Beginning A New Path

By Stargatesg1fan1

Disclaimer: I own nothing from Buffy, Harry Potter, or Stargate, or any other recognized characters/universes within.

Summary: In a world where both Harry Potter and Buffy Summers exist follow Harry as he strives to find himself in Sunnydale. A powerful wizard helping the Scooby gang will ensure a much happier outcome for the gang than what happened in canon Buffy. Warnings: Femslash (mostly restricted to the clearly marked smut scenes), multipairing, harem, hardcore smut, somewhat Gary Stu, and hardcore spoilers. Main pairing (for the first installment): Harry/Hermione/Buffy/Cordelia Chase/Anya/Sarah (twin sister to Jenny Calendar)/Faith

From there this epic series moves onto the Stargate Universe, the Star Trek Enterprise verse, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the Hulk, Highlander, Justice League Unlimited, Underworld, and Star Wars. All ten seasons of Stargate SG-1 and the important parts of Stargate Atlantis are covered.

Note on the smut: See the author's note at the end of the chapter.

I will warn you that I went all out on the smut scenes…there are 117+ smut scenes with 124+ wives in the harem. This story is not intended for anyone that isn't mentally an adult. You have been warned! Additionally there have been a few readers (not many) who have defined some of the acts in this story as rapish. There are a few cases of sexual slavery using magic. Harry will have an allure similar to veela in this story. I do not believe most people would define the veela using their allure to have sex with their partners as rape. In modern times hardcore liberals seem to define everything as rape and use public opinion through the news media to brow-beat as many people as they can to their way of thinking (that doesn't mean some of the things aren't actually rape…but not everything reported is likely rape). Most of the cases of sexual slavery are used as punishment for extremely evil people rather than outright killing them. Harry is never particularly cruel to those enslaved. He even has them enjoying it with that allure-like ability he has. If this is not your cup of tea do not read. If you are a hardcore liberal don't read! You have been warned! I added this section to the author's note in 2018 to deter those who get easily offended from reading. Those of you who don't mind what I've talked about read on.

Chapter 1

My name is Harry Potter. I'm 17 years old and just recently graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up being ritually beaten and abused by my obese muggle (non magical) uncle. This was pretty much condoned by the headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore. My parents were murdered when I was one because I was prophesized to kill a madman named Lord Voldemort A.K.A. Tom Riddle.

When I got to Hogwarts I learned I was famous for surviving the madman's killing curse and somehow defeating him as an infant. From the moment I arrived until the moment I left Hogwarts I faced constant threats on my life. It turns out my potions master himself was responsible for telling Riddle the prophecy that targeted my parents and I. In my first year my Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher was possessed by the not so dead Riddle. From then on I began researching possession and how Riddle could still be alive in such a bodiless form.

The headmaster gave me an invisibility cloak on Christmas of my first year and I was suspicious that he would give me something so powerful without a catch. I suspected some method of tracking it magically. Researching such methods led to the discovery of a tracking charm on the cloak and then eventually how to transfer said charm onto a rock I left in my room when I used the magical tool at night. From that point on I began reading every book in the restricted section using my cloak to conceal my actions.

Getting around the screaming feature of the restricted section books when they were opened was easy once I taught myself a powerful silencing spell that was in the regular library. I'd learned to become self sufficient after my time at the Dursleys. I discovered books on occlumency and legilimency and quickly taught myself these disciplines when I found out that some wizards can read minds. I already suspected Snape and Dumbledore of it.

By day I read in the regular library and night in the restricted section. There were small rituals in the restricted section which didn't really require much in the form of payment, an animal sacrifice here and there, which made it so I only required two hours of sleep a night. A boy named Ronald Weasley kept on following me around school and annoying me so I used his pet rat first as a sacrifice. The little thing squealed so much that I was very glad I'd learned the silencing charm as I slashed its throat.

I made a friend in a Ravenclaw girl named Hermione Granger. On Halloween Weasley ruined this event as well. He made her cry and run off to a bathroom. Then a troll got into the school. By the time I got there she was barely alive. I managed to kill the troll with some of the battle magic I'd learned from the restricted section. I took her to the hospital wing where Madam Pomphrey was able to save her life. Magical healing can do some pretty amazing things.

Physically Hermione made a complete recovery but mentally I wasn't sure she would ever be that slightly shy but intelligent girl I'd befriended. Her parents took her straight out of school. I sent them a bunch of newspaper clippings I'd compiled about what the Death Eaters (Riddle's followers) did to muggleborns and their families during the last war. Hermione still corresponded with me over letters. Her family took her to America to live where hopefully she would be able to emotionally recover from her attack. I vowed to have my revenge on Weasley someday when it was convenient.

When I discovered the subject of Horcruxes in the restricted section I knew I'd found out what Riddle had done to survive all these years in his current spirit form. I suspected from my curse scar pains that it was in fact a piece of Riddle's soul. In my second year I was able to prove it when I encountered a second Horcrux and destroyed it in the chamber of secrets. I managed to convince the phoenix Fawkes to cry on my scar after I dripped basilisk venom on the cursed mark.

I kept the sword of Gryffindor after that and trained with it. I also explored the chamber more and found books of rare knowledge. I memorized those books with the aid of my occlumency and practiced the magic learned in them within the chamber. Nobody ever knew I removed my scar in the chamber thanks to a glamour charm. A highly illegal potion brewed to remove the trace allowed me to practice magic in the summer. I never let my relatives know because one glimpse into their minds told me the headmaster knew about the abuse and in fact paid them for it.

I learned how to leave the house without being caught and started exploring Knockturn alley and Diagon Alley under glamour charms. I acquired all kinds of books on the dark arts and other ministry restricted subjects. The dark arts only corrupted those with a weak will. Occlumency ensured I wouldn't fall to the dark subject. Most dark wizards never bothered with learning the mind arts. Those that did and still went bad were the worst kind because they chose to willingly become corrupt.

I found out about my inheritance and claimed it after getting emancipated. Dumbledore had been intercepting my mail for years and making decisions for me without my knowledge. I obtained access to my family vaults which contained five million galleons (twenty-five million pounds sterling) and left my trust vault alone to fool Dumbles. I began hunting down the Horcruxes. Researching Riddle's ancestry led me to the gaunt house where I found a powerful ring which contained a Horcrux. I managed to destroy the soul fragment without harming the natural magic of the ring using the dark arts. It required a human sacrifice but I easily obtained one from a death eater I found in Knockturn Alley.

This rather effeminate blonde haired dark wizard claimed being under the imperius and had subsequently gotten away with his crimes. When I looked into Lucius Malfoy's mind I realized he was the perfect sacrifice. He himself had set the Horcrux incident in motion in my second year. He knew another soul container had been entrusted to Bellatrix Lestrange to be placed in her vault and Regulus Black had watched over one before Riddle killed him. I now wore the ring on my finger under a disillusionment charm. I felt more powerful while wearing the cloak after I took possession of the ring. In third year my godfather, Sirius Black, escaped and tried to hunt down Pettigrew. Pettigrew was the one who framed Sirius and betrayed my parents.

I was pleased to realize he was the rat I'd killed in my first year. I managed to scare off the dementors that were attacking Sirius and I with a piece of soul magic which made anything with a soul experience extreme agony. It worked on the dementors really well since they are full of soul energy. I also managed to convince Sirius to return to his ancestral home instead of remaining in the open while on the run. I put the house of Black under the Fidelus charm myself and became the secret keeper.

I found the Slytherin's locket Horcrux in the manor and destroyed it since the locket's inherit magic was relatively weak. Sirius and I remodeled that house over the course of that summer, taking out and replacing the wall which held his mother's portrait. I killed the house elf myself. Getting the Hufflepuff's cup Horcrux was pathetically easy after bribing a goblin named Griphook to retrieve it from the Lestrange vault for me. He thought that just because I gave a magical oath to never reveal what he'd done to anyone that I was helpless.

I had learned quite a bit of wandless magic thanks to my immense power. I used it to make it look like I swore the oath. I only told Sirius what I was doing and we both decided that removing our money from Gringotts if it was that easy to get to would be the best thing. We stored part of our fortunes in trunks and part in muggle currency in muggle banks. I still kept the trust vault at the Goblin run bank to fool Dumbles. I located one of the last Horcruxes in Hogwarts in a very magical room which I could see with my new magical contacts. These contacts could see magical auras, through solid objects, and through most invisibility spells. They would never have to be removed and couldn't be by anyone but myself.

I saw the dark energy of Riddle's soul through the walls of the hallway outside the room. I was entered into the Triwizard tournament being held at Hogwarts during my fourth year. The magical aura coming off of the defense professor's flask showed he was taking a potion. It wasn't hard to figure out it was Polyjuice with him taking it at least once an hour. Looking into his mind revealed Riddle's plan.

I let events play out and made it look like I struggled through the tasks. When it came to the third task I beat everybody through it very quickly to reach the cup. I was portkeyed to the graveyard where Riddle's father was buried. I was met by a death eater named Mac Nair carrying the homunculus holding Riddle's soul. A short duel led to the DE being subdued and the twisted thing being dropped on the ground. Riddle's snake tried to bite me when I went for him but the sword of Gryffindor caused it to loose its head, literally. That was the last Horcrux that I suspected Riddle made.

A short dark ritual later and Mac Nair's life force aided me in banishing his master for good. Obviously when I retold a highly made up version later Dumbledore didn't believe me. Neither did Riddle's remaining DEs. For the next couple of years things were pretty shitty but I survived. In my sixth year Dumbles started telling me about the Horcruxes. He thought he'd found one at the end of the year and led me to a cave. I enjoyed feeding him a debilitating potion and then leading him back to the school where a DE attack was in progress. When Dumbles thought he had me petrified under my cloak I had to try very hard to suppress a laugh.

I was as powerful as Riddle was at the height of his power while I was an infant when he marked me as his equal. Riddle was slightly more powerful than Dumbles thanks to his dark rituals. The old man had experience on him. The very act of marking me as his equal, as a certain prophecy stated, caused me to equal his power at the time of my marking. My power grew until I hit my magical maturity at age seventeen. Dumbles could no more petrify me than he could have Merlin. When Draco came out and failed to complete his mission to kill the old man he was quite surprised when I finished the job for him with a very painful curse in the back. As I picked up a wand I claimed as spoils and recognized as being made of Elder I felt an extremely powerful magical connection form between the wand, my cloak, and the ring I wore.

I tested out the strange power and killed Malfoy. There was nothing left of him from the power of the curse I just hit him with. The ensuing battle with the DEs was rather short as I killed them all with very little effort. I'd figured out what the ring and cloak were when I saw them connect with a wand made of elder. I'd never really believed the master of death part of the legend of the deathly hallows until I could actually see the souls depart from those I was killing.

I particularly enjoyed killing Snape. That night I raided the old man's office and found a treasure trove of books and artifacts, all of which I took. I particularly love the philosopher's stone the old man had kept along with notes on how to use it and replicate the highly magical object. I saw the soul fragment in the old man's wizarding portrait and took care of it with a killing curse.

My seventh year was relatively peaceful besides the incident where Ronald Weasley was killed by an acromantula. I had nothing to do with making him meet the creature, no sir. After graduating I decided I needed to leave England because the wizarding world seemed to fixate more on me now that the old man was dead. In studying prophecy to learn if there was any fact to the chosen one stuff I learned about the Slayer prophecy. One girl prophesied to deal with all of that shit. I decided to help this girl out. I knew how much prophecy could fuck up your life.

It wasn't too hard to track down the current slayer. She hadn't yet learned she is the slayer. Sirius understood my need to get away so decided he was going to go to the Caribbean to find some women. I'd managed to use my fame to get him a fair trial under veritruserum so he was no longer hunted.

I tracked Buffy Summers to Sunnydale California where she had just enrolled as a new student. I enrolled as a sophomore as well. It shouldn't be too hard to pick up what I'd missed out on of my muggle education since I was eleven with the help of my occlumency and legilimency. I could retain just about any knowledge I learn and recall it instantly. I could also pluck answers out of my teacher's heads.

My first run in with Buffy is when she drops her stuff outside of the principles office and I stopped to help her pick it up.

"First day," I asked.

"Yeah is it that obvious," she asked with a smile.

I could instantly tell she is attracted to me. I'd learned to develop that sense about girls when it was possible they would start using a love potion on me. I didn't find the thought that unpleasant because I am honestly attracted to her too.

"Only because it's my first day as well," I reply with a smile I have been told is heart stopping.

"Oh..Wh..where are you from," she stuttered with the effect my smile had upon her.

"England…you," I asked.


"I'm Harry Potter."

"Buffy Summers," she replied as she shook my hand.

"Well Buffy it was nice meeting you but I need to get to class. I hope to see you around."

"You too Harry," Buffy replied as I turned and walked away, feeling her gaze on my backside the entire time.

I was being shown around by a kid named Xander. He was nice enough if not just a bit of a goofball. I did see Buffy again when we had lunch together along with Xander, a nice girl named Willow, and a friend of Xander's whose name escapes me. Our pleasant lunch was interrupted by a snobbish girl named Cordelia.

"I think she likes you Harry," Willow said.

"She's not my type."

"Hot isn't your type," Xander asked in obvious shock.

"Beauty is more than just skin deep," I simply replied.

That comment obviously earned me some points with the girls. I'm much better around them after my seventh year and learning some of the nicer attributes of my fame.

"So what about that dead guy they found in the locker room," Willow asked to break up the silence.

"Don't know much about it," Xander stated.

"I need to go," Buffy spoke up for the first time in a while.

It was obvious to anyone who was paying attention that Buffy had been bothered by the news of the dead guy ever since learning about it. I made my excuses and followed her so she wouldn't see me. Silencing my shoes and activating the charms on my necklace ensured nobody saw me. The necklace contained my invisibility cloak with charms to make it wrap around me or go back into the locket with a thought.

I watched as Buffy broke the door to get into the girls locker room. I sent a silent repairo at the door to cover her tracks. She was obviously dismayed when she discovered the bite marks on the dead guy's neck. The first place she headed was to the library to confront Rupert Giles. This man was how I found Buffy. He was part of the watchers organization which kept track of the whole vampire problem.

I watched her explain to him that she wanted no part of the slaying business. She wanted to be retired. The problem was it didn't matter what she wants because others would be after her because of a stupid prophecy. She didn't see it but Xander was behind the bookshelves listening to the whole thing. I'd wait to see how he reacts before I take action. Should it be poorly I'll just obliviate him.

I put a charm on Buffy to let me know when she leaves her house and allows me to track her. I kept an eye on her as she left that night. I floated nearby just over to her side under my cloak on my firebolt. I watched her first meeting with a vampire who had his soul. It was a tricky bit of necromancy and soul magic. He was still pretty creepy and not necessarily good though.

When we got to the club called the Bronze I followed her in shortly after. I walked over to the bar to see her talking to Willow.

"Hey ladies…how are you two doing this evening?"

"Harry," Buffy says in surprise and delight if I read her tone right.

"Pretty well Harry," Willow answers.

"Yeah I'm doing fine," Buffy answers as well.

"So what exactly do you do for fun while you're here?"

"Well I mostly sit around and moan about my lack of skills with the opposite sex," Willow stated.

"I understand…I used to have the same problem with women," I commiserated.

"You," Buffy asked with obvious surprise.

"Yeah," I confirmed with a slight nod.

"What happened," Willow asked curiously.

"I learned life's too short to not seize the moment."

"That's exactly what I was just telling Willow," Buffy stated.

"Speaking of which could I talk to you for a second Buffy?"


Once we were out of earshot from Willow I decided to get right to it.

"Would you like to go out with me? I'm pretty attracted to you."

"Really? I feel the same way," Buffy replied.

"So is that a yes?"

"Yes," she replied with a big smile.

"Great," I returned with a matching smile.

"So how about I pick you up tomorrow night at 8?"

"Sure that would be great," Buffy answered happily. "Let me get something to write down my address."

"I don't know if you had a chance to notice yet or not but I moved into the house down the street from you a few days before you moved in," I informed her.

"Oh well then you already know where I live then. Tell Willow I'll be back in a second would you," she asked as she obviously saw somebody behind me.

Turning I saw it was Giles so replied, "Sure."

I cast a listening charm on her and went and told Willow I had to use the restroom. It was an interesting conversation between Buffy and Giles. I couldn't yet consciously control some of my powers gained from the Hallows but I'm sure I will.

One of those powers that I haven't fully mastered is the ability to see souls. If I do master it then I'll be able to tell who is a vampire and who isn't by the absence or presence of a soul. Their conversation ended when they realized Willow was moving off with somebody Buffy thought was a vampire. The Slayer went looking for her read haired friend and the suspected vamp, coming out of the back rooms just as I left the bathroom.

"Hey do you know where Willow went," she asked me in obvious distress.

"No but I'll help you look. She probably went outside."

"Right…Let's go."

We ran into Xander out front and he picked a bad time to confront Buffy.

"Have you seen Willow? She left with a guy."

"Why is he a vampire," Xander demanded without preamble.

Xander's statement caused Buffy to vent her stress at everybody knowing she was a slayer.

When she looked at me as she awaited my reaction I simply replied, "I already figured it out but it doesn't bug me."

"It's official everybody knew," Buffy stated.

"I have a lot more knowledge on the supernatural than most people," I replied.

"Are you a vampire?"

"Buffy you've seen me in the daylight," I responded simply.

"Right…Well let's go look for Willow."

"Let's go towards the graveyard. It's usually where vamps hang out," was my suggestion.

"How do you know that," Xander asked.

"A book," I replied simply.

"What book," Buffy asked curiously.

"I don't remember the exact title but there are plenty of books on the supernatural if you know where to look."

Our conversation ended as we arrived in the graveyard and more specifically at one of the tombs where we could hear voices. Buffy confronted the vampires that were about to attack Willow and that Jessie guy. I watched her move as she staked one and then started beating the other.

"Xander, Harry take Willow and Jessie and go," ordered Buffy as she fought.

Not bloody likely was my only thought. I watched as the others left and then when it seemed like Buffy was about to stop playing with the vamp another one walked in. This one was older because he threw the other one around and told her to leave.

I watched the verbal exchange between Buffy and the vamp named Luke from my concealment charms. When it looked like he was too strong for Buffy I dispelled the charms and summoned Godric's Sword to my hand. Luke didn't even know what hit him as my sword sliced through his neck. He turned to dust quickly.

"Harry?! What are you doing here? I told you to leave. And where did you get that sword," Buffy asked as I helped her up.

"You'll find that I don't listen to directions very well and I'll tell you about it over dinner tomorrow night."

"Ok," she replied in a suddenly shy voice after she remembered our date tomorrow.

"Now let's go help the others," I stated.

"Right," replied Buffy as she took off running beside me.

It didn't take us long to find the others surrounded by a whole group of vamps. I decided to hold off on revealing more of my powers unless I had to so just used the sword. I conjured a couple more when the others weren't looking and passed them to Buffy, Xander, and Willow. The Jessie bloke looked rather weak from blood loss.

"You're going to have to tell me where you keep these swords," Buffy bantered as she started cutting the vamps down.

It didn't take us long between her and I to cut them down. While I don't have Slayer strength I know some muscle augmentation charms that helped out. I also was using discrete wandless magic to trip up the vamps. The others mostly just used the swords to fight them back.

"So who's up for a nightcap at my place," I asked.

"Sure," Xander replied.

"I'm in," Willow agreed.

"Why not," Buffy answered while trying not to look too happy about getting to see my place.

Jessie just nodded. I led them to my house. It was a nice five bedroom number with three bathrooms; a large fenced in back yard, and a hot tub that Buffy loved.

"Drink this," I ordered Jessie while handing him a vial.

The others already had a drink.

"What is it," Willow asked.

"Blood replenishing potion," I answered.

I got the expected weird looks from the others at my statement. Knowledge of the mystical arts doesn't necessarily mean I have powers.

"So I assume you'll also explain how you took out that Luke vamp over dinner tomorrow night. Cuz it sure as hell wasn't you taking him by surprise. He was stronger than any vamp I've faced," said Buffy.

"Of course…and that was because he was far older. He was probably at least a couple of hundred years old."

"So vampires are real and they get stronger as they age," Willow confirmed.

"Yes," I responded, letting Buffy decide how much to explain since it was more her secret than mine.

Buffy elaborated on my simple answer and we spent the next hour going over things about vampires and the mystical world as Giles called it. I drove the others home before dropping Buffy off. Before she got out of the car she gave me a nice kiss on the lips.

"Night Harry…I'll see you tomorrow."

"Night Buffy," I replied with a smile as I watched her lovely bum make its way to her front door.

All in all it wasn't a bad start to my time in Sunnydale.

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