"Valperina!" Ferry was more frustrated with her friend than she ever was before."The test is tomorrow! Do you think the answers will just pop into your head?" She practically screamed.

"Well," started Valperina. "If you'd have just let me write them on my hand like I was going to, we wouldn't have a problem here!" she replied, grunting. She shoved a few more of her cheese loaded chips in her mouth and threw Ferry a nasty look.

"You shouldn't cheat to pass te test though! You must do it honestly!" Suddenly, the look on Valperina's face turned to an expression she couldn't quite pick out. Especially because Ferry had a natural learning disability. But that had nothing to do with it.

"What?" Sighed Ferry.

"I'm going to Florida tomorrow!" She screamed, happily and excitedly. "I was going totell you sooner or later, that we didn't need to study for the test, but then you went all "Blah blah blah! Do the the test honestly!" On me.

"What?" Ferry exclaimed. "So you mean, I've been sitting here trying to get you ready for the test, when you don't even need to study?" Ferry flashed a look of slyness at Valperina and said, "Well, what are we waiting for! Let's go grab a smoothie at the mall!

"I'll miss you, Val!" cried Ferry to Valperina while she was walking up to the plane. Valperina turned around and smiled. Then she turned around again and whispered "I'll miss you too, Ferry. I'll miss you too."

When Valperina got on the plane, she gasped. This was no ordinairy plane. This was more like a junk palace! The windows had slight cracks in them, and the seats were torn to peices. Before she could complain, a voice coming from the speaker boomed "Passengers, please take your seats. We'll be taking off shortly." Valperina had a strange feeling about this junky plane. She didn't feel safe. She carefully sat down on a cloth-covered seat, scared it would break or something. In this plane, anything could happen.

Valperina stared out the window at the creamy white clouds swallowing up the plane. The clouds reminded her of her mother's famous mashed potatoes, and the time that she and Ferry were covered in whipped-cream from a whipped-cream fight. She smiled. She knew that every part of her wanted to go home and see Ferry, but she also was itching to get to warm, sunny Florida. She sighed and turned on her iPod.

Valperina awoke to screams. Her eyes flung open and her head flew around tosee every passenger on the plane screaming and crying, and some out of their seats running around like there was an appocolypse coming. Little did she know, there was an engine failure and the plane was going to crash. She didn't know until someone dashed up the aisle screaming "Engine failure! We're all going to die!" Intsantly she knew she'd never see her mom, her dad, her baby brother, and her best friend-Ferry.

She started to sob. Even worse, scream. She felt like a baby. But everyone else was doingthe same, so it didn't really matter. She was going to die. She didn't want to die on an ripped-up junky old plane, but she knew her live was coming to an end. She had known that she would be in danger in this plane the minute she stepped on. Her life line flashed in front of her and on the last few seconds of the line, she wailed "Ferry!"

She couldn't help but sob. She couldn't help but wail. She couldn't help Valperina. She was gone. Forever. She knew she eventually suck it up and stop crying and feeling bad for herself, and stop being mad at herself for her death. That time was obviously not there, not then, not at that moment. She had to stop. She just couldn't. She reached for the T.V. remote and clicked the off button. She felt the worst ever. She remembered the day before she went, when they had their very last smoothies together at the mall. She didn't know it then, that the person she was closest to would die the next day on a plane. No one did.

Except Valperina.