Title: Mutual Admiration
Fandom: Skies of Arcadia
Blanket Disclaimer: I write stories for FUN, not money. I don't own any of the characters or places I write with, I just play with them. Again, NOT MINE!
Author's note: I LOVE Skies of Arcadia! It's probably the only game I play over and over again. I've wanted to write fanfiction for this fandom forever, but I just can't pull myself away from playing the game in order to write... until now. This is Vyse/Enrique even though I prefer Ramirez/Vyse.
Creative Work of the Day: Wednesday, March 24, 2010.

From his vantage point, Vyse watched the activity below. The crew scrambling to ready the Delphina for departure. He was proud of the crew; though they had come from varied backgrounds, each and every one had done their part to become one cohesive crew. Vyse didn't think a captain could be any more proud of his crew.

The Blue Rogue turned his head and caught sight of their resident "prisoner", Prince Enrique. The blonde stood off to one side, just out of the way, looking out at the darkening sky. Out of all the people onboard the Delphina, Vyse had thought that Enrique would be the most comfortable. It was his ship, after all.

But Enrique just hadn't seemed to click with anyone and, though polite to a fault, he was continually left out of crew activities and games.

Enrique turned to leave the topdeck and caught Vyse watching him. He smiled and waved a little in greeting. The hopeful, determinedly not sad, look in the blonde's eyes made Vyse's heart clench tight and when the Prince turned to go, Vyse made his own way inside.

Knowing what Enrique needed was a completely different matter from knowing what he wanted. Vyse was going mad trying to figure out which one was which.

Aika had the first shift and Vyse could really use some rest, so instead of getting some food or hunting Enrique down, he headed to his cabin.

Opening the door, Vyse was shocked to find that, not only was his cabin occupied, but it was occupied by the thing he wanted most.

"I think I'd be much more comfortable with the situation, if you were to close the door." Enrique said, a blush spreading across his cheeks and down his neck and chest.

Dumbfounded, Vyse closeed the door behind him, stuttering, "But... what? How? No, better yet, why?"

Enrique smiled shyly.

"Well, I was hoping that maybe you felt about me the way I feel about you. I've never been good at expressing myself, so I'm trying to show you what I want..." his words trailed off as Vyse stepped close.

The pirate raised his hands to the pale skin of Enrique's face and pulled him in, kissing the other man with all the emotion he'd been trying to hold back.

"Yes! Of course I want you... don't know who wouldn't want you, to be honest, but you're mine." Vyse declared.

Enrique could only moan his agreement as Vyse took his mouth again, forcing him to gasp for air.

Aika decided not to ask Vyse to switch shifts with her. The redhead had had to watch the two men dance around each other for weeks and from the sounds coming from Vyse's room, they'd finally owned up to their mutual admiration.

Grinning happily to herself, Aika headed back out to her post. She was ridiculously pleased with the days events.