Me: Im Scard…

Amu: You should be…

Ikuto: *vain* be glad that I don't kill you….


Amu: She doesn't own anything.


"~Ikuto's POV~

I held Amu till she was done crying. I felt her breath even out and I knew she had passed out from all the crying she had just done. So I picked her up bride style and walked her to her room.

I kicked open her door and layed her on her bed. I crawled onto the other side and layed down wrapping my arms around her waist pulling her back to my chest.

'I'm so getting kicked out for this tomorrow.' I thought as I slowly slipped into the void of sleep."

Chapter 9

~Amu's POV~

I woke up feeling warm and protected. Wait…What? I opened my eyes and looked around. This isn't my room. I felt an arm around my waist and looked down. And yep there it was an arm wrapped around me. I followed the arm up to its owner. And it was Ikuto.

"Ikuto…IKUTO!" Ikuto jumped up and looked around. He looked down and smiled sheepishly. "Hey Amu." He said. I just gave him a what-the-hell-were-you-doing look. He just scratched the back of his head. "ummm…you fell asleep after you stopped crying last night…so I brought you up here to my room." He said. I just snorted and got up. I went to my room to get changed. I threw on black skinny jeans, purple and black stripped shirt with a graphic tee over it, with a silver belt and blue knee length boots. I ran down stairs to the dinning room where everyone was eating breakfest. Mom and Dad were sitting at either end of the table. Aruto and Souko were sitting on the left of my dad sitting next to each other with Utau across from them. There were three extra seats open, two for me and ikuto, and one for ami…who wasn't here any more.

"Good morning sweety." My mom said. I just smiled weakly at her and took my place at the table. I wasn't going to tell her that I don't know what to do about Tadagay. I grabbed two pancakes, a piece of bacon, a glass of orange juice and a piece of sweetbread. I didn't really eat, I more of picked at my food. "Amu-chan? Are you ok?" My mom asked me. I just smiled and nodded. "Just thinking how It doesn't feel right without Ami here." I said. My mom smiled sadly and looked down. Just then Ikuto walked into the dinning room.

"We have a problem." He said. I just looked up at him. "Tadagay just left a message on my window." He said. My eyes widened. "Here's the letter." He said handing it to me.

(Things in bold are what he crossed out..)

My dearest friend Tskymoni Ikuto,

I know that you want my Amu but I'm sorry to say that, that won't be happening. For you see that in three days time I will be taking something of her's that is important and holding it captive. On the fourth day if Amu doesn't meet me at the Kingdom's edge grove I will kill this something of her's. Now we wouldn't want that now would we. Ta-ta,

Hotori Tadase (soon to be King!)

I didn't want to believe this, but what choice did I have. So I just placed the letter down. "Make sure everything is locked. I want guards everywhere on the edge of the kingdom all day, no one will get in or out without my permission." I said and left the table.

Me: Im sorry…

Amu: I know…

Ikuto: *KILL*

Me: :(

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