I took a deep breath in and said, "Well girls first day back in hell."

My two best friends and I are now standing in front of the horrid place that we call Forks High School. You see this town has been here since the 1800s and back then men were above women. This town is so small and traditional that people here still believe that, well some people. My dad and Alice's and Rosalie's parents believe otherwise. Alice and Rosalie are sisters adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. It is funny how the couple chosen two of the complete opposite girls. Rosalie is tall with legs that go on for miles, long blonde hair, somewhat tan skin, piercing blue eyes, and incredibly beautiful. Don't get me wrong Alice is beautiful but unlike Rosalie she's short with short black hair, pale skin, and gray eyes. Oh and she's beyond hyper. The Cullen's may seem old fashioned by how Esme, Mrs. Cullen, stays at home to cook and clean and Carlisle, Mr. Cullen, is a doctor for the hospital but little does people know that Esme writes cook books. The parents taught Alice and Rosalie that no matter what, women are equal to men. Charlie, my dad, taught me the same thing being the chief of police that he is.

Ever since I started school here I hated it, all of my teachers have been sexist. If there were women teachers then everything was good but mainly all of Forks teachers were men. Rude men really. The only thing that kept me here was the Cullen's. Having Alice's positive attitude and Rosalie's protectiveness helps keep you sane in this secluded town.

"Don't worry Bella. It's our last year here then college!" Alice said with a hop.

Rosalie rolled her eyes at Alice's excitement and sat down at our normal table outside then said, "Yeah and it's a good thing we all sent out forms to the same schools."

I smiled at that and sat next to her while Alice jumped to her seat. Us three just couldn't part from each other even though we have different interests. Alice wants to be a fashion designer, Rosalie hopes to open her own car repair shop, and I just want to be an English teacher. But the one thing besides being girls and all that other stuff is our love for softball. Charlie taught us how to play because when he was in high school he was captain of the baseball team. So the sport became our bonding activity (even though Alice insists that shopping is our bonding activity). On freshman year all three of us wanted to try out for the boy's baseball team since there wasn't a team for the girls, but the coach refused to have us on his team. Enraged both Charlie and Carlisle went to the principal and demanded for us to be on the team. After all of Charlie's and Carlisle's threats the principal told them that if they can find enough girls to be on a girl's softball team then he'll allow it. I guess he didn't expect us to find people fast because the next day he was gapping like a fish in shot of us playing on the field.

"Oh no douche alert." I heard Rose say under her breath. My eyes narrowed at what she was looking at. Edward Masen, Emmett McCarty, and Jasper Whitlock the three most horrid boys in the entire school who love to target us. Emmett has curly brown hair, brown eyes, dimples (the only thing adorable about him says Rosalie), and is HUGE. When I mean HUGE I mean muscular beyond any high school boy not fat. Jasper has shaggy blonde hair, hazel eyes, lean body, and very tall. He stays quiet most of the time and just watches his friends but he occasionally talks. Edward— the boy that will make you really aggravated— has messy bronze hair that's so damn touchable, penetrating green eyes, muscular body. He also has that damn crooked smile that he shows every time he says something provocative. Yet the worst thing about them is that they are the stars of the baseball team.

I glared when I noticed them coming our way. Great fucking great.

"Fuck." Well there goes Alice's happy mood.

"Hello ladies." Emmett said while wiggling his eyebrows. If I didn't dislike him I would have laughed.

"Fuck off." Rose said with as much venom she could.

"Mmm I love them feisty."

"Go to hell. We don't need you guys to be fucking near us."

Pointedly ignoring her Emmett said, "Babe you wanna go behind those belchers and be my catcher?"

She curled her lip. "Please, I bet your dick is smaller than my pinky. Come on girls lets go."

With a glare Rosalie walked off without waiting for me and Alice. I just rolled my eyes and got up with Alice to walk away but I felt a hand grab me.

"What the—." I looked up to the owner of the hand and glared.

"Where are you going?" Edward said with his damn smirk plastered on his face.

"Get your hand off of me." I said slowly with a hard glance.

I felt a tug on my other hand and turned to Alice's small form trying to pull me to her. Even though Alice is small she is fucking strong. Edward just stared at her and pulled back which made Alice pull.

"I'm not a rag doll people!" I said after the third round of their pulling. Damn my arms are starting to hurt.

As Alice was about to pull me, using as much of her strength, Edward let go off my hand and then I can crashing down on poor unexpected Alice. I heard Edward and Emmett laughing and glared at them. While I got up I felt the eyes of bystanders on me and just to block the embarrassment I help Alice up.

"You ok?" I asked. I'm pretty sure she wasn't used to having a 115 girl on top of her.

"Yeah." She laced her arm through mine and walked away from the laughing jackasses. When I heard them call our names I just lifted my arm and flashed the bird at them. Only to hear, "You wish!" from Edward.

That's the worst thing about the school. Teenage boys. Mainly all of them are stuck up assholes that thinks women should do anything they tell them to do. I can only count boys the who aren't like that on two hands. Now isn't that sad? One of my friends, Angela, is dating one of them and his name is Ben Chesney. For me and my girls we have no chance of dating in this town since we have all the boys that are dick wads. And the kings of the dick wads are Emmett, Edward, and Jasper. They make it their job to get under our skin. They also teas us on how we don't date. Well as far as they know we don't date. Wink, wink. So they decide to call us the lesbians since they swear on their grave that they saw us 'doing it' in my room. Ridiculous right?

The bell rang signaling to go to first period. Good thing I already got my schedule. I was glad to have Rose with me in stupid health class. Looking around the room I notice the annoying Jessica, dumb ass Mike, and— oh god help me— Emmett.

"Rose, Emmett at 12 o clock." I said casually trying not to get her freaked out. I saw the tension ease back into her shoulders and watched as she glanced to her left.

"Oh fuck." She said under her breath.

The class pasted by going over our syllabus and glares from the teacher trying to intimidate us. Yeah not working fellow. Then all of a sudden it was fourth period and I'm already wanting to bang my head repeatedly on this desk. I heard Alice laugh at me and I glared at her. It was already bad enough that I was alone in second period class. When the bell rang I bolted to the door with Alice hot on my heels.

"Slow down! My little legs can't handle it." Alice said with laughter in her tone.

"Yeah well I want to get in line before all the good food is gone. You do know we're going to have a rough practice?"

Our girls' softball coach, Ms. Trip, is worthless. The poor woman didn't know a single thing about softball, so we have Esme coach us to Ms. T's relief. We keep it on the DL because if the principal finds out he'll be beyond pissed. I really don't understand why but Alice said that it'll be better to be quiet about it. You never go against Alice because in the end she's always right. I knew we wouldn't get caught since none of the male teachers or the principal come to our games so our secret is safe.

Once I finally got to the line I smelled the greasy food they feed us and grabbed fries, water, and an apple just to seem healthy. I noticed Alice grabbing a burger, fries, cookies that are always squishy, and a Capri sun.

"Greasy foods today?" I asked her.

She raised her eyebrow and looked at my fries. I held up my apple and said, "I balanced mine out."

She just rolled her eyes and grabbed a banana.



Grinning we walked to our regular table where we saw Rose yelling at a freshman boy. After we sat down he left with a frown.

"Geeze Rose. Already yelling at freshmen, is that a new record?" Alice said with a smirk.

"I can't help it! They are the most perverted people in the school and they don't know that I don't bow to them." Rose violently stabbed a defenseless lettuce and shoved it in her mouth.

"Aww Rose what did that lettuce ever do to you?" I said feigning disapproval.

"Shut up, you know I have anger issues."

"That's why we signed you up for those anger management classes last year." I smile at the memory.

"Yeah still trying to figure out how to get revenge on y'all."

"Rose you know you can't do that! You love us too much." Alice said putting on her wide eye face.

The rest of the lunch period flew by with food throwing, depressed freshmen, and laughing. I met up with Angela to go to AP Biology. Oh joy! I thought sarcastically. When we walked into the class we saw a lady not Mr. Banner. I shot Angela a confused look and her face mirrored mine.

"Who's that?" Angela asked as we sat down on one of the many black top tables.

I shrugged my shoulders and examined the new teacher. She had vibrant red hair and deep green eyes, her facial features were sharp and somewhat muscular body. The only creepy thing about her is her smile. It was as if she knew all of our secrets. She was dressed in a green shirt, brown waist high skirt, had silver leaf earrings, and a brown vine head band that's pulling back her red hair. The second bell rang snapping me out of my stare.

"Hello class, I'm Mrs. Cooper," The red head said smirking, "Now I want all of you to gather your stuff and walk to the back of the class we have assign seating in here."

In tune we all grabbed our bags and headed to the back where I noticed Edward smiling at me. In return I walked to the wall further away from him with Angela glaring at him.

"In this desk are Eric and Lauren…." And so one she went. Angela got lucky by how she is sitting with Ben.

"And in the back desk are Isabella and Edward." Mrs. Cooper said. That made the whole classroom be quite, waiting for the drama to unfold.


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