Robert blinked.

It was suddenly daylight. He was just in a graveyard looking at those horrific Angels who had just vanished. He looked about quickly, but there was no Angel to be seen. Nor any graves or church for that matter. He was in a thick area of forest, which was most certainly not here before.

"Where am I?" He said aloud before he heard a horse approaching.

The rider approached and Robert blinked assuming it was somebody in fancy dress. A further second and third rider appeared on horses. A Roman soldier dismounted his horse and approached Robert.

"What is it, Hector?" One of the riders shouted, presumably a general of some sort.

"I am unsure sire. He wears strange attire. What should we do with him?" The solider, Hector, shouted back to his commander.

The general thought about the situation. He could do with some more slaves in this god forsaken land. He longed for the streets of Rome again, but he was stuck in this cold and wet country hunting barbarians.

"Bring him along. He shall be my eunuch." The general shouted back and went back to his thoughts of Rome.

Robert pinched himself, as if it was a dream and he wanted to wake up now. He knew some Latin, having studied it in school, but never heard it spoken in such a casual way. He could make out some words but most defiantly understood the word "eunuch" and put two and two together. He made a run for it. He could not imagine a life without his pride and joy.

Before he got ten paces some cord had wrapped around his feet and he fell to the ground before being knocked unconscious by the soldier.

"We shall do the cutting of the genitalia when we reach camp immediately. It will be far easier when he is unconscious." The general said while the soldier strapped Robert on to the horse.

"Yes sire." Hector replied.

"Come, I am eager for some food. The Catuvellauni are becoming harder to smoke out. Come!" The commander said and off they went back to camp.