This is for the folks over at GW and for APA who I'm pretty sure was only joking about my writing something while she was gone on vacation but who managed to beta this thing anyway thanks to Apple.

She'd never really noticed before how the sunlight played across his features, highlighting the arc of his ears and the sweep of his brow. Or they way it sparkled from the depth of his eyes, reflected more brightly than from the surface of the pond by which they sat. She might have been looking at him for years, but only recently did it seem she'd been finally able to really see him. And now that he was really hers… or soon enough to become so… She could hardly believe it was possible. A year ago, she would have sworn it wasn't.

A hand waving in front of her face broke through her reverie and she realized he was awaiting a response. "Sorry. You were saying?"

Jack looked a bit nervous as he asked, obviously not for the first time, "So… do you like it?" When she hesitated for a minute, trying to figure out what he could be referring to since she'd thought her reaction fairly clear in the certainty of her 'yes', he pointed to the ring he'd only minutes earlier slid onto her finger. "I know it's a bit plain, and I thought about something a bit fancier, but… Well, I sorta liked it. It just seemed perfect, somehow."

"Oh…" She glanced down at her engagement ring, really seeing it for the first time. A single princess cut solitaire on a silver band. The diamond wasn't large, it glittered brightly in the sunlight as she shifted her hand and Sam knew it was as close to perfect as any stone she'd ever seen.

He must have taken her hesitation for disappointment because he quickly explained, "It's not large, but I figured a large stone might get in the way. And it's platinum - I mean, the band," he added with a nervous laugh, "You look better in silver than gold. Besides, it's stronger than gold… Only… I guess you knew that, didn't you?"

She looked up from the ring to the man sitting next to her, smiling a bit nervously as he awaited her response. Only Jack would think the end of a fishing pier in Minnesota an appropriate place for a proposal. Or that old blue jeans and an equally old faded shirt which he'd explained were his lucky fishing clothes despite the fact he never seemed to catch anything were the perfect clothes to be wearing.

Or that she always wore silver jewelry.

And hated large stones because they made doing almost anything nearly impossible.

"No. It's perfect," she promised.

And at that moment, as their lures bobbed gently upon the waves rippling across the surface of the pond next to them, with that man at that time and at that place - his ring almost unbelievably on her finger - she was amazed to realize that everything finally actually was.