo
terebi keshite watashi no koto dake wo

motto hanasouyo
mokuzen no ashita no koto mo
terebi keshite watashi no koto dake wo"

I sang my heart out to my song Simple and Clean. I loved that song, I wrote it when I was about 10. I was about to sing another song of mine when I heard someone clapping. I turned around to see a tall and muscular boy with sapphire eyes and dark blue hair.

"Who are you?" I asked stepping back from him.

Ikuto's POV

I chuckled at the sight of her backing away. "Who are you?" She asked.

I smirked. "Name Tsukiyomi Ikuto." I said. I saw her eyes go wide.

Me: You like? It's an Amuto and my first one!

Ikuto: It's good, I guess.

Amu: Why can't it be an Tadamu?

Me: Cause I hate Tadamu with a passion! Tadase is gay! Now someone do the ending thing!

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