Better Days by the Goo Goo Dolls


I can't believe we're doing this. Not even 5 minutes after leaving Mrs. Cope with a note for our teachers, me and Rose had walked out of the front office to the parking lot.

"Rose if we get caught I'm running away and won't look back. Charlie will kill me if I get caught breaking into cars. I'm the police chief's daughter for goodness sakes! I have a reputation to uphold."

"Bella calm down! If you keep on yelling we will get caught! Plus everyone knows that you're not as sweet and innocent as Charlie thinks." Rosalie whispered with a smirk.

I glared daggers at her and said, "Hurry up and work your magic on the whore core's cars so we get back to class. I'm missing Mr. Noel's class and knowing him if I come in an hour late he'll give me a shit load of unnecessary work to do."

Rose just rolled her eyes and opened the trunk of her car. Inside was a tool box Carlisle bought for her when she turned 8 and started showing an interest in cars, clothes, junk, and a car door opener that she took from Charlie. She picked up the heavy looking box and the door opener, slammed the trunk closed, and started walking towards Emmett McCarty's jeep. She tried the door first to see if it was unlocked and unsurprisingly the door was unlocked. I guess Forks needs to learn to lock their doors more often. Rosalie popped the hood and started working. I don't know what she did to his, Edward's, and Jasper's cars with her tools but as she closed Jasper's trucks hood Rosalie had a smug look on her face.

"There that should do it." She wiped her hands on a piece of cloth and walked back to her car.

"So are you going to tell me what you did exactly?"

"Let's just say when they turn on their cars they'll have one hell of a surprise."

I smiled and said, "Well I better see what happens, for it wouldn't be payback without having a front row seat to the drama."

"Trust me when I say that you won't be disappointed. Now why were you so upset when I arrived at the locker?"

Sighing I looked into the forest.

"Skylar knows about… Edgar," I shuddered at the name, "She just kept talking about what he did or what she heard he did."

At the mention of Edgar's name Rosalie stopped and her face went ash white then turned red with anger.

"That insensitive bitch! I'll punch her fake nose so hard there will be no hope for her to fix it!"

"I threw a book at her before anyone else could hear, but I probably only bruised her nose." I said with a slight smile.

"Hmph, well she deserves it. She has no right spreading your business around."

"Yeah…" I let the word hang there for a moment preparing for the onslaught of painful memories. But they are halted when arms encircled me.

"Come on Bella, I know you don't want to break down in the middle of the parking lot," Rose softly pulling me inside. "Do you want to skip class? We can sit in the car and talk."

I took a deep breath and said, "Nah I'm ok, I just need a minute."

She nodded and walked me to my English class.

When I walked into English, I could practically feel all of my classmate's eyes on me. Some even snickered and I then had no doubt everyone already heard about the incident with Rose's locker. But then why was I even surprised? I go to Forks High School that has probably less than 200 people in each class, who can't keep their mouths shut.

"Miss. Swan do you have a note or did you just now to grace us with your presence?" Mr. Noel said with narrow eyes.

"Sorry Mr. Noel, Mrs. Cope needed me to help her file paper that Mr. Owl gave her."

"For 45 minutes?" He said with suspicion.

"It was a lot of paper," I said with monotone and a shrug. I handed him the note and walked over to the desk in front of Alice who was eyeing me with curiosity and worry.

With an agitated noise Mr. Noel went off talking about ethos, logos, and pathos in the short story we're reading. I took out my binder and pulled the story out when I felt a piece of paper sliding down my torso. Knowing it was from Alice I opened the note.

Where were you? What happened with Rose's locker? What happened with Jake? What's wrong?

I could practically hear her questions bouncing around in her head.

I was with Rose. But long story short Emmett pulled a prank on Rose but Jake got the butt end of it so for revenge Rose went outside and stated doing shit to their cars. Don't ask what 'cause I have no clue. And let's just say shit happened during 3rd making me upset.

I glanced up at Mr. Noel to make sure he wasn't looking and threw the note make at her.

"Ooow!" Alice groaned. I turned around to see what her problem was and notice she was rubbing her eye. I mouthed a sorry and turned back around to pretend I was listening. But I couldn't stop thinking about that night almost 2 years ago.

"Bella! Open the god damn door!" A voice boomed causing me to flinch. I opened the door warily seeing I had no choice but to open the door. "Took you long enough! Now where is my dinner?"

I led him over to the kitchen and fixed him a plate.

"Ugh spaghetti again? Well I guess that's all you're good for."

I looked down ashamed I couldn't be good enough for him anymore. "I'm sorry Edgar."

"Whatever," he said harshly.

Knock, Knock.

"Go answer the fucking door." He said glaring at me. I got up and opened the door surprised to see Alice.

"What are you doing here?" I asked softly afraid of disturbing Edgar.

"I need to talk to you." She said with determination.

"I can't right now. I'm busy." I said quietly closing the door, but Alice wouldn't have it. She shoved the door open and entered the house.

"Bella, we have to talk about your relationship with Edgar. Me and Rose are worried. We haven't seen you in a while except in class, and even then you won't talk to us or even look us in the eye! And… Bella what happened to your face?"

"Man Alice, you know how make a girl feel special," I said humorlessly.

"Bells come to the light let me get a look of your face."

I stepped forward reluctantly into the light hearing the rain pound on the window.

"Oh my god! Has Charlie seen this? Bella what the hell is happening here?" Alice asked, "Did he hit you?"

I looked down, ashamed of myself. Ashamed that I disappointed her, ashamed that I'm not good enough, ashamed that I can't overcome my weakness.

"Hell no!" Alice yelled angrily and walked into the kitchen. Apparently she saw Edgar's car.

I ran after her and said, "Alice don't—"

But I was already too late. Edgar already saw her and I can tell he wasn't happy and when he wasn't happy everything goes black. I edged towards the corner of the kitchen which was the furthest part of the room from him.

"You low life asshole! Who the FUCK do you think you are? Did you do this to her? What the fuck happened?" Alice's face was now flushed with anger and hatred.

Deviously and scarily, Edgar smiled and said, "I'll show you what happed."

In a movement so fast that neither Alice nor I noticed, Edgar swung his fist straight into Alice's face. Alice screamed and clutched her face dropping to the ground.

"Alice!" I lunged towards her but was halted by Edgar's voice.

"If you move I'll make it even worse for her," he said harshly. My eyes widened and I looked at Alice who was curled up in a ball shielding her face, then I glanced at Edgar with hardened eyes.

"You bastard!" I hissed putting as much venom into the words as I can. Edgar had no right to hit Alice, she didn't do anything wrong. I looked around and noticed that I was right next to the wooden box of knives. Boldly and quickly, I grabbed the butcher knife and aimed it at him.

"Step away from her Edgar or so help me god I will stab you." I said with a slight shake in my voice.

He had the nerve to smirk but then why wouldn't he? I had let him beat me for months and I was now standing up to him. No wonder he doesn't take me seriously. Then in the middle of the kitchen I had an epiphany; I didn't love him. This man, no this monster, has beaten and raped me and I let him.

"Edgar move." I said firmly and my gripped tightened. I inched towards him and surprisingly he moved back enough that I was now between him and Alice.

"There now what are you going to do? You don't scare me Bella. In my eyes all you are is a tight little pussy for me to fuck." I flinched at his harsh words but stood my ground.

"Leave now and never come back."

"Or what? You're mine Isabella Swan and when you're mine I own you. You submit to me. You obey me. You yield to me. It's not the other way around darling and I guess I have to teach that to you the hard way."

He stalked over and I yelled another warning but he didn't listen.


I jumped and my eyes refocused to see Alice's face close to mine. Her eyes were shining with concern. Then I realized that the whole class was empty.

"Bella what just happened?" Alice asked softly and brought her hand to my face and that's when I noticed that I was crying. I shook my head clearing my mind from the memory.

"Uh I just had a flash back Alice, it's nothing." I said with sadness and guilt in my tone.

"Is this about he-who-must-not-be-named?" Alice asked.

I nodded my head and signed running my hand through my hair.

"Want to talk about it?"

"Later," I said squaring my shoulders and standing up, "Right now I have to finish the school day at least."

Reluctantly Alice nodded straightening up as well. Together we walked down to the cafeteria and waited in line. Having the emotional roller coaster at 4th period had caused me to lose my appetite so I just grabbed a coke and headed to our usual table. Rosalie was already there, again yelling at a little lost freshman. You would think after the first week of witnessing their classmates getting turned down one by one they would get the hint but I guess not.

"Damn Rose you're just shooting them down like flies," Alice said with a slight smile.

"The boys will get the hit sooner or later. Hopefully sooner because if I have to tell another fish that I will never go into the supply closet to do the dirty I will find a broom and shove it up his ass," Rose said glaring at the group of boys looking our way.

"So where's Jacob?" Alice asked looking around the cafeteria.

"Umm I think he's sitting with the baseball team assholes." Rosalie said motioning to the whore core's usual sitting place. I looked up and sure enough Jake was sitting with them, wearing a different shirt I may add.

Alice looked back to Rose, "So are you going to tell me what you did to the boy's cars?"

"You'll see!" Rose sang her devious smile back on.

Lunch passed by with me sipping my soda and Alice and Rose trying to lighten my mode and exchanging concerned expressions. The bell rang and I waved bye to the girls and headed to Bio. When I finally entered Biology I started thinking about other things that would keep my mind off of that day. Like how Alice never actually told us what Jasper has told her, or that my mother hasn't called in a while, or that—

My thoughts were cut short with me falling to the floor. Instinctively my hands shot out in front of me to reduce my impact with my friend the floor, but thankfully it never came. At the last second I felt strong arms encircle me and pull me back up to my feet. Heart racing I glanced up at my savior by instead see Edward Masen. My bleak mood was changed to fury and something else. Something that made my stomach do flips. I ignored that feeling and held on to the anger.

I pushed away from Edward and looked behind me to see the item that caused me to trip. Instead I saw Lauren's disappointed and vengeful face.

"What the hell Lauren?" I said with clenched fists ignoring the fact that Edward was standing right behind me.

She looked at Edward and pouted, "Eddie, you weren't suppose to save her."

"What can I say Lauren, I couldn't let a damsel in distress fall into her doom." I could practically hear the smirk in his voice. Asshole.

"Lauren if you have a problem with me don't express it by tripping me like a child, grow some balls and fight me if you want." I said glaring at her.

"Oh Bella I'm a lady and ladies don't fight. We leave that for our men to do for us."

"And I guess fucking everything with a dick between its legs also makes you a lady?" The classroom was filling up with students, all who stopped to listen to our conversation.

Lauren pursed her lips and was about to reply when Mrs. Cooper walks in. She notices us in the middle of the circle of student and lifts her eyebrows.

"Is there a problem here ladies?"

"No Mrs. Cooper," Lauren and I say together still glaring at each other.

"Good now please take your seats, we have a lab today," Mrs. Cooper smiled. The smile reminded me of someone but I couldn't place who.

I walked to my seat and dropped my bag next to the table waiting for the lab paper to get passed to me.

"Today's lab is over diffusion and osmosis. Once you get the lab you may begin." Mrs. Cooper then walked to her desk and turned on her laptop.

"So partner I guess you can do all the work and I'll just sit back and watch," Edward said with a smile and leaned back in his chair.

I rolled my eyes at his ignorance, "Uh I don't think so. If you want to pass this class so you can stay on that precious baseball team you better help me; otherwise, don't."

He frowned then stood up looking at the lab. We worked together in silence and surprisingly got done with the lab with 30 minutes to spare. To fill up the time I got out my book and started reading. My book was odd for a young adult series for it included werecats. Where the hell did that come from? I was at the part where my character was getting dragged back to her home in Texas by her ex after a stray attack when my book was pulled out of my grasp.

"What the hell?"

"Are you just going to ignore me?" Edward asked dangling the book far from my grasp.

"I'm not ignoring you, I was reading but I got rudely interrupted." I reached for my book but only grabbed air. Oh how I curse my shortness sometimes.

"Uh huh well are you ever going to say thank you?"

"Why do I need to thank you?" I asked harshly looking into his piercing green eyes. His eyes were so beautiful but of course they have to be attached to such an annoying guy.

"You know the whole almost falling to the ground."

"I didn't ask for you to catch me." I tried grabbing the book again but again caught air. I huffed and crossed my arms. "Can I have my book back?"

"Not till you say thank you." His eyes were shining brightly with amusement.

"Never." Like a cobra my arm shot out across his body and grabbed the book. I rejoiced inwardly but was halted when I couldn't pull the damn thing to me. Man does he have a grip!

I pulled my whole weight into bringing the book to me but Edward tugged back causing me to fall over into him. My whole body pressed deliciously into his. I could feel every hard plane on his body and when I looked into his eyes I could see they had darkened. My face was so close to his that I could see little dots of freckles across his nose. My head was tilted back and his was forward. Our lips inches apart.

Then my mind caught up with where my body was at, who it was pressed against, and what I was about to do. I blinked a couple times and pulled the book forcefully away from him. I took a couple of steps away from him and then the bell rang. I turned and grabbed my bag and ran out of there. As I was walking to my next class I couldn't stop thinking that I almost kissed Edward Masen.

Well holy hell! It's been what? Two years since I last updated? Man I'm horrible! And I've probably lost every single one of my readers!:( Guys I'm sorry it took me this long to update and I have NO excuse for that but hey at least you know what Edgar has done to Bella… well kinda;)

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