A/N: I apologize for taking so long to update, but this scene was particularly slow to write. It kept coming to me in bits and pieces and I had to make them all work together, but I finally got it the way I wanted it. Enjoy!

Reid turned the car key to "off" and slid it out of the ignition. He took a deep, shuddering breath as he tried to recollect his thoughts. Derek Morgan had been following him to his apartment, but he'd apparently been caught by one of the many lights on the main road.

Reid flushed a little as he remembered how well dinner had gone. That look on Morgan's face… it had been a complete and total rush.

When he'd seen Morgan's car stop in his rearview mirror, instead of waiting for the other to catch up, Reid had sped off, entertaining thoughts of rushing up to his apartment and getting ready for Morgan, although he didn't really know what "getting ready" should entail.

Now that he was here, he decided against it. He didn't need to make another mistake like he had with the eyeliner, although that had actually turned out well. So he sat in his gold 2006 Taurus, waiting for Morgan, who would undoubtedly ask why Spencer had ditched him.

When Morgan's black Monte Carlo pulled into the parking lot, Reid got out of his car, locked it, and walked toward the front of the building. He felt his heart speed up as butterflies took flight in his stomach.

God, just keep cool. Try not to blurt out anything ridiculous and this will go just fine.

Reid could hardly believe how quickly his earlier bravado had left him. His own daring had fled the scene like an unsub who was particularly afraid of getting caught. The only thing left was his need.

Morgan got out of his car and Reid waved. Each step Morgan took closer to the apartment complex's steps seemed to take ages. Reid felt like he could have walked to Morgan's car and back 3 times before the older agent had made half the trip.

Finally, the two stood together under the halo of a flickering fluorescent fixture.

"Okay," Reid murmured. He climbed the steps and held the door open for Morgan, who quickly followed Reid in. The two walked side by side to the stairwell, then practically raced up the steps to the second floor. Slightly out of breath, Reid led the way to his apartment and managed to unlock the door with a minimal amount of key-fumbling.

Reid stepped inside and locked the door as soon as Morgan stepped into his home. He was turning back around to set his keys on the table in the entryway when he nearly ran into Morgan.

"Sorry; I can be so clumsy," Reid was saying as Morgan steadied him. Without warning, Morgan's lips captured his and he was being walked backwards into the wall and Morgan was leaning into him; the heat Reid had felt in the break room was icy compared to this.

There was absolutely nothing chaste about this kiss; Morgan was taking what Reid had offered, and his tongue was doing delicious things to the younger agent's lower lip and Reid was being driven completely off the edge of coherency.

When they finally broke apart, Reid mumbled something about coffee and took a couple steps towards his kitchen. He started the process, dumping that morning's coffee grinds into the trash and filling the pot with water, but his hands were now really and truly shaking. Morgan stepped up to help him, and soon they were staring at each other from across the living room, waiting and listening to the noises of a gurgling coffee pot. Reid had tucked his legs up carefully underneath him and was leaning on the armrest of a red arm chair, while Morgan had taken the center seat on a matching red couch.

Finally, Reid started to chuckle.

"Do you actually want to drink some coffee?" he asked.

"No," Morgan answered. "I'm not really all that thirsty." Morgan continued to sit on the couch.

The silence in the room, much more prevalent than the quiet noises from the coffee pot, grew until it was almost a tangible thing, and just when Reid couldn't contain himself and a stupid statistic was about to be said…

"Come over here, Reid." Morgan did not have to ask twice.

Now, Reid's brain instructed, do something!

Reid could have just walked over to the couch and sat beside Morgan, but where would the fun be in that? Instead, he held Morgan's eyes as he took each step, and before Morgan knew what was happening, Dr. Spencer Reid was sitting in his lap, his arms resting on Morgan's neck, his knees on either side of Morgan's thighs.

"Better?" He whispered.

Morgan's response, although not verbal, was definitely an affirmative. He captured Reid's lips, and this time, they did not break apart. Morgan carefully nudged Reid until his knees slipped off the sofa and he could stand up. Morgan immediately went for Reid's tie as the genius struggled with the buttons on Morgan's shirt.

They both tried to strip each other without relinquishing the other's lips; if it was a race, Morgan was winning. Reid was standing in nothing but his pants and shoes while Morgan still had his shirt on, although it was nearly undone. When that was tossed to the floor, Reid kicked off his shoes and Morgan did the same.

Reid stared at the amazing expanse of half-way naked man in front of him.

"You really missed your calling," he said. "You should model muscle tees for Hanes… or maybe boxers." He grinned. Tentatively, he reached out a hand and rested it on Morgan's shoulder before trailing it down his chest and all the way to the top of his slacks. Morgan leaned in and kissed him long and slow as he undid the button and pulled down the zipper. Morgan stepped out of his pants, deftly losing his socks at the same time.

"Your turn," he breathed, and he reached for Reid's pants. Reid's breath caught in his throat as he felt strong fingers undoing his button and pulling down the zipper. The khakis Reid had been wearing dropped off his narrow hips with little help, exposing acres of milky white skin and a pair of briefs that were doing very little to restrain his erection.

Now it was Morgan's turn to stare, and to touch. He started at Reid's mouth, tracing the pad of his thumb over those beautiful lips. He brushed the flat of his hand down Reid's neck and he could actually feel the quickened pulse throbbing just below the surface. He bent down to kiss it, sucking the skin gently into his mouth and twirling his tongue before giving the slightest of nips and continuing farther down.

"Don't stop…" Reid whispered as Morgan's lips fastened onto Reid's left nipple. He cried out at the feeling, at the overwhelming sensation, and when Morgan chuckled with his mouth still there the vibrations drove him wild.

Morgan released the now rock-hard nub and licked his way east to other, gently taking it into his mouth as he used his thumb to tease its still-damp counterpart. Reid was trembling; he locked his hand onto Morgan's shoulder to keep from falling over, but he sank down to the couch anyhow. Morgan nearly fell on top of him. They stared at each other, out of breath.

Morgan held out his hand and helped Reid to his feet.

"You wanna lead me to the bedroom?"

Reid nodded. Still holding Morgan's hand, he led them down the hall and into his tidy little bedroom. It was sparsely furnished, with only a dresser, a night stand, several book shelves, and the bed. The comforter was a simple black and white pattern; the lamp on the night stand echoed that theme.

Reid let go of Morgan's hand, shoved the comforter to the floor, then sat down on the bed to take off his socks. He tossed them in the corner as Morgan sat next to him on the bed.

"Pretty boy, you ready for this?" he asked.

In answer, Reid stood up and took off his underwear in one fluid motion. He hooked his fingers into the front of Morgan's boxers and said, "Stand up." Morgan complied and Reid slipped off the boxers, tossing them into the corner too. Without any hesitation, he pushed Morgan's hips back down onto the bed and took him into his mouth.

Morgan's groan was loud to begin with; it grew louder as Reid took the base of his cock in his hand and began lightly stroking the inches of Morgan that didn't fit in his mouth. With a loud pop, Reid released Morgan's member and licked from base to tip, tracing zigzag lines with his tongue. When he reached the head, he took Morgan's weeping cock in his mouth again and pumped his head up and down as Morgan's fingers laced in his hair.

"God, baby… you're so good… so good," Morgan gasped. "You gotta stop."

He gently brought Reid's face up to eye level.

"But I was enjoying it," Reid said.

Morgan chuckled. "I'm glad, but I would like to enjoy you, and that's not going to happen if you keep doing that."

They shared a kiss before Reid broke away. He smiled and climbed across the bed to his night stand. From the top drawer, he took out a tube of lube and some condoms.

It's a good thing I grabbed these when I got the eyeliner…

He handed them to Morgan and laid face down on the bed with a pillow under his chest. Morgan set the things down and started rubbing Reid's back, occasionally running his fingernails lightly from his shoulders all the way down to his tight, curved ass.

"God, Spencer… you have the perfect butt." He laid his hands on both cheeks and squeezed; Reid could feel his weight shifting on the bed. Then he felt Morgan's lips right under the nape of his neck. He licked and kissed all the way down Reid's spine until he reached Reid's entrance.

When he placed his mouth there and sucked, Reid gasped. When he gently circled the tight ring of muscles with his tongue, Reid let out a moan to rival that of a porn star's. When he finally pushed inside, Reid yelled "Fuck!"

Morgan began a steady rhythm of in, out and Reid breathed in, out along with those thrusts.

Morgan pulled away to grab the lube; Reid let out a sigh. He heard the box of lube getting ripped open and then Morgan's slick finger gently slid inside. He slowly increased the speed until Reid loosened up enough for another finger.

Morgan added more lube before slipping the second inside of Reid. The groan he let out was raw; guttural.

"Morgan…uh!... please…" he begged, but instead of going faster, Morgan stopped moving his fingers completely. The room was silent except for their labored breathing.

"Uhn-uh, Spencer. I think me having two fingers in your ass makes us way too personal for you to be calling me Morgan." To illustrate his point, he pulled them nearly all the way out, then quickly slid back inside.

"De-Derek, then," he grunted, throwing his head back, every plunge of those fingers making him completely incapable of voicing more than a few syllables at a time. Morgan continued, and Reid was writhing with need and trying to push back onto the impaling digits when he realized there was something he should mention.

"Der…ek… do you…" another moan, "kn-know anything…unh! about… h-how…" he stopped, his train of thought lost as Derek's fingers curled a little inside him, producing entirely new and amazing sensations. He squeezed the pillow underneath his chest tightly, trying to summon any strength he might have left.

"Wait… just a second…" he said, using every ounce of willpower he had to stop Derek, even if he knew it would only be for a minute. He could see Derek's body tense with concern and he almost whimpered at the feeling of those two fingers leaving him.

"Are you okay, my man?" Derek asked anxiously.

"More than okay," Spencer said. "So much better than okay. It's just that I might have been a little… misleading."

"And how did you mislead me?" Derek said, a grin taking the place of his worried frown as he traced gentle circles on Spencer's lower back.

"I might be very mentally ready for this… but I've never physically had sex with a man before," Spencer admitted. He forged on, "I've read, I've imagined, and I've… played with myself, but I've never had anything as big as a penis inside of me."

Derek was a little thrown. "You're… a virgin?"

Spencer nodded.

"You're the most experienced virgin I've ever met. God, and I thought there were at least some things you couldn't learn from a book!"

"And you were mostly wrong," Spencer said, a small smile on his face.


"Nothing I've read has prepared me for how utterly fantastic this is. I had no idea it would be so…" he paused, uncharacteristically lost for words.

"So you want to keep going?"

"Fuck yes." He pushed himself up off the bed a little with his arms, his spine curving invitingly as he turned his head to the left to make eye contact with Derek. "Fuck me," he said.

Derek grabbed the condoms and hurriedly ripped one open. He carefully put it on before returning to Spencer, who now was on his hands and knees on the bed. He slipped his two fingers back inside and continued until the younger man was again moaning with every thrust.

"Are you ready?" he asked, his voice husky with need.

"Yes…yes… please, Derek…"

With that, Derek grabbed the lube again and applied a liberal amount before pressing the head of his cock against Spencer's tight hole. As he pushed inside, he listened carefully to Spencer. Every time he heard a hitch in his breathing, he stopped and waited for him to be ready to continue. He reached around and wrapped his palm around Spencer's cock, trying to distract the boy genius from any pain he might be feeling, but the noises he was making were all good.

When he was all the way in, Spencer rocked forward, then gently slid back onto Morgan, learning the feel of him.

"You feel… so good…" he grunted out before he gradually increased the speed, until Morgan was meeting him with thrusts of his own.

Morgan groaned, adjusting his angle a little as Spencer started whispering nonsense as he slammed himself back to meet every move.

"Fuck yes fuck fuck Derek yes fuck yes… YES!" His release hit him like a bridge jumper's body hitting the water; Derek's orgasm was ripped from him by the incredibly sexy moans and gyrations of the pale body below him as Spencer's channel closed around his cock. He only lasted two more thrusts before he exploded and collapsed.

He gently pulled out, then rolled to the side so that he wasn't crushing Spencer. He wrapped his arms contentedly around his boy genius and kissed his neck.

"You are fucking amazing," he whispered into his ear.

"You're not half-bad yourself," Spencer mumbled. He shifted slowly, freeing himself from Derek. He grabbed the soiled sheet and pulled it off the bed as Derek stood up and tossed out the used condom. Spencer grabbed the comforter and threw it over the bed before they both climbed back in. He crawled over to Derek and kissed him tenderly, his tongue gently tangling with Derek's own. Finally, he laid down on his back next to his lover. They basked in the after-glow, their fingers entwined.

Right before he drifted off to sleep, Derek remembered something. "Right before you stopped me to tell me you were a virgin… what were you trying to say?"

Spencer laughed. "I was trying to find an intelligent way to hint at what I had and hadn't done in bed. I'm glad you interrupted me; I was about to ask you if you knew how E. coli reproduced. It wasn't even a good analogy; they reproduce asexually, and that's a little bit different-"

Derek interrupted, "Spencer?"


"All this talk of bacteria is ruining the moment."

Spencer curled his body around Derek's and said, "I can fix that."

I'm not sure if I'm going to continue this particular story or not; I want to see how they continue their life at the BAU together, but I'm also interested in trying out some new story ideas. Your opinion is much appreciated on that subject, as well as any feedback you have! ~Bluee