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Angela POV

I had been emailing Bella for months now and she still hadn't responded, it was now May. I had feared that this would be the case as before the she came the Cullens didn't talk to anyone else and only spoke to us because we were Bella's friends even though I thought Alice liked Ben & I in our own right but as New Moon (The name I gave to Bella's birthday and the Cullen's leaving) showed if they leave Bella they leave everyone else. I hope Bella was still with them as although I thought it was impossible for them to separate before New Moon they only got closer afterwards and when the married Edward said it with such conviction that unless he was a Hollywood actor it was sincere.

After the wedding we enjoyed ourselves until school started on the 24th. We had worried at first how we could afford the accommodation and decided we should both be in the dorms as an apartment was too expensive as although we did not have to pay tuition fees as they were covered by a grant we still had to pay for food & other essentials. However before Alice cut us off she went with us to the University introduction as Bella & Edward were meant to be coming here with us after their honey-moon despite the fact that Bella applied to Alaska. She also dragged us to go apartment looking with her and surprisingly the only apartments she wanted to look at where in 1 block. Apparently they were all owned by the Pacific Northwest trust. The same trust that awarded us our scholarships. Alice then asked a bizarre question. Which one would I like? As she was only joking I pretended to take her seriously and actually looked at all the apartments and saw the perfect one for Ben & me it was too bad I couldn't afford it but it was nice dreaming. It was whilst we were on the way back in Alice's car she got a blank look on her face for a solid 20 seconds. I was so glad there was no one near us as I was certain we would have crashed at the speeds we were going. Until then she was nice and bubbly talking about everything and anything. After however she seemed to be in a trance and went even faster. It was now a miracle we didn't crash or get caught by a speed camera. She practically threw us out of her car whilst apologising profusely and muttering something like how could I let this happen. She then sped off in the direction of her house.

Over the next few weeks Charlie seemed to be on the edge. When I asked him what was wrong he said that the Cullens were preventing him from speaking to Bella claiming she was too ill and he was torn between anger at the fact he wasn't allowed to speak to her and worry as his daughter was ill. It reminded me of a conversation between Alice & Bella when we were still in school. Bella was whispering furiously that pretending she was dead would kill Charlie and couldn't there be another alternative. When they realised I could hear them they broke off abruptly. Why would Alice want to pretend Bella was dead especially to Bella's face? I was now waiting for the inevitable news that Bella was dead like the plan. I was therefore shocked when the day before we left for Dartmouth we heard from Charlie that Bella had recovered. Surely if they wanted Charlie to think Bella was dead they wouldn't have said she had recovered? I was still emailing Bella once a fortnight and congratulated her on recovering. Although she did not respond to my emails I assumed she was just busy.

There was shock waiting for us when we got to Dartmouth. We were checking to find out our dorms when we saw that we were requested to instead go outside the main entrance and get in to the blue limo. We thought it was a hoax but nevertheless we went and after asking for our names he told us to get in and it was courtesy of Alice Cullen. He however refused to tell us where we going and but after 5 minutes he pulled up at the apartments Alice showed us. The driver seemed to be following written instructions and what he said next shouldn't have surprised us but it did. He told us to go to the apartment we loved and wait there for further instructions. Blindly we followed the instructions and made our way up there. The door was unlocked so we went in and found a fully fitted apartment in front of us. I was just about to say to Ben that we must have made a mistake when we saw a note.

It was a legal document saying "That as of yesterday Angela Webber & Ben Cheney now own this apartment and they, as the owners, can either sell it or reside in it until notice is given otherwise by the Pacific Northwest Trust who have every right to revoke the sale of the apartment." For the next 5 minutes Ben & I were in shock. These apartments were extremely expensive who would want to give us one for nothing in return? I remembered that Alice was with us when we were viewing the apartments could she be behind this? I knew her family was rich but rich enough to fund 2 Dartmouth scholarships and an apartment? Alice must be working for the Trust as an intern that was the only logical solution. But still an apartment for us and us only this was a dream come true. After we had semi-recovered from the shock we decided that we should unpack and that was the start of our Dartmouth experience.

It had been 9 months since I had last seen Bella and had not heard a word from her. This disappointed me as I genuinely thought Bella would keep in contact but she didn't. I still sent her regular updates as even if these went unread I wanted her to have the option of knowing. It was May and I had almost given up when I saw I had a new email from someone. Bored I opened it up expecting to see another email from Eric about his life but it was from Bella *Chapter 1* I was startled by what I read and showed Ben as well but I suppose it did give her a reason to be busy looking after a baby I wondered if Charlie knew about this and decided that as he was still in contact with Bella he must know. Bella, a mum I had never really put those 2 concepts together. I even vaguely remember a conversation with Bella were she mentioned in passing that Edward could not have children. They must have been mistaken then. It made me think of Ben & me again, we had discussed kids once and decided that we should wait until after Dartmouth and we had our careers set up. I thought about Edward & Bella's education surely that was going to suffer if they were parents but I did not doubt that the Cullens would help out. But with renewed excitement I emailed her back. Asking about the disease, her daughter & her education.

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