Ongoing Path – The Charmed Universe

By Stargatesg1fan1

Disclaimer: I own nothing of any recognized characters or universes within.

Females bonded to Harry Potter in this universe

Meta is played by Lisa Thornhill

Phoebe Halliwell is played by Alyssa Milano

Freyja is played by Melissa George

Prudence 'Prue' Halliwell is played by Shannon Doherty

Piper Halliwell is played by Holly Marie Combs

Patty Halliwell is played by Finola Hughes

Lady Godiva is played by Kristen Miller

Cordelia/Kyra the Seer / Cordelia 'Cordy' Potter is played by Charisma Carpenter

Billie Jenkins is played by Kaley Cuoco

Christy Jenkins is played by Marnette Patterson

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April 23rd 2006

Patty watched a tearful Christy leave Patty's sitting room. Each of the bedrooms now had a sitting room in addition to their private bathroom.

"I think you just lifted her burden quite a bit," Cordelia said as she stepped into the room after Christy had left.

Patty had long since stopped asking how her friend knew what the former demonic seer knew.

"I respect her fortitude for coming and telling us one-by-one what she had been doing working for the Triad. I know my daughters will respect that too," Patty answered. "It takes a lot of courage to admit her duplicity. Besides…as I am sure you agree…she was programmed from a young age to trust those three pricks. Speaking of them…what is the word on their activities?"

"The Triad and their forces are no longer using the False Magic School as their lair. I think they figured out that something is up with it," Cordelia explained.

"Damn…there goes that avenue to get them," Patty lamented.

"I wouldn't worry about it. They will likely send someone else to approach Christy. They won't let a little hiccup like what has happened recently keep them from thinking she isn't still partially programmed," Cordelia suggested.

"Arrogant much," Patty mused. "Though I suppose if it was anybody but Harry helping Christy get over the programming then I would be worried."

Cordelia simply nodded her agreement with her friend. From there their conversation turned to other matters that two friends would generally talk about.

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Christy's Sitting Room

"What's up?" Harry asked as he entered Christy's sitting room.

Christy was just setting down some shopping bags and Harry had sensed her worry. Christy turned and smiled warmly at the man she was pretty sure was kind of her boyfriend. She had been out on a few spectacular dates with the man. Their physical connection hadn't progressed past the heavy petting stage but Christy still very much enjoyed their time together.

"Hey you," Christy said as she walked up and gave Harry a hug. Harry hugged her back and felt her relax against him. He waited for her to speak. "I was walking back to Billy's car when I was approached by a demon." Billy had taken Christy on a shopping trip which had been partially a test for Christy to see if she could do some shopping on her own. "He said his name was Creo. He danced around the subject but I gathered he works for the Triad. He offered his services in whatever help I needed to form the Ultimate Power."

"Try to get more out of him if he approaches you again about the location of the Triad's new lair without being obvious what you are doing if you can. I will have someone invisibly watching out for you like I always do. I suppose this will mean more tests to see you going out and about on your own so that you can be approached. What did you tell him?" Harry asked.

"I just told him that I will summon him when I need his assistance and that I am working on the Ultimate Power," Christy said.

"Good," Harry said.

"Since I did good do I get a reward?" Christy asked playfully.

"Of course," Harry agreed before he and Christy started snogging.

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"Thank you for this, Harry," Phoebe said as she sat down her fork. "I wasn't so sure about this when you proposed a getaway for us in Paris. But I really needed this."

Phoebe took her boyfriend's hand and smiled at him trying to convey all the love she felt for him. Her other hand rested on her belly where their baby was growing. At 7 months of pregnancy Phoebe was really feeling it.

"You deserve it. And I want to make sure our little one isn't stressed out too much," Harry assured.

"Well…with some of your techniques for relieving stress I don't think that will be too much of a problem," Phoebe said teasingly. "Honestly…I didn't quite appreciate what Piper was describing until I experienced it myself."

Harry had some magical way of making love to his pregnant women which relieved all the stresses of pregnancy. It was truly relaxing and still exhilarating.

"I'm glad you appreciate it," Harry answered. "It isn't exactly a chore."

Phoebe rubbed the back of Harry's hand with her thumb and stared down at their joined hands. She bit her bottom lip thoughtfully. Harry recognized the signs that his lover was trying to fortify her courage.

"Harry…do you ever think about getting married? I mean I know it isn't exactly legal and you have so many of us," Phoebe said. "But do you at least think about it?"

Phoebe had discussed it with her sisters long ago and they had decided it was just not something they would bring up.

"Of course I do," Harry replied which caused Phoebe to look up at him with surprise. "You know I love you to bits. I would literally move heaven and hell for you. I'm not about to let a little thing like a law stop me." Harry slipped out of his chair and to one knee while still holding Phoebe's hand. Instantly she stopped breathing and focused her attention fully on him. "Phoebe Alyssa Halliwell…will you do me the joy of becoming my wife and being with me for eternity?"

It only took Phoebe two seconds to shout, "Yes." Phoebe pulled Harry into a kiss as happy tears started to fall. Harry hugged his new fiancé as he pulled his chair right up against hers telekinetically and sat there holding her. After sometime she pulled back and asked, "How will this work though with my sisters and the others you are seeing?"

"Freyja and Meta don't need mortal marriage. As far as they are concerned we are already mated. I'm explaining to Billie and Christy what is going on right now. My relationships with them aren't far enough along for marriage yet. I may propose someday but not yet. As we speak I'm having a similar conversation with Prue, Patty, Paige, and Piper. I proposed to all of them and they all said yes. I have woven an enchantment over our union that will prevent people from questioning it and the fact that I'll be married to multiple women," Harry explained.

"Strange but never boring," Phoebe said with a grin. That was the saying the Halliwells most often used with Harry but it was said teasingly. "Come on…I think I feel some stress I need you to relieve."

Harry signaled the waiter to bring the bill.

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The Plaza Hotel, New York…

Piper looked at the view overlooking central park and couldn't keep the smile off of her face. Harry was still sleeping in the bed behind her. After a passionate night of love-making with her and probably his other lovers she wasn't surprised that he was so tired. To say they had celebrated their engagement would be an understatement. Piper glanced down at the ring on her finger and her grin widened a bit. Piper hadn't really thought about remarrying after Leo. But then Harry came into her life and changed her entire view of the universe.

Piper felt strong arms slip around her and pull her back against him. She hadn't even heard the bed move but he was quiet like that.

"Good morning beautiful," Harry said in a tone that conveyed just how desirable he found her.

"Morning handsome," Piper said while turning her head enough to kiss her man.

As usual Harry didn't suffer from morning breathe like most mortals.

"What are you up thinking about?" Harry asked curiously.

"You, us, this," Piper said while holding up her ring.

"All good things I hope," Harry said with a teasing grin.

"Very good things," Piper said while laying her head back against Harry's shoulder. "So you said Chris and Bianca were watching the boys. Did you tell them about the proposals?"

"Yeah. Chris seemed genuinely happy. The more interesting part was the look Bianca was giving him while taking care of the boys. I think she wants a little one of her own," Harry replied.

"That is too weird. I'm not old enough to be a grandmother," Piper declared.

"You'll make one fine G.I.L.F.," Harry suggested.

"What is a G.I.L.F.?" Piper asked.

"Instead of a Mother…you'd be a Grandmother I'd Like to F," Harry began to explain before Piper squealed and lightly elbowed him in the stomach.

"You're terrible," Piper told him with a laugh while spinning to face him. "Grandbabies gained early through time travel shouldn't affect my status as a grandmother."

"Keep telling yourself that. I think you'll be plenty willing to claim them when you are holding them," Harry suggested.

Piper stuck her tongue out at her fiancé.

"Be nice or I won't let you shower with me," Piper suggested while they both knew she was bluffing.

"Why do we need to shower together?" Harry asked teasingly.

"So we can save time and go out to see the sights. It isn't every day you bring me to New York," Piper suggested.

"I like the way you think," Harry said.

"I think you like a lot of things about me," Piper suggested as she swayed her hips while walking towards the bathroom and the promised shower.

Piper threw a smoldering look over her shoulder at Harry and he followed her. As Harry closed the bedroom doors Dobby popped in to pick up the discarded laundry for washing. Dobby heard a woman's giggle that turned into a moan and shook his head while wearing an amused smile. The elf's master was a very entertaining person to work for.

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"When you said you had a surprise gift for me for saying yes to your marriage proposal I had no idea you meant this," Paige said as she sat on a broomstick with her fiancé behind her.

Paige and Harry hovered over top what was clearly the elven city of Rivendell.

"I do like to keep you on your toes," Harry said teasingly.

"But how is this possible?" Paige asked.

Harry had mentioned a surprise and had taken her in his arms before teleporting them here on the broom. Paige was a big fan of Tolkien's works.

"I think it would be more magical for you not to know. Trust me when I say this is all very real," Harry replied.

In truth Harry knew of several ways to recreate something like this. He could have used cybernetic organisms with A.I.'s running around as the characters from Tolkien's books. But instead Harry had a much more realistic method he preferred. The organisms were all bio-engineered to give them the appearance and physical attributes (enhanced strength included) of the characters described in Tolkien's books. A.I.'s would then create the initial personality and download it into the appropriate being before that being was then naturally released into the environment. Harry had even engineered arcane energy manipulation into the appropriate beings and races.

"So the magic I sense here is real?" Paige asked. "And at least tell me where we are? Somewhere as big as Middle-Earth wouldn't be easily concealed on Earth."

"We are located on a planet about 120 light-years from Earth," Harry answered.

"This is another planet?!" Paige exclaimed in awe.

"Yes…it is," Harry confirmed. "And the magic you feel is real."

"How long did this take you to do?" Paige asked. "And what time period are we in?"

"I have only been working on this for a few months. But you know some of the technology I have access to. It doesn't take me long to get things done. And the time period is right before the events of The Hobbit book," Harry explained.

"I love you so much," Paige said excitedly. "Thank you."

Harry conveyed his love for Paige telepathically so she felt it.

"I have prepared some special enchanted gear of the realm if you will to help you appear authentic so you can interact with the characters. I will of course be going with you but I think I will stay invisible to let you have your fun. I'm simply here as backup," Harry said as he passed Paige a shrunken pack.

"Wonderful," Paige replied. "Are we starting off in the Shire?"

"We can start wherever you want," Harry suggested.

"The Shire it is," Paige said.

Harry piloted the broom so that it shot off towards the Shire. He decided to take his girlfriend on a nice relaxing flight. Her squeal of delight when the Firebolt flew faster and faster told him that while perhaps the flight wasn't relaxing but more thrilling Paige certainly approved.

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Harry's Study

"That went really well," Christy said as she rematerialized in Harry's study and sat down.

Prue, Patty, Phoebe, Paige, Piper, Cordelia, and Billie filed into the room. Prue had been working the mission monitoring room and had alerted the others to the return of Christy. A portal doorway had been established between the houses belonging to Harry and Halliwell Manor so that quick transportation could be achieved between any of the locations.

"Did Creo reveal the Triad's lair?" Billie asked her sister.

"We narrowed it down to the cesspool region of the underworld based off of some things he said," Christy answered.

"And he is beginning to trust her more," Harry added.

Ever since the demon Creo had approached Christy about offering her help with her efforts to woo her sister away from the Charmed Ones and unite as the ultimate power Christy had been working under Harry's supervision to gain Creo's trust. The objective was to locate the hideout of the Triad as they worked their way back from the wasteland. The Triad needed a central location to focus their efforts to return to.

"Really…I couldn't tell," Christy said.

"Oh I could tell," Harry assured.

"How have things been going here with the R&D team?" Christy asked.

A group of the women had been using a device Harry was allowing them to use that simulated spell designs along with the database on magical theory he possessed to come up with a way to permanently end the Triad. The ladies wanted a way to end the Triad even if the Triad hadn't fully returned to physical form yet.

"We are getting close," Phoebe said. "Our current best spell destroys 86% of the Triad's assumed power level."

"It will be so much more reassuring if we can get a scan of the Triad's actual power levels," Paige suggested.

"And to do that we will need their location," Piper added.

"We are still coming up with new spells too so we will get it eventually," Cordelia added.

"I just feel like we are so close to finally ending these bastards," Phoebe said.

"And getting them back for what they did to you Christy," Patty added. "How goes your Plan B practice?"

Plan B practice was what the group had named the practice Christy and Billie were undertaking to try to harness their combined powers. Billie was trying to master a rapidly vibrating field of tiny telekinetic force lines that intermixed with Christy's fire power. The problem was that their energies were partially nullifying each other.

"Right now we have it up to 43% of the assumed Triad power level," Billie admitted. "I think we can get there."

"We are working very hard," Christy added.

"We know," Prue reassured.

Prue looked at Harry meaningfully wondering if she should bring up the Power of Four Matrix they had discussed. The Power of Four was something they had come up with together. It was the rules that governed most universes which made three a magically significant number.

"Go ahead if you want to," Harry sent to Prue.

"Harry and I were discussing something the other day that might make up for the missing power we need," Prue began but then paused.

"This should be good. You look really hesitant to say it. Just spit it out," Cordelia urged.

"Well the reason The Power of Three works for the Charmed Ones is because the number three is a magically significant number in this universe. That is due to the properties of the type of spacetime we live in according to Harry. The math is beyond me. Anyway…it's incredibly rare for three sisters to be born into a magical family all with magic in this universe. It happens millennia apart and usually one of them is born magically weaker than the other two. That is what makes us so powerful because all of us sisters are so powerful. I asked Harry why we couldn't boost it up to a Power of Four," Prue explained.

"When she asked that I got to working on the reason why we couldn't. It turns out that it might be possible to temporarily alter the properties of this universe to make a Power of Four spell work," Harry explained.

"Ok…what is the catch?" Piper asked. "There is always a catch."

"The catch is that there is a 32% chance the universe could end. The far more likely outcome would be that physical laws in this universe would temporarily go a bit wonky," Harry replied.

"That doesn't sound like such a good thing," Patty said.

"I agree with mom," Phoebe added. "Let's keep that solution as a plan of last resort."

The other ladies were nodding their agreement as well.

"I thought you might say that but I just wanted you to be aware that this was an option," Prue explained.

"How quickly could something like that be implemented if we needed to use that option?" Paige asked.

Harry glanced at Prue and let her answer the question.

"I'm having to learn a new type of math to make it work and there is no getting around that. So it could be a little while. But once I learn that…I can cast the alteration spell in minutes while holding hands with you three," Prue told her sisters.

There were nods of understanding all around.

"Oh, and something else Creo let slip…apparently the Triad members are at about 50% of the power they need to return to physical form," Christy added having just remembered that tidbit.

"Any idea on how long it will take them to reach the level of power needed to manifest physically based off of what Creo revealed?" Billie asked.

"Well based off of how long it took them to reach this point after their last vanquishing I'm estimating anywhere between two weeks and a month," Harry replied.

"That's good to know at least," Patty suggested.

"Anyone have anything else to discuss?" Nobody spoke up. "Well I guess we had better get back to it," Harry said.

The impromptu meeting broke up.

OP – Charmed – OP – Charmed – OP – Charmed – OP – Charmed – OP – Charmed – OP

The Triad's Lair in the Underworld

"Christy is coming along nicely, my Lords," Creo reported to the three Triad members who appeared to be floating in a glowing projection of light in the center of the large stone chamber.

Off to the side another demon Christy had identified as Dumain stood listening to Creo's report. None of the demons present could sense the presence of Harry, Piper, Paige, Prue, Meta, Freyja, Christy, and Billy due to the cloak Harry held over all of them. The cloak and transportation were Harry's only contribution to this endeavor. Meta and Freyja were only here to handle any extra demons and make sure the Triad didn't escape.

Prue, Paige, and Piper began chanting under the effects of a silencing barrier spell which prevented their voices from carrying but not from actually working for spell-casting. Harry waited until they were at the right point in the chant and then dropped the cloaking spell.

"That is what you think, Creo," Christy said with perfect timing.

Many things happened at once. Dumain and Creo tried throwing fireballs at the intruders. The Triad members tried escaping.

"I don't think so," Freyja said with a feral grin as the goddess used her abilities to hold the Triad shades in place.

"You can't do this," Candor shouted as he and his fellow Triad tried lashing out with what little power they had at the connection holding them in place.

But the Triad in their diminished state were no match for the powers of Freyja. Meanwhile Meta was decimating Dumain, Creo, and the flood of demons that poured in at Creo's call for help. Just as the Halliwell sisters reached the rehearsed point of their chant Christy and Billie began their attack. While neither group of sisters had reached the point where their group alone would be able to vanquish the Triad it had been realized that the Jenkins and Halliwells together would have the power to vanquish the Triad. The rehearsal had paid off. The three Triad shades let out a wail of agony and writhed beneath the power focused on them.

The telekinetic fire tore into the shades at the precise moment the magic constructed by the Halliwells tore into the three shades. Reality twisted as the three shades were unmade. Versions of Harry appeared behind Piper, Prue, and Paige catching all three. Their spell had taken more out of them than the sisters had expected.

Released of her burden having to hold the Triad in place, Freyja turned her attention on the demonic attackers. Soon there were no attackers left. The chamber was filled with smoke from the fiery battle that had just waged. Magic hung in the air to the point that even the least skilled practitioner in the room could feel it.

"Is everyone ok?" Freyja asked.

Freyja had become friends with most of the ladies present. They were all impressive women but that was the type of mate Harry preferred.

"Yeah…we're alright," Prue said from where she was inspecting her friends and family.

Freyja slowly made her way back over from the cave entrance without turning her back from the entrance.

"I suggest we vacate the underworld and don't linger," Meta urged as she too backed away from the entrance.

Harry nodded and teleported the group out.

OP – Charmed – OP – Charmed – OP – Charmed – OP – Charmed – OP – Charmed – OP

Halliwell Manor, 30 Years Later

"Honey, we're back," Piper called out as she and her family teleported into the entranceway to Halliwell Manor.

"Hey mom," Wyatt said as he walked into the entryway holding his youngest son Ryan.

"Hey you…come to grandma," Piper said holding out her hands.

"Everyone is coming over for dinner tonight," Wyatt said as he handed over his son and led his guests into his living room. "Sue is still at work but she should be home soon."

Sue was Wyatt's wife of ten years and the mother of his three children. Wyatt and his family lived in Halliwell Manor while the rest of the family lived throughout the neighborhood. Piper had long ago moved into Harry's home.

"It'll be nice to see everyone," Phoebe said as she sat down in her favorite old chair next to a version of her husband.

It no longer phased the family that there were multiple versions of Harry running around.

Chris orbed in just then and sat down as well.

"How was the vacation?" Chris asked.

"Very exciting," Patty said. "Though the black hole at the center of our galaxy might give me nightmares for years to come," Patty added with a shiver.

Harry squeezed Patty tighter briefly at her shiver. Harry had taken his mates on a tour of the galaxy on his starship.

"Yeah…Harry sent us a hologram of some of your experiences and that black hole was freaky," Wyatt agreed. "Though I did send this demon I fought while you guys were away there."

"There are closer black holes than that one," Paige pointed out. "We visited a couple of them."

"Huh…wish we would have thought of that," Chris said.

"How has the demonic front been?" Prue asked her nephews.

"Only back a few minutes and already she is talking shop," Billie teased her friend.

"You shouldn't have bet against me," Cordelia told Christy as Christy handed Cordelia some money.

"I told you not to bet against a seer," Billie told her sister.

Prue just rolled her eyes at their antics.

"The demonic front has been pretty tame," Wyatt answered.

That was the way it mostly had been since the defeat of the Triad all those years ago. But nobody was complaining much. There was the occasional demonic clan or upper level demon that got too big for their britches. But such occurrences were much more frequent before the Triad event.

"Lily will probably want to tell you this but I can't resist," Chris said. "Natalie performed her first bout of magic."

Lily was the daughter of Harry and Phoebe. Natalie was Lily's daughter.

"I knew I felt something when she did," Harry said with a grin. "What did she do?"

"She may have turned a pond into liquid carbon," Wyatt admitted. "Lily was so mortified."

"That's impressive…to keep it in liquid form in this atmosphere," Phoebe said impressed.

"Persephone got caught in bed with a boy," Chris announced.

"She what?!" Christy demanded.

Persephone was the daughter of Harry and Christy's son Jack.

"That was pretty much Jack's reaction. Persephone barely kept the boy from being transfigured into a toad," Wyatt said with amusement.

Cordelia sat back and listened to the laughter of her friends and family and was very content. It had been a good thirty years since she had arrived in this universe and taken up living with her second husband. She still hadn't told him about her other life outside of this universe. She didn't feel a need to tell him either. She had asked Native-Harry to teach her his science and had appeared to excel at it. She used her knowledge from the Scooby Archives to make small improvements in his technology and make the lives of her and her family in this universe better. Cordelia now had another daughter Saphiria who was a growing woman. All in all life was good.

Harry sat participating in the conversation and basked in the warmth of his family. He felt a bit of excitement at seeing the rest of his family later that night for dinner. He thought back to all of the fighting that had gone on in the past to get to this point…all the hardships…and considered all of that worth it to reach this point. His wives didn't look a day older than when he had first met them. Even though Christy and Billie had still been teenagers they hadn't minded having their aging halted at that stage. Harry certainly didn't mind the benefits either. He had so many family members whose lives he was involved in. He put his multiple forms to good use to spend time with each and every one of them frequently. But he had always maintained his efforts to let them grow without him doing everything for them. He was their backup in case things went really wrong.

"Stop being so introspective," Christy projected to her husband directly into his mind with an amused quality to her thoughts.

Christy with perhaps the exception of Cordelia was the most naturally gifted telepathically of all of his wives. She was the only one with an innate telepathic gift. The other wives had been enhanced telepathically through a technique Cordelia had developed. Because of this Christy was always able to find the deepest parts of his mind where he was reflective like this.

"And how would you like me to be?" Harry asked.

Christy sent him a telepathic reenactment of their first time making love together in response.


Smut Scene Redacted (See Hpfanficarchive for Erotic Version)

End Flashback

"I can be more like that," Harry sent. "I can always be more like that."

"I thought you could," Christy projected with a sultry tone as she turned and kissed him.

It was only a few moments later that that pair teleported away. The others paid it little mind being used to such occurrences. Love was openly displayed in the extended family. Harry and Christy wouldn't be the last to steal off for a bit of love-making that day. That was just the way Harry rolled.

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Path-Harry's Perspective

Harry absolutely loved the experiences he was receiving from Cordelia and the universe she had chosen as her seed universe to cultivate. He now had many more wives to experience making love to on a daily basis. And best of all he didn't have to do any of the work but got all of the reward. He experienced the perspective of an alternate version of himself without his influence being heavily felt. Yes there was that spark of divinity within this other Harry Potter but the personality was uniquely the Harry of that universe. Harry would still be traveling into his counterparts on occasion but he definitely approved of the new Seed Verse model. Harry made sure to show Cordelia over and over how much he approved.

It was truly a fantastic existence to be a multiverse traveling deity of the erotic persuasion.

OP – Charmed – OP – Charmed – OP – Charmed – OP – Charmed – OP – Charmed – OP

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