The Ongoing Path – Aladdin Universe

By Stargatesg1fan1

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Women Bonded to Harry in This Verse-

Jasmine is played by Naomi Scott

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Eighteen-year-old Aladdin or Harry as he thought of himself in his mind opened his eyes. He grinned as he realized a new day had dawned. His thoughts turned to how much better his life had become since his eleventh birthday.

Aladdin had grown up on the streets of Agrabah having to steal food to survive. He didn't really remember his parents much at all. His father Cassim had gone off in search of a better life for their family. Cassim had never been seen again. Aladdin's mother had taken ill and died not long after. Survival had been hard after that. He had learned to steal and be good at it. He had made a friend in a monkey named Abu. Abu and Aladdin had survived together. Aladdin had started to get some strange dreams at night of a life in a country called England. The life there had been an abusive one. In these dreams Aladdin had been called Harry Potter. Aladdin and Harry's lives were both hard. Then everything had changed when they both turned 11 years old. Harry had been introduced to a world of magic and Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. After having dreams of Harry's first year classes Aladdin had wished he had a wand and could perform some of those spells.

It was later during a particularly close chase by one of the city's teams of guards that Aladdin managed to apparate. He had been so amazed he was surprised he hadn't splinched himself. Through hard work and careful experimentation Aladdin was overjoyed to learn he could perform other spells. It took Aladdin more effort to master the spells than it did Harry due to lack of a wand. But Aladdin was motivated. He began learning spells such as levitation charms, silencing charms, the light charm and worked his way up from there. His dreams became an escape to a world of magic. Aladdin was a motivated student. Each new piece of magic he learned made his life easier.

And then there were the friends Harry made. There was Hermione, Ron, Neville, and Luna. After a tournament in fourth year when Ron let his jealousy lose it was just Hermione, Neville, and Luna. But that was ok. They were the best of friends. And after fourth year they were more. The quartet began to pare off. Harry and Hermione became a couple. Neville and Luna became a couple. Time spent with Hermione were some of the best periods of Harry's life. And that wasn't just because of the sex. Harry and Hermione had truly fallen in love. With Hermione's help Harry had achieved his mission of becoming a powerful wizard to take on the dark lord Voldemort. Harry had uncovered the deathly hallows and united them. But Aladdin liked to think Harry could have defeated Riddle even before uniting the hallows. In any event the point was moot. Harry slew Voldemort in a running battle in Harry's seventh year. As soon as they got out of school Harry and Hermione had gotten married. The man who conquered the dark lord had his choice of jobs. But he and Hermione had gone on a honeymoon around the world sight-seeing.

Some of the magical sites they had explored had inspired them to become a husband and wife team who went searching for hidden lost magical sites. So many magical sites in the ancient world had been hidden. Tomb raiders was a nickname the profession had picked up. The treasures they uncovered were nothing to laugh at. But when compared with the sizeable Potter fortune, they didn't do the raiding for the money. They uncovered many lost magics. That was the point up until now when Aladdin had awoken on his eighteenth birthday. In his dreams the night before as Harry he had spent the night making love to Hermione. It had felt so real.

Harry got out of his comfortable bed in his room on top of Agrabah's tower-topped buildings. The bed immediately vanished into the pocket dimension crafted for it, vanishing from sight. Harry had learned quickly to hide all of his belongings in the many pocket dimensions he had created less he want to lose his few treasures. From a comfortable position floating in the air nearby Hermione Potter watched her lover go about his morning business.

"He's getting pretty darn good at that," Cordelia projected from next to Hermione, also floating there.

Hermione jumped in fright before saying, "Don't startle me like that."

"You were so focused on the sex you just had with Aladdin you were kind of hard not to startle," Cordelia pointed out.

"He needs to be trained up properly for when he meets Jasmine. He is our Harry after all. And if there is one thing Harry is good at it is sex," Hermione pointed out.

"Oh please. Just because he has a soulstar in him from Harry doesn't make Aladdin Harry. Harry is powerful. Aladdin is a wizard, a powerful wizard I'll give you. But he's still a wizard. Harry is so far beyond a mere wizard at this point," Cordelia replied.

"Never-the-less he still contains a seed of Harry's divinity and is connected to Harry. Harry can experience everything his Aladdin counterpart can experience. The only difference is Aladdin can't tap into Harry's true memories unless Harry wants him to," Hermione replied.

Cordelia didn't say anything for a while.

Eventually she said, "I concede there may be some point to what you are saying."

"Are you still mad about not getting to manage the Aladdin project?" Hermione asked.

"No. Not really," Cordelia said. "I'm mostly over it. I'm going to go take a peek in on Jasmine."

"Just don't disturb her. It isn't time yet for her to be interfered with. Later today I think will be the time," Hermione said.

"I won't," Cordelia assured. "But I may send her a naughty dream or two," She thought to herself before vanishing.

Hermione shook her head at Cordelia's antics. She had know the other woman for many years now. In many ways Cordelia had grown. But in some respects Cordelia was that same teenager when they had first met. The desire to manage the seed verse featuring Aladdin had been one held by many of Harry's wives. Who could blame them. Many of them had watched Aladdin as little girls. But Hermione had won out in the end. She had groomed Aladdin into a powerful wizard through his dreams. She often took a personal touch when it came to his sexual education. Aladdin wasn't dreaming when he had sex with Hermione. He was actually having sex with her. He was just made to believe it was a dream and nothing more. She followed him as he left his home for the day and went down to the market place.

A little while later a woman named Lian approached Aladdin and asked, "What is your monkey's name?"

"Abu," Aladdin answered.

Lian reached out and touched Abu's cheek. The monkey preened under the touch.

"He's a lovely monkey," Lian said.

"He is a good friend," Aladdin said even as Abu jumped onto her shoulders.

"Where does Abu come from?" Lian asked as she laughed.

Lian's friend Omi walked buy and tried to lift something out of Aladdin's satchel. But the moment she tried she let out a yelp as she got a shock. Lian and Omi didn't look pleased. They walked down the street and said something to the turbaned man who was part of their gang. Aladdin turned and took off. He was well versed in magical combat to handle his own. But he was trying to keep his magical abilities a secret for now. If there was one thing his time as Harry Potter had taught him it was that secret weapons were best used sparingly and were best when they remained a secret. He went down a back alley and climbed over a wall. When Aladdin stood back up from hopping the wall Abu showed a necklace he had lifted from Lian. Even though they didn't need to steal like they had to before, Abu was trained to do so. Aladdin would take the money obtained and give it to someone more in need.

"A good haul Abu," Aladdin praised.

Aladdin went to Zulla's shop. The shop was the equivalent of a pawn shop.

"Aladdin, I am not looking to see any of your stolen goods today," Zulla said as she looked over a document with a magnifying glass.

"Come now Zulla. I did not steal this item," Aladdin lied. "Abu did," He thought. "I think you will like this item."

As he spoke Aladdin tapped into one of the more useful pieces of magic he had mastered. A subtle compulsion charm laced into his voice. Zulla looked up and looked over the necklace.

"I'll give you two bags of dates for it," Zulla said.

"It's worth four bags," Aladdin replied.

"Three bags," Zulla replied.

"Done," Aladdin agreed.

Zulla paid out three bags of dates. Aladdin left the shop and quickly found a widow with two small children homeless on the streets. He gave the first bag of dates to this trio. It wasn't hard in the city to find two more groups like the first. He gave them each a bag of dates as well. Aladdin didn't need to steal to feed himself and Abu any longer. At least he didn't need to steal on the streets. He still did it to help out others and keep his skills up. But in the past two years he had taken to robbing wealthier individuals who he considered somewhat shadier.

A little later in the day Aladdin was once again in the market when he spotted a beautiful young woman trying to conceal herself somewhat. She wore a head dress that partially concealed her face. But the golden armband she wore displayed her obvious wealth. He watched her from a distance.

"Hello," Jasmine said to two young children who were dirty and standing nearby. "Are you hungry?" The two children nodded. "Here, take some bread," Jasmine said as she took it from the nearby merchant stand.

Seeing her obvious wealth the children were overjoyed thinking she would pay for the bread. They ran off happily. The merchant for the stand, Jamal, noticed this.

"Hey, hey," Jamal shouted. "You steal from my bread."

"Stealing," Jasmine said in surprise. "No."

"You pay or I take bracelet," Jamal said.

He lashed out and grabbed her wrist to take the bracelet.

"Take it easy Jamal," Aladdin said as he stepped in and grabbed Jamal's hand to break the merchant's grip on Jasmine's wrist.

"This one stole the bread," Jamal said.

"Those children were hungry," Jasmine replied.

"Give me a moment," Aladdin said.

"You may walk differently Aladdin. But we both know you are a street rat still. Keep your nose out of it," Jamal replied, seeing the chance to get a bracelet worth far more than his bread.

Aladdin turned back to Jasmine ignoring Jamal's comments. He was used to dealing with comments like that. He was going to enjoy this.

"I take it you don't have any money?" Aladdin asked as he took Jasmine's hands.

"No," Jasmine said.

Aladdin nodded and turned back to Jamal.

"Here you go," Aladdin said to Jamal as he handed Jamal Jasmine's bracelet.

Jasmine clutched at her wrist and found her bracelet was still there. She looked down and didn't see it. But she felt it. Her eyes widened in shock.

"Ha ha," Jamal chuckled happily.

"Let's go," Aladdin said as he took Jasmine's hand and led her away.

"How did you manage that?" Jasmine asked as they rushed away.

"I have many tricks up my sleeve," Aladdin said, knowing the conjured copy of the bracelet wouldn't last long given how little magic he had put into it.

"Hey," Jamal shouted from behind them. "Aladdin. Thief!"

"Are we in trouble?" Jasmine asked with adorable surprise.

"Only if they can catch us. Which I feel pretty confident they can't," Aladdin said with a grin. "Go down that alley. Abu will guide you," He said as Abu jumped on her shoulder.

Aladdin turned and held up another conjured replica of the bracelet. He took off running with city guards following behind him. He took a left into an alley, jumped up on a pile of homeless man's junk, and grabbed some of the braces between buildings. He swung himself up. He felt like singing one of the old songs he came up with when he was a child running from the guards.

"Gotta keep, one jump, ahead of the bread line," Aladdin began as he made his way down from a platform using the stairs. "One jump, ahead of the law men. That's all. And that's no joke," He sang as he met up with Jasmine in a vat of cloth dye. "These guys don't appreciate I'm broke."

Jasmine and Aladdin ran out of the tanning vats.

"Riff raff, street rat, scoundrel," A group of guards sang as they approached.

"Take that," Aladdin sang back as he picked up a knife. "Try a different tact guys." He slices through a rope connected to a pully. A pallet of goods plummeted down onto the other end of the board Aladdin was standing on. He was catapulted up onto a nearby balcony railing.

The singing back and forth continue as Aladdin escaped through a woman's school window, jumping onto a nearby awning. He bounced his way back down to the street.

"There are stairs you know," Jasmine said with a laugh when he joined her at street level.

"But this way is more fun," Aladdin said with a grin as he took her hand and led her away.

He got them onto a passing wagon. He got them down several allies up to the top of a stone wall. That wall led to the top of one of the buildings.

"What now?" Jasmine asked as she thought they were trapped.

"Here," Aladdin said as he wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close. "We're going to run to that pole and jump across."

"I don't think that will take our combined weight," Jasmine said.

"It will. Trust me," Aladdin said confidently.

Jasmine didn't know why. But she did trust him. They ran to the pole. He grabbed the pull while she held onto him. He cast a strengthening spell into the pole as they were flung across the space separating them from the next building. Jasmine let out a startled yelp. They landed with her sitting in his lap. He enjoyed the position. But they had to get moving. The two climbed to their feet and began running. Aladdin led them across roof top after roof top.

"Duck down there," Aladdin told her.

He hit her with a Notice-Me-Not spell and the guards ignored Jasmine. Meanwhile he leapt off the roof while sending a small blasting curse at a nearby tiled awning. In reality Aladdin apparated back to Jasmine while keying himself into her Notice-Me-Not so that it covered both of them.

"How did you do that?" Jasmine whispered as Aladdin led her away by the hand.

"Again. I have all kinds of tricks," Aladdin said with a grin.

"Where are we going?" Jasmine asked a few minutes later.

"We'll be safe where I live," Aladdin said.

Jasmine was interested to see where he lived as he led her down another alley. He pulled a rope out of a concealed position. There was a loop for his foot in the rope. Aladdin put his weight on the rope and hidden posts slid out of the walls forming a staircase. Jasmine climbed up to a small doorway.

"That's exciting," Jasmine said as she went through the door.

They went across a wooden plank to the tower where Aladdin called home.

"Welcome to my home," Aladdin greeted.

He activated a lever which caused a blanket to raise up off of his possessions. The lever was actually magic. When he activated it in the way he did it was set to look non-magical.

"You are quite a magician," Jasmine observed with a smile as she began looking around.

She found her way out onto the balcony.

"I have my tricks," Aladdin said.

"I can't believe that we just got away with that and survived it," Jasmine said with disbelief in her tone.

"Would you like some tea?" Aladdin asked as he fixed her with a warm smile.

"Yes please," Jasmine replied. "And thank you for getting me out of that situation. Aladdin isn't it?"

"It was my pleasure. I know how uncaring some of the merchants can be, and seemingly how most of the city is, about the hungry," Aladdin said. "What is your name if you don't mind me asking?"

"Dalia. I'm Dalia," Jasmine lied poorly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Dalia. Do you work at the palace?" Aladdin asked.

He wished he was far enough along in his magical studies where he had learned legilimency. But he was just getting to the point where he had basic occlumency skills.

"What gave it away?" Jasmine asked.

"It would be hard for most people to get a bracelet like that. And that silk lining on your dress is imported. It goes straight to the palace from the merchant boat," Aladdin explained.

"I work in the palace with the princess," Jasmine said. "You have a sharp mind," She noted.

"I like to observe people from up there and learn things," Aladdin said while nodding towards the balcony.

"The city does look so beautiful from up here," Jasmine said fondly as she returned to the balcony view. "I should get out more."

"I imagine that is hard with the princess not leaving the palace," Aladdin suggested.

"That would be because she isn't allowed. After the queen was killed the sultan grew afraid of losing his daughter too," Jasmine explained.

"It was a sad day when she died. The city has been the worse after that," Aladdin said. "The people of the city loved the queen."

"I'm glad to hear that," Jasmine said fondly even as she knocked over a musical instrument.

She caught the instrument similar to a small guitar.

"Is this yours?" Jasmine asked.

"Yes," Aladdin replied. Jasmine began to play the instrument tentatively. The tune was familiar. "My mother taught me that song."

"Mine did too," Jasmine replied.

"I guess great mothers think alike. I don't really remember much more of her than that," Aladdin said.

"What about your father?" Jasmine asked curiously as she set the instrument back down.

"My father went off in search of a better life for us. But he was never heard of again. My mother died of sickness not long after. It has just been me after that," Aladdin admitted.

He brought the tea up and handed it to Jasmine.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Jasmine replied as she met Aladdin's eyes sincerely.

"I don't mind much these days. Abu has kept me company. And I do say I like the company I've got right now," Aladdin said with a grin before taking a sip of tea. Jasmine returned the smile. She liked Aladdin. He was handsome in a way. "What about you?"

"My mother died when I was very young. My father works at the palace. It isn't a bad life. I just feel trapped by the circumstances I was born into," Jasmine admitted.

"Well you are always welcome to escape out here to see me," Aladdin said.

"You have no idea how much I appreciate that," Jasmine replied. "I think I got a little more than I bargained in the market place. If you hadn't helped me I would have been in trouble. Thank you."

"It was my pleasure," Aladdin answered.

Just then horns sounded from the harbor announcing an arrival. The sight of a large ship and several smaller vessels sailing into the harbor greeted Aladdin and Jasmine when they turned to look. The ships looked Scandinavian, almost Viking, if the memories Aladdin got from Harry Potter were to be believed.

"I have to get back to the palace," Jasmine said with surprise.

"Of course," Aladdin said. "I can show you the most direct way."

"Thank you," Jasmine said as she took his offered hand.

He led her out of his home. As he led her, Aladdin focused on weaving together a spell he sometimes used when spying on potential targets. He weaved the listening charm onto her bracelet upon her wrist. He led her to the palace gates which they reached as the new arrivals to the city were passing through. A carriage carried the latest prince coming to court Jasmine.

"And this is where I leave you," Aladdin said.

"Thank you for showing me your home Aladdin," Jasmine said.

Their eyes met. Aladdin felt the heat pass between them. He had an urge to kiss Jasmine.

"Is he going to kiss me?" Jasmine thought.

He reached out and took her right hand between his fingers. He leaned down and kissed the back of her hand without breaking eye contact. Jasmine shivered as his lips met her skin. It felt like a spark of energy shot into her hand. Her skin tingled. He released her hand and Jasmine disappeared into the crowd.

"Out of the way," Someone shouted.

One of the foreigners on a horse came galloping up. The horse reared as a child screamed. Aladdin darted forward and pulled the child out of danger.

"Street rat. Get out of the way," The foreigner barked.

Harry glared back at the foreigner. A curse invisible to the non-magicals flew from Harry's fingertips and hit the foreigner. The diarrhea curse might help adjust the foreigner's attitude. The foreigner galloped away.

When Aladdin got home he tuned into the conversation with Jasmine. It sounded like she was in a hall of some sort.

"Oh wow," Prince Anders said with an accent as he laid eyes on Jasmine.

"Prince Anders, my daughter Princess Jasmine," Sultan Navid introduced.

"So, why did no one tell me of your beauty?" Anders asked.

"No one mentioned yours either?" Jasmine responded.

"Oh, thank you," Anders said. Jasmine could tell from his tone and mannerisms that Anders didn't have much going for him in the intelligence department. "They say that in Scandant. Right," He added while turning to his attendants. There was some laughter from Anders' men. "It's very, very amusing."

"Is it," Jasmine replied.

"Yeah," Anders replied.

"We have the same title. Yet we are never described the same way," Jasmine noted.

Anders didn't seem to know what to make of that. Sultan Navid shifted uncomfortable.

"Jasmine," Navid said quietly.

"Yeah. Oh. What is that?" Anders asked with a smile as he spotted Rajah, Jasmine's pet tiger. "Don't. Don't tell me. It's a cat. With stripes."

"He likes you," Iago, the parrot belonging to the sultan's advisor Jafar, said.

"I know," Anders said. "Because in Scandant cats love me. Here puss puss. Hey puss puss," He added as he drew closer to Rajah with an object he was carrying.

The object looked like a short stick with a tassel on the end. Rajah growled in response. Rajah roared and batted at Anders. Anders let out a scream of fright. The audience was cut short after that.

Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path

Later That Night

Jasmine was going to visit her father. As she approached her father's study she heard him say, "Invade Shirabad."

"Invade Shirabad," Jasmine said as she entered the room. She found Jafar standing there staring intently at her father while blocking her view of her father. Jafar moved out of the way. "Why would we invade mother's kingdom?"

"We would never invade Shirabad," Sultan Navid said.

"But an ally in Scandant would improve our situation," Jafar put forth.

"Yes. If you would consider giving Prince Anders a chance," Navid suggested tentatively to Jasmine.

"To rule? Baba, the man is an imbecile," Jasmine said.

"My dear, I'm not getting any younger," Navid replied. "We must find you a husband before we run out of kingdoms."

"What foreign prince could care for our people as much as I do?" Jasmine asked. "I could lead if only."

Navid cut his daughter off saying, "You cannot be a Sultan. Because it has never been done in the thousand year history of our kingdom."

"You could change that," Jasmine said. "What does it mean to be Sultan if you cannot break new ground? I have been preparing my entire life. I have read every," She began only to be cut off again.

"Books. You cannot read experience," Jafar said.

"You wouldn't make the same experience to a man. You would give him the opportunity to get experience," Jasmine argued.

"The world is the way it is," Navid said. "One day I hope you can understand. You may leave now."

Jasmine knew a dismissal when she heard it. She walked out into the hallway and paused around the corner. Jafar came around the corner a moment later. Rajah let out a warning growl.

"Life will be kinder to you princess once you accept these traditions and understand it's better for you to be seen and not heard," Jafar said.

Jasmine didn't respond. But Rajah's growl was response enough. Jafar left. She walked down the hall towards her room. Once she closed the door into her rooms she felt safe.

"Here comes a way meant to wash me away, a tide that is taking me under," Jasmine sung. Her voice was beautiful. "Broken again, left with nothing to say, my voice drowned out in the thunder. I can cry. And I can start to crumble. Whatever they try to shut me or cut me down. I can't stay silent. Though they want to keep me quiet. And I tremble when they try it. All I know is that I won't go speechless."

She sat down at a bench on her balcony. Aladdin decided to slip into the palace to pay Jasmine a visit. It was a simple matter to distract the guard at the gate with an illusion and slip past when the guard wasn't looking. He then scaled his way up the side of the palace and ran across the top. He moved swiftly.

"In that other world they called this parkour I believe," Aladdin thought.

He made his way into the palace itself. It wasn't hard to find the jacket of one of the palace servants set aside while that servant scrubbed the floor. Aladdin slipped the jacket on and cast a cleaning charm on himself. He picked up a tray and donned one of the servant hats. When he passed by two palace guards they didn't bat an eye at him. It didn't take him long to locate Jasmine's quarters. He knocked on the door. When Jasmine opened the door herself her face transformed to an expression of shock. He thought the expression was cute on her.

"How did you get in here?" Jasmine asked with a hiss. "Come here," She said as she grabbed his wrist and pulled him inside.

Jasmine felt a spark of energy shoot into her when she grabbed Aladdin. Where their flesh touched the connection was heated.

"It wasn't hard to get in here," Harry admitted. "At least not for me. I thought I would just stop in and say hello. Would you like to go for a walk, talk a little?"

"Aladdin, you can't just break into a palace and walk around like you own the place," Jasmine chastised.

In truth Jasmine found his daring attractive.

"I didn't. I walked around like a servant," Aladdin said as he indicated the outfit he was wearing with a gesture of his hand. He gave her a teasing grin. "I'm sorry. But I enjoyed our time together before so much I would like to get to know you better. I couldn't resist. If you want me to go I will."

"No. That won't be necessary," Jasmine said.

Just then Jasmine's servant Dalia walked in and asked, "Who ordered the tea?"

"I did," Jasmine replied. She walked behind Aladdin and said, "For you Princess Jasmine."

Aladdin caught on quickly that Jasmine wanted to continue the charade that she wasn't the princess. He was fine to let her.

"Your majesty," Aladdin greeted with a bow.

Jasmine was obviously making hand gestures behind him because Dalia asked, "Why are you being weird?" He turned and glanced at Jasmine. She simply smiled at him. Dalia apparently caught on a moment later because she said, "Oh I'm the princess yes."

"Could Dalia be anymore obvious that she isn't the princess," Aladdin asked himself in amusement.

"And it is good to be me with all of my palaces and wagons of gold," Dalia said.

Hermione had been floating behind Aladdin following him around.

"This is too painful," Hermione thought to herself. She used her telepathy to mentally influence Dalia. Out of Dalia's mouth came, "I will be in the bath if anyone should come asking for me."

Dalia then left the room. Rajah then entered the room. He cautiously approached Aladdin and sniffed at him. Jasmine eyed Rajah's interaction with Aladdin with interest. Aladdin cautiously held out his hand. Rajah sniffed it and then allowed Aladdin to slowly pet him.

"Rajah has never liked any man before except the Sultan," Jasmine said with a tone of awe.

"Rajah is just a good judge of character," Aladdin said as he channeled magic through his fingers which felt amazing to the tiger. "Do you want to go for that walk now?"

"Someone will see us," Jasmine suggested.

"Not necessarily," Aladdin said as he took her hand and led her over to the balcony.

"What are we doing?" Jasmine asked. Aladdin produced a rope from inside his outfit. He secured one end to the balcony. He also produced a glove which he put on his right hand. He wrapped his left arm around Jasmine and pulled her tightly to his side. "This doesn't seem like a good idea," She said, catching on quick as they sat on the edge of the balcony. "Trust me. I've got you."

She clung tightly to him as he lowered them slowly to the ground holding onto the rope. He removed his glove and put it back into his pocket. He hit the rope with a Notice-Me-Not charm.

"If I didn't know better I would say you are just looking for excuses to get close to me," Jasmine said with a teasing grin.

"That is a pleasant bonus," Aladdin said. "Touching a beautiful woman always brightens the day."

"And have you touched many beautiful women?" Jasmine asked curiously.

"A true man never tells the personal business of ladies," Aladdin answered.

The pair began walking around the grounds. Jasmine didn't think about the fact that the palace guards should have noticed them. The Notice-Me-Not Aladdin had placed on them saw to this. She was so enraptured getting to know this mysterious man that she didn't focus on other details. They talked for hours.

"I enjoyed this," Jasmine said. "But how do we get back up?"

"You wrap your arms around my midsection and I'll wrap my legs around you. I'll pull us up," Aladdin suggested.

Aladdin climbed a short ways up the rope. She wrapped her arms around him. His legs supported her beneath her arms. Jasmine blushed as she realized her face was very close to his crotch. He scaled the rope with the aid of his magic. Soon they made it over the balcony. She ended up laying on top of him when they finally pulled themselves over. Jasmine leaned down and took the opportunity to kiss him. The kiss lingered for several long and satisfying moments. Then Rajah prowled over and stared down at them.

"I don't think he wants me to push my luck," Aladdin said as Jasmine reluctantly got off of him.

"You probably should go," Jasmine said.

He initiated one last kiss which she returned. And then he walked to the door, glancing back at her to see her staring at him. She smiled. He returned it. Then he slipped out the door. Aladdin made it down two hallways and then he was surrounded by 3 palace guards. He had let the Notice-Me-Not fade after he and Jasmine had made it back to her rooms. He still could have easily escaped the guards. But he was curious what would happen. The guards put a hood over his head. He was led out of the palace and loaded onto a camel. They road for some time. The sun gradually came up. Eventually he was taken off the camel and the hood removed. He found himself sitting next to Jafar out the desert.

"Well this has been an eventful night," Aladdin quipped.

"It has," Jafar agreed. "Trying to woo a princess isn't smart."

"She identified herself as a handmaid," Aladdin replied.

"I doubt that will matter much to her father," Jafar said. "The princess was toying with you. She finds great amusement in doing such things to commoners," He lied. "What is your name?"

Aladdin saw right through Jafar. The man wanted something from him.

"Aladdin," Aladdin replied.

"People like us have to deal with the truth," Jafar said.

"You seem pretty far removed from my position," Aladdin pointed out.

"It may seem that way. But I used to be a common thief just like you. Eventually I realized that I could steal more than just food or a little money. I decided to steal a kingdom. You're either the most powerful man in the room or you are nothing. I have an opportunity for you. If you do something for me I can make you very wealthy. Jasmine will take you seriously in that case," Jafar said.

"What a twisted way to view the world," Aladdin thought. "What is it you want of me?"

"There is a cave nearby which contains a simple oil lamp. After dark falls again I want you to retrieve this oil lamp for me. If you do this I will make you a wealthy man," Jafar promised.

"I'll do it," Aladdin agreed.

Jafar explained more along the journey to the cave.

"When you enter the cave of wonders you will be tempted by more riches than you ever imagined. Touch nothing but the lamp," Jafar said.

"I understand," Aladdin agreed.

The cave entrance was in the shape of a large tiger's head seemingly made of sand. Aladdin could sense the magic emanating from the tiger's head. When he approached the tiger's head after dark the cave entrance lit up with an orange light.

"Only one may enter here," A deep magical voice said. "One whose worth lies far within. The diamond in the rough."

Then the voice grew quiet. Aladdin walked into the cave entrance. He felt confident he could apparate out if there was any trouble. The entrance turned into a sand slide which he and Abu slid down. They slid onto a large rock with a somewhat flat surface. That rock led to others which led further down into the cave like a natural staircase. Shortly they happened upon a diamond necklace with a large diamond inside.

"Don't touch Abu," Aladdin warned as he began mentally cataloging all of the treasures within.

Many fantastic gold and jewels were arrayed everywhere within the cave.

"Jafar wasn't kidding about being tempted," Aladdin thought. "Perhaps there is a way."

Aladdin began forming a plan in his mind. When they made it into the cave proper they saw enough treasure to fill the treasuries of ten kingdoms. Something else drew Aladdin's attention, a magic that seemed alive. Aladdin followed it to find a carpet which contained the magic. The carpet was partially pinned beneath a rock. But the part that wasn't pinned moved of its own accord. This was a magic carpet. Potter knew of them from his world. But Aladdin didn't think those carpets had been alive like this one apparently was.

"Hello Carpet," Aladdin greeted as he shook one of carpet's tassels. Carpet shook back. "Let's see about freeing you," He said as he walked over to the rock. He laid his hands upon it and channeled a levitation spell into the rock. Carpet flew free and zoomed around the cavern a bit. "Someone is happy," He added as Carpet flew back and draped itself around him. "Do you think you can give me a lift up to that lamp?"

Carpet settled on the floor and Aladdin stepped on. He grabbed Abu before Carpet took off. It was child's play to acquire the lamp sitting on top of a tall spire thanks to carpet. Carpet returned them to the floor of the cave. Aladdin tucked the lamp into his expanded pocket while conjuring a replica. Short term conjuration that would last a few hours at most was something he had gotten pretty good at when combined with switching spells. These two magics were essentially to a thief. Aladdin stood in the middle of the cave and closed his eyes. He extended his hands out to his sides and pushed out his magical senses. His magic filled the cavern, sensing the treasure within. Letting out a deep grunt as if he had just put all of his effort into a strike Aladdin twisted reality to his will. Every single piece of treasure in the cave had been replace with a snap-conjured replica which would fade in a few hours. The real treasure was now in Aladdin's expanded pocket. As he suspected the wards which protected the cave wouldn't trigger as long as he didn't physically touch the treasure. Magically touching the treasure was a different matter.

Hermione watched Aladdin work his magic with pride. He had been a motivated student to learn. Aladdin had already possessed a spark of divinity in him from her husband's efforts. Therefore, Aladdin had power in spades. She could sense he was thinking about how to handle the situation.

"Yes. I like that way best," Aladdin said out loud.

Another magic Aladdin had gotten quite good at was illusion magic. He raised his hands again and suddenly the cave sprung into action.

"You have touched the forbidden treasure," The tiger guardian's voice rang out throughout the cave. "You shall never again see the light of day."

Lava seemed to burst through the walls. Abu screamed and clutched at Aladdin as Aladdin stepped onto carpet which lifted into the air. Carpet flew through the air towards the entrance of the cave. But just as he was getting near to where Jafar was standing a rock fell from the ceiling and took carpet right out from beneath Aladdin and Abu. Aladdin managed to land on a ledge below the entrance.

"A little help would be appreciated if you want your lamp," Aladdin said.

"The lamp first," Jafar said.

Jafar was eying a conjured lamp on Aladdin's hip. Aladdin reached down and passed the fake up to Jafar. Jafar took the lamp and then proceeded to stomp his foot down on Aladdin's hand. Aladdin seemingly fell to his doom even as the cave entrance crumbled. Jafar fled out of the entrance which closed up behind him. Meanwhile Aladdin simply let the illusion inside the cave fade. The entire scene with the lava had been a complex illusion designed to fool Jafar. And it had worked. He took the lamp out of his pocket and examined it. The lamp was glowing to his senses with magical power. He reached out and brushed his hand charged with his magic against the lamp. A bluish-purple cyclone of misty-looking magical energy swirled out of the lamp and formed into a male form. The top half was an immense man with purple skin while the lower half was magical mist.

"Oh great one who summons me, terrible one who commands me, I stand by my oath loyalty to wishes three," Genie said. He looked around and didn't spot anyone else. He leaned down to Aladdin and said, "Excuse me. Where's your boss boy?"

"I don't have a boss. I was the one who rubbed the lamp," Aladdin said. "What are you?"

"I am a genie," Genie said as he shrunk down to Aladdin's size.

"Ok. You say that like it should mean something to me," Aladdin said.

"Oh boy. I've got a new master that has never heard of a genie," Genie said. "I suppose I better explain. Monkey," Genie said while hitting Abu with a spell that caused the monkey to be fit with a drum on its, cymbals, and a kazoo. The cymbals and drums began to clap out a steady rhythm. Genie broke out into song. The song that followed and played out over the next several minutes was illustrated with illusions and transfigurations that impressed the hell out of Aladdin. This genie was obviously a very powerful being. He gathered the fact that he had 3 wishes coming to him from the song sung. When the song ended he was quite impressed with the results. "You ain't never had a friend like me," Genie said to finish up the song.

Aladdin's mind raced with the possibilities of what he could ask for if he truly had 3 wishes. There was much he already had thanks to his magical powers. But he would have to determine just how much more this genie was capable of than him magically before he could make a final decision.

"Wow. That was impressive," Aladdin complimented. "You made that magic seem so effortless. You don't even look tired."

"That's because I'm not," Genie said. "One of the perks of being a genie is that I can do magic with ease. Unfortunately, the downside is that I can never do magic for myself."

"That's a rather big downside," Aladdin said. "How long have you been a genie for?"

"A thousand years," Genie admitted.

"So you're immortal then?" Aladdin said.

"While I'm a genie, yes," Genie said.

"Can you grant the immortality to others without making them a genie? Or even grant the ability to give others as well as myself the ability to make people immortal?" Aladdin asked.

"Yes to both of those questions," Genie admitted. "I can grant you the ability to make anyone immortal including yourself. Pretty much my only major restrictions are that I can't make anybody experience true love and I can't bring anyone back from the dead."

"I see," Aladdin mused. "Can you also grant me the power and knowledge to transport myself along with others to other worlds."

Genie appeared quite surprised by this request.

"Yes. I can," Genie said. "But most people don't know other worlds exist."

Genie began to become a little suspicious something odd was going on here.

"What would you wish for if you had three wishes?" Aladdin asked curiously. "I mean obviously you have seen a lot of people wish for things. You must know what not to wish for."

"You are smarter than my average master," Genie admitted. "I do know what not to wish for. From what I have seen wishing for money and power never works well. Because the wisher is never satisfied with the amount I give them. To start off with I would wish to be out of this cave. Then I would probably wish for a comfortable home along with enough money to support my family and I for the rest of our lives. That would be my second wish. My third wish would be to be free as a human. Then I would go about trying to find a wife. In all my years the happiest humans I have seen are those who are content to live comfortably with a wife and children."

"Those are all good wishes," Aladdin mused. "You obviously have wisdom. Could you tell me how you became a genie in the first place?"

"I was born this way. One of the gods of this universe created my brethren and I. There are other genies. I suspect we were created to spread more magic into the world. But also I imagine we are here to provide entertainment to any of the gods that watch the mortal world," Genie admitted.

"Wow," Aladdin said. "I can see why you are so adjusted to being a genie. But I can also see why you would wish for freedom. I imagine all your years have probably gotten boring being surrounded by maniacs. I have a question for you. If a young man suddenly started having visions of another universe, another life, and of magic do you have any idea why that could be? And if he could with work use that magic."

Genie extended his magic and suddenly sensed Aladdin's on power. But then he extended his senses further. Suddenly Genie's gaze flashed right to the invisible Hermione. Genie's eyes widened. Immediately time in the cave of wonders ceased to progress for everything within except Hermione and Genie.

"You're no dummy yourself Genie," Hermione said.

"Great One," Genie said as he immediately dropped into a bow with his hands on the ground. Genie could sense some measure of Hermione's power in so much as he thought she was as powerful as any reality-bound deity he had met. "I apologize. I did not realize you were here."

"You may rise Genie," Hermione directed.

Genie floated back upright.

"What is they will?" Genie asked.

"I have taken a liking to this mortal. But he's far more than he seems. He has the memories and magic of his counterpart from another universe. You are not to reveal my presence to him. I have been training him in his dreams. He thinks I am merely a dream," Hermione said.

"I understand," Genie said. "So I am to guide him?"

"Yes. I want to see how he handles the adversities that face him. He is already enraptured by a young woman he met recently. I want to see him pursue her. But mostly he is running the show. Do not tell him I am real. You can tell him that sometimes the higher powers of the universe grant mortals power beyond what any mortal normally would," Hermione allowed.

"Yes Mistress. Might I know your name?" Genie asked.

"Hermione," Hermione answered. "Time will flow again now."

Genie nodded and looked back at Aladdin.

"To answer your question sometimes mortals are granted abilities by the higher powers of the universe beyond what any mortal would normally get. Are you telling me you are a sorcerer?" Genie asked.

"I am," Aladdin admitted. "I do not need to wish us out of the cave. Because the cave being closed like this is simply an illusion. Aladdin cancelled the magic holding the illusion together and suddenly the way was open again."

By this point it was daylight outside. Aladdin got onto carpet with Abu and the lamp. The lamp disappeared into Aladdin's expanded pocket. Genie floated along with them as they flew outside.

"This is going to make your wishes so much more interesting depending on how much you can do with your magic by yourself," Genie said.

"It will. Won't it," Aladdin replied. "I think I know what I want my first wish to be," He said as he picked up the lamp and began rubbing it. "I wish to be the Sultan and supreme ruler of a kingdom with the following properties. This kingdom must be large and real. It must have a military of impressive power but one which also enjoys peace more often than war. It must be a wealthy kingdom. It must produce many good trade goods and be self-sufficient. And its people must be content and like me as their sultan. The kingdom must have no unrest. And the kingdom's ruler must be immortal along with having the ability to bestow immortality upon anyone that ruler chooses. He will retain this ability even if he ceases to be sultan by his own choosing sometime in the future."

"Damn. The way you worded that it is all packaged as one wish," Genie said with admiration. "The easiest way to accomplish this will be to raise fertile ground by basically raising a new mini-content the size of a country. I can put it on all maps in the world and put it in people's memories. But I will make it seem like a kingdom that is shrouded in mystery and very reclusive. Let's called it the Kingdom of Tylos," Genie said. "We will say your mother passed away from illness and your father died in battle when you were young."

Genie snapped his fingers. They suddenly reappeared on a continent which hadn't been there moments before. Genie had been intending to raise the mini-continent himself. But by the time he arrived there it was already raised. He glanced over to Hermione who had followed them and saw her nod. She had done it. Genie was reminded not to mess with deities. You simply followed their orders and that was it. Genie sent his magic over the mini-continent to find out how big it was.

"How big is it?" Aladdin asked.

"Here is the world and this is the mini-content we are on," Genie said.

Aladdin inspected the illusion and estimated that Tylos was about the size of Algeria in the other world. Harry Potter had learned geography well. In fact Tylos was about 2.59 million square kilometers or 1 million square miles. It was impressive. Genie began creating buildings on the island.

"I will create the people for you," Hermione projected into Genie's mind.

"Yes Mistress," Genie said.

He was forbidden by one of the laws originally laid down to him to actually create real human lives. He could conjure golems that looked completely human. He could relocate existing humans. But he couldn't actually create humans. Hermione had no such restrictions. She didn't create a massive population. But she created a decent sized population for the capitol along with smaller populations for some of the outlying villages Genie created throughout the kingdom. The creation process want on for the rest of the day. Genie wanted to get the little details right to make sure the goddess was happy with him.

Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path

Agrabah, The Next Day

Apparently, Genie took his duties of making Aladdin a sultan seriously. When Sultan Ali's entourage entered Agrabah it was to the sound of drums, trumpets, and song.

"Make way, for King Ali," A horde of Tylos' soldiers sang as they entered behind beautiful dancing girls.

Genie followed that up by breaking into song in his human-form. Aladdin understood why Genie replaced Sultan Ali with King Ali in the song. Sultan Ali wouldn't have fit. But in Aladdin's kingdom Sultan and King would be used interchangeably. Aladdin waved and smiled throughout the song letting Genie do his singing thing. Genie wowed the crowd with a lot of flash. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you looked at it Jasmine was not quite so easily wowed. She left partway through the song. Aladdin rather thought it was the line Genie threw in about the princess being hot that pushed Jasmine over the edge. Regardless Harry still thought Genie's ability to wow the crowd was amazing. It was definitely a magical experience.

The crowd was not the one Aladdin needed to impress. It was Jasmine who he needed to impress. The crowd didn't hurt. About twenty minutes later Aladdin found himself waiting in the throne room standing next to Genie. Jafar was present. They were all waiting on Jasmine and her father. After a few minutes the side door opened and Sultan Navid entered followed by Jasmine and then Dalia. Aladdin stood there trying not to let his nerves show. Aladdin had learned from Harry Potter's memories that women liked confidence without too much arrogance. He would have his work cut out for him to diminish any feelings Jasmine may have about his inflated ego after the performance Genie had just put on. But Aladdin was up to the task.

"It's a pleasure to welcome you to Agrabah Sultan Ali," Navid greeted.

"The pleasure is mine Sultan Navid," Aladdin returned. "I have heard nothing but good things about your kingdom."

"And your kingdom, where do you hail from?" Jafar spoke up to say.

"Forgive me for not mentioning earlier. I am Sultan of Tylos," Aladdin responded.

Surprised whispers went through the several courtiers in attendance. Navid glanced back at his daughter who also looked surprised. Genie's magic had done a good job of planting some memories of Tylos in the heads of everyone in the world.

"We have of course heard of Tylos," Navid said. "I am afraid we know little about it."

What was known was that Tylos was a wealthy kingdom.

"I hope to change that," Aladdin said. "We actually brought a gift of samples of many things from the culture of Tylos."

Genie clapped his hands and soldiers brought in many different gifts on trays. Navid glanced over the many gifts presented including what was apparently many foods from the culture of Tylos.

"I look forward to sampling these gifts," Navid said. "Thank you."

"And what is the purpose of these gifts?" Jasmine asked.

"It was my hope that our two countries could become better acquainted princess," Aladdin said respectively. "I felt the first step would be showing you some of my culture."

"To what end?" Jasmine pressed.

"If you decided you enjoyed my culture Tylos is in need of a queen. But that is entirely up to you princess," Aladdin said. "The details can be worked out later with your blessing if you even decide you like my culture."

The implication behind his words was that if Jasmine even decided she liked him. Jasmine found something about this Ali that she liked. A subtle magic on Genie's part made it so Jasmine and Jafar didn't focus for too long on how familiar Aladdin seemed. Jasmine subconsciously recognized the similarity Sultan Ali had with Aladdin. She had been drawn to Aladdin. The same was true with Sultan Ali.

"I look forward to learning more about your culture this evening, perhaps at dinner?" Jasmine said as she glanced to her father. Navid nodded. "Until then," She added.

She gave a slight bow and a small smile before turning and leaving with Dalia following her.

"I will have you shown to guest quarters," Navid said while gesturing towards a servant.

A few minutes later when Aladdin and Genie were in their rooms Genie said, "That went very well. I get the sense that Jasmine was not impressed by the performance I put on during our entrance."

"I get that same feeling," Aladdin admitted. "I'm going to have to project confidence without seeming arrogant."

"That will be especially tricky after that entrance. But you did a good job diffusing the situation in the throne room. What do you know about her handmaiden?" Genie asked.

"I know her name is Dalia. She can be amusingly awkward at times," Aladdin said. "She seems nice though."

"She's attractive. Her I would like to get to know," Genie mused.

Aladdin and Genie got situated in their rooms and relaxed until that evening. On the way to the dinner celebration later that evening Genie and Aladdin were waylaid a bit by Jafar.

"Sultan Ali," Jafar spoke loudly from the shadows of the walkway leading to the celebration. Jafar was lurking in the shadows. "May I have a word, privately."

"Of course," Aladdin said.

"I will be right over there my Sultan," Genie said before he walked a short distance away.

Genie kept his eye on Jafar.

"I sense in you a man of great ambition just like myself," Jafar began. "I am Jafar, advisor to the Sultan. You will find I could be a valuable ally to help you get what you seek."

Aladdin very much doubted that. Jasmine did not like Jafar and did not value his opinion.

"And what is your ambition?" Aladdin asked.

It was at that moment that Jafar triggered the magic in his serpent staff. The magic Aladdin sensed was similar to a compulsion charm. The occlumency Aladdin had been learning his memories while not fully formed yet was strong enough to allow Aladdin to resist the compulsion. It was still a bit of a struggle though.

"I am sorry to interrupt," Genie said. "Your presence was requested by messenger from Sultan Navid."

Genie grabbed Aladdin's arm gently and guided him away. That had been Jafar's plan all along, to get Sultan Ali alone so that influence and control could be established.

"I felt something strange going on there. It almost felt like magic," Aladdin whispered once they had gotten far enough away.

"I sensed something strange as well. But I'm not sure what it was. That was why I pulled you away. We'll have to keep an eye on him," Genie replied.

When the two arrived at the celebration both found their gazes going to Jasmine and Dalia respectively.

"Any pointers about dancing?" Aladdin asked. "I don't really know how to dance."

"I can do better than pointers. When the time comes I'll take care of the dancing. Until then I'm going to be chatting with Dalia over at the punch," Genie said before walking off.

Before Aladdin reached Jasmine, she was approached by the dim-witted Prince Anders. Aladdin could tell by her demeanor that Jasmine was not happy to see Anders. Jasmine looked gorgeous in the turquoise colored dress she was wearing this evening. The jewels she was wearing only served to accentuate her beauty. But Aladdin thought she would have looked better without them.

"Excuse my interruption," Aladdin said as he walked over to Jasmine and Anders.

Hermione who was hovering invisibly nearby decided to help things along. Her magic reached out and enveloped Jasmine. Jasmine suddenly caught a whiff of Sultan Ali's scent. On a pheromonal level Jasmine thought her suitor smelled very good. The princess admitted that Ali was very attractive. Carnal thoughts flashed through her mind.

"Where did those thoughts come from?" Jasmine asked herself, feeling rather flushed. "I never get like this around a suitor."

Jasmine would be having some very carnal dreams that night of Sultan Ali. Hermione would be making sure of it.

"Who is this?" Anders asked.

"This is Sultan Ali ruler of Tylos. Sultan Ali this is Prince Anders from Scandant," Jasmine introduced. "You weren't interrupting at all Sultan."

"Please call me Ali," Aladdin said. "I am only formal when the situation calls for it."

"Please call me Jasmine then," Jasmine replied. "I'm surprised to hear that with the way you road in."

"I wanted to apologize for that. I know it was overblown and probably made me seem as if I have a huge ego. My advisor suggested the entrance. When he presented his idea to me I didn't have the heart to crush his hopes. I assure you I don't think as highly of myself as was presented," Aladdin said.

Jasmine searched Aladdin's face to see how sincere he was. She believed him to be genuine.

"Apology accepted. You can make it up to me by giving me that dance you promised earlier," Jasmine said while her eyes glanced towards Anders trying to convey how much she didn't want to talk to Anders.

The message was received loud and clear.

"It would truly be my pleasure Jasmine," Aladdin said while meaning it. "Excuse us Prince Anders."

Aladdin took Jasmine's hand and led her over to the dancing area. Jasmine and Aladdin were the center of attention when they took the dance floor. There were other dancers present as well. But everyone focused their attention on the two royals. He couldn't take his eyes off Jasmine as the dance began. The magic from Genie took control. Aladdin didn't even try to fight it. In fact something instinctual told Aladdin to connect it to his own magic so that the connection wouldn't be quite so rough. In this way his motions wouldn't be so jerky. Jasmine smiled at him with pleased surprise as she saw how well Aladdin danced. Genie had Aladdin spinning, jump-spinning, and dancing in ways that pushed the boundaries of what a human would believably be capable of doing much to the enjoyment of the crowd. Genie was going a little over the top.

Hermione realized Jasmine's mood was shifting because it seemed like Aladdin was playing to the crowd thanks to Genie's magical manipulations. Hermione took control from Genie and guided Aladdin closer to Jasmine, rejoining dancing with the princess much to Jasmine's delight. When the dance ended, Jasmine's chest was heaving and she was smiling.

"You're quite the good dancer," Jasmine complimented.

"You are good yourself," Aladdin returned. "I would definitely like to dance some more with you. But after that would you like to take a walk so we might get to know one another better?"

"I would like that very much," Jasmine agreed.

The pair danced several more dances. Between Hermione and Genie subtly manipulating things it was a very enjoyable experience for both of them. But the real highlight was when they got to take a walk afterwards.

"Tell me about Tylos," Jasmine suggested.

"It's a magical place," Aladdin said and began describing his continent.

"It does sound wonderful," Jasmine said.

"Me telling you about it is all nice. But would you like to see it?" Aladdin asked.

"Perhaps someday," Jasmine said while thinking, "He moves fast."

"We could go for a quick visit and be back in a few hours," Aladdin suggested.

"How. Isn't Tylos quite far from here?" Jasmine asked.

"It is. But I have a way. Trust me," Aladdin said.

A look of suspicion suddenly came onto Jasmine's features.

"Clever girl is starting to put things together. Aladdin has said that saying of Trust Me to her several times now," Hermione thought to herself.

"Close your eyes and I'll have a surprise for you," Aladdin suggested. Jasmine did trust him. She closed her eyes. He took her hand and had her take several steps forward. "Ok, sit down here. And once you do open your eyes."

Jasmine sat down and as she opened her eyes they widened with shock. Then carpet began to float up into the air.

"A magic carpet," Jasmine said with awe in her tone. "You have a magical carpet?"

"Yes. I told you Tylos is a magical kingdom," Aladdin said as carpet began flying forward.

Jasmine held onto Aladdin. She enjoyed touching him and he certainly enjoyed her touch.

"I think I'm going to like seeing your kingdom," Jasmine said.

"Let me show it to you. Let me show you the whole world," Aladdin said.

They flew exceptionally fast over the landscape. Unknown to Aladdin, Hermione was using her abilities to make carpet capable of flying even faster. They quickly covered the distance to Tylos. Carpet took them on a route that illustrated the highlights of the beautiful continent.

"You have such a beautiful kingdom," Jasmine complimented. "And it's so large."

"Something every guy likes to hear," Hermione thought with a smirk.

Hermione was flying along with the couple under her own power. Genie was off with Dalia taking a walk. Hermione had making this moment romantic covered. On the way back from Tylos, Aladdin took the time to have carpet fly over the rural areas of the kingdom of Agrabah. Jasmine was able to see regions of her own kingdom she had never been able to see.

"The reason we are going slower to get back to your palace is so I can show you parts of Agrabah you may never have seen," Aladdin said.

"I haven't been able to see much. My father has kept me well guarded since my mother passed," Jasmine said.

"I'm sorry to hear about her passing. What took her?" Aladdin asked.

"Thank you. Sickness," Jasmine answered.

"Sickness took my mother as well," Aladdin said.

Jasmine took his hand and squeezed it comfortingly.

"I feel like I've met you before," Jasmine said, unable to shake the feeling.

"Does that mean you feel comfortable with me?" Aladdin asked.

She examined his face for any signs of falsehood or something that would make him seem untrustworthy. She found nothing.

"I do," Jasmine admitted.

Aladdin leaned forward and stole the moment, kissing Jasmine. The kiss was tender but enjoyable for both of them. It didn't last long. But it was something good.

"I felt the urge to do that," Aladdin admitted.

Jasmine leaned forward and stole a kiss from him.

"So did I," Jasmine answered when the kiss ended.

Hermione smiled, pleased. Carpet by this point had drifted back to Agrabah. He floated near the center of the city. A Notice-Me-Not charm meant the citizens didn't know their princess floating above them with Sultan Ali. Jasmine shivered a little and rubbed her arms.

"It gets a bit windy up here," Aladdin said as he drew off his jacket and draped it around her.

He then followed up by wrapping his arm around her. She snuggled into him.

"Thank you," Jasmine said. "I like just watching my people," She said as she watched a group of people dancing with music around a fire in an open square.

It was a mini festival of sorts.

"I can see why. They seem fairly happy down there," Aladdin observed.

"They have this ability to make life beautiful despite circumstances. They deserve someone to lead them who is aware of this ability," Jasmine said.

"They do," Aladdin agreed. "You would make a good leader. I can see you wan to lead."

"I do. But my father doesn't seem to want to change the laws. And Jafar…Jafar is a pig," Jasmine said.

"Yeah. I didn't get good vibes from him either. Look, I know the laws about women not being able to lead are unjust. I completely see that. But if you find the right man he should be smart enough to lead with you together," Aladdin suggested.

"Are you saying you are just such a man?" Jasmine asked with a small smile.

"What I'm saying is that I consider myself smart enough to recognize when a woman's inner beauty which includes intelligence matches her outer beauty. And might I say Jasmine that both your inner beauty and outer beauty positively shine," Aladdin said.

As he had spoken Aladdin had stared down into Jasmine's eyes. When he finished she leaned up and kissed him. It was a tender kiss and lasted considerable time. When she drew back her eyes were closed.

"It shouldn't be happening this fast," Jasmine whispered.

"What shouldn't?" Aladdin question.

"Getting so comfortable with you," Jasmine admitted.

Aladdin felt some inner turmoil about if he should come clean to Jasmine, at least about part of it. Hermione felt his inner turmoil. She was tempted to interfere and try to sway him one way or the other. But she decided to see how smart he was. She was glad she waited a moment later because he made the right decision.

"Jasmine," Aladdin began hesitantly as she drew back to look at him more fully given the nervousness she detected in his tone. "If I tell you something do you promise not to judge me too harshly and keep it to yourself?"

Alarm bells began going off in Jasmine's head. But she still felt Ali was worth her trust.

"I will try my best. But if it endangers my kingdom I make no promise to keep such a secret," Jasmine said.

"Fair enough," Aladdin replied. "You are so comfortable with me because we have met before."

"What do you mean?" Jasmine asked, her brow wrinkling adorably in confusion. "I think I would remember."

"Sultan Ali is Aladdin," Aladdin said.

And just like that the magic distracting Jasmine from his identity was broken only for her.

"How?" Jasmine said with surprise as she stared at Aladdin. "How could I not have recognized it. Only your clothing is different. But it's still you."

"Magic was distracting anyone who knew me before from the fact that Ali and Aladdin were one and the same," Aladdin explained.

"So were you a Sultan masquerading as a commoner or are you a commoner masquerading as a Sultan?" Jasmine asked.

"To answer that question I need to explain that there is no masquerading going on whatsoever. I was a commoner at the time. But now I am a Sultan," Aladdin said.

"But how? So little time has passed. No wait, is this more magic?" Jasmine asked.

"Yes. Yes it is," Aladdin said approvingly at how quickly she was catching on. "After I left your rooms that night Jafar had me picked up by the palace guards and taken deep into the desert. He took me to a place he called the Cave of Wonders. He wanted me to retrieve a magic lamp without telling me it was magic. It was there I met carpet. It turns out the lamp contained a magical genie who grants wishes within certain limits. It was the genie who gave me my kingdom. Tylos is a real kingdom. It's just that before recently Tylos didn't exist," Aladdin explained.

"But…I have memories of Tylos from long ago. Everyone has memories of Tylos," Jasmine pointed out. "Is this more magic."

"Genie may have just slightly implanted memories of Tylos into the minds of everyone in the world. He raised Tylos up from the ocean floor and created it," Aladdin explained.

"He created its people too? Just how powerful is this genie?" Jasmine asked, somewhat alarmed but also amazed.

"Very powerful. He only has a few limits which include being unable to bring back the dead and make anyone fall in love," Aladdin explained.

"This is a lot to take in," Jasmine said as she sat and thought about it. Aladdin gave her that time in silence. Several minutes later she seemed to have thought things through. She turned to face him on the carpet. "Thank you for telling me the truth. I can see why you were afraid not to sooner. But you did as soon as it was possible," She began. Jasmine thought to herself, "Your genie may not be able to force people to fall in love. But he can certainly cause things to lean in favor of that outcome. I may not quite be in love with you yet. But I really like you and want to see where things go." Out loud she continued, "What is a Sultan or any noble if not a commoner raised up by the people usually through some good deed done by their ancestor. It just so happens you were raised up a very short time ago by magic. The fact that the magic did not apparently cause undo distress to anybody is in your favor."

"I'm relieved you see it that way. Does this change anything between us?" Aladdin asked hopefully.

Some of Jasmine's own fears were quelled with the way he asked that question. It was obvious he still desired her. It was also good to know how he had helped her in the marketplace.

"No. It doesn't," Jasmine assured as she leaned forward on her knees and kissed the handsome man.

"That definitely answers the question," Aladdin said with a grin as Jasmine sat back down and snuggled into him.

The two sat there talking for some time. They could have talked all night.

"I feel like I could talk all night," Jasmine admitted, unknowingly echoing Aladdin's thoughts.

"I feel the same. But we should probably get some sleep. I hope to have a long time to get to know you better. We don't have to do it all in one night."

Jasmine stepped off on the balcony to her chambers. Aladdin stepped up and kissed her. She returned the kiss.

"Goodnight Aladdin," Jasmine said.

"Sweet dreams Jasmine," Aladdin returned.

"Oh she's going to have some good dreams. I don't know how sweet they will be," Hermione thought to herself, already planning an array of erotic dreams featuring Aladdin and the princess for Jasmine to experience.

Aladdin watched her go to make sure she made it inside. When carpet returned Aladdin to his chambers Genie was waiting up for him.

"Did you have a good time?" Genie asked.

"She's an amazing woman," Aladdin said. "I had a great time."

Jasmine was lying in bed with Dalia telling the handmaiden all about their date. Aladdin resisted the urge to listen in. Hermione exercises no such restraint, listening in to both the conversations between Genie & Aladdin and Dalia & Jasmine. Jasmine left out about the part about Genie. She felt a little bad about that because it seemed Dalia was genuinely interested in Genie. Jasmine made a mental note to discuss the situation with Dalia.

"She does seem like it. I told her the truth about you. She isn't going to tell Dalia. That is your secret to tell if you choose to. But if you do please ask Dalia to exercise discretion," Aladdin said.

"And Jasmine took the revelation well?" Genie asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Surprisingly yes. I haven't told her about my own magic yet. I might hold off a while on that to let her adjust to the notion that you're a genie," Aladdin explained.

"Wow. Are you alright if I wanted to get closer to Dalia?" Genie asked.

"Genie, we've only known each other a short time. But I don't like the idea of slavery like you are in. I still intend to free you after my next wish. I just haven't figure out what that is yet. So you are free to pursue a relationship with Dalia as long as you would like," Aladdin said.

"Though I wonder if I could wish him free in such a way that Genie could retain some of his magical ability to use at his own discretion," Aladdin mused.

"I like the way he thinks," Hermione thought having picked up Aladdin's ideas for Genie.

Genie wouldn't be able to retain much magic with Aladdin's plan. But it was better than nothing. And with Hermione's help more could be done. That was one area she didn't mind interfering in.

"I really appreciate that," Genie said.

"It's the right thing to do. I'm going to turn in. Goodnight Genie," Aladdin said.

"Goodnight Aladdin," Genie replied.

Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path

The Next Morning

On the way to breakfast the next morning Aladdin's path was obstructed in a palace corridor by two guards. He felt a third guard approach him from behind.

"Move along. I'm not the person you are looking for," Aladdin said, remembering a line from one of the movies Harry Potter had watched growing up.

Aladdin followed it up with a strong compulsion charm. The guards moved off. Aladdin moved on to the royal family's dining hall where he had been invited. The Sultan was still asleep. But he found Jasmine there along with Dalia.

"Good morning ladies," Aladdin greeted with a warm smile for both of them.

"Ali," Jasmine replied in a friendly tone and with a smile, careful to use his name he was known by to everyone else. Dalia of course knew the truth about Aladdin being Ali. But there was rarely a private moment in a royal palace. "Won't you join me?"

"Of course," Aladdin agreed.

"My Lady I will be in an adjacent room if you should need me," Dalia said as she rose.

Jasmine nodded.

"Help yourself," Jasmine said while indicating the food laid out.

"Thank you," Aladdin said as he gathered up some fruit and other foods.

Jasmine and Aladdin enjoyed some conversation over their meal. She didn't feel self-conscious about eating in front of him like she worried she might.

"That was a good meal," Jasmine said as she finished wiping her mouth.

"It was," Aladdin agreed. "My complements to your cook. But I have one more treat for you to try."

"What is it?" Jasmine asked curiously.

"These are called strawberries," Aladdin said.

He had transfigured the strawberries from a different fruit. The strawberries would stay strawberries for several hours yet with the amount of energy he had expended in their transfiguration. That was long enough for Jasmine to eat them.

"This is a strange fruit. I have never seen it before," Jasmine said as she inspected it. "How do you eat it?"

"You take hold of the stem like this and then bite just below the stem. May I?" Aladdin asked as he held out the berry for her.

"Yes," Jasmine said while her eyes danced with amusement at what he was offering her.

He brought the berry to her lips. She bit down gently below his fingers and felt the sweet taste of the berry fill her mouth. Her eyes lit up even brighter in delight. She chewed and swallowed the berry.

"These are delicious. Are they grown on Tylos?" She asked as she looked eagerly at the basket of berries he brought.

"Yes," Aladdin responded as he brought another berry up for her to eat.

After she ate her next berry she said, "These strawberries are yet another aspect of your kingdom that I enjoy."

"That's good to hear," Aladdin said. He noticed some of the berry juice had squirted out to below her lip. "You have a," He started to say but then thought better of it. They were sitting close. But he moved closer. "You have some berry below your lip. Allow me to take care of it."

Aladdin leaned in and got the small bit of berry with his mouth. He brought his mouth up to hers and turned it into a kiss. Jasmine eagerly returned the kiss. She found herself quite libidinous after the very visceral dreams she had experienced last night. Their kissing deepened. Hermione sensed Jasmine's thoughts turn very erotic. Hermione mentally encouraged the other girl. Jasmine rose up from her seat and shifted into Aladdin's lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck and returned to kiss him. Jasmine's rump against Aladdin's groin had an effect. Jasmine pulled back from the kiss with a gasp when she felt Aladdin's hardness against her bottom.

"Sorry," Aladdin said apologetically.

"No. You have nothing to be sorry for," Jasmine whispered. "You just surprised me is all."

Jasmine shifted her position until she was grinding her womanhood against his hardness. She locked eyes with him as they essentially began to dry hump through their clothes. Hermione sent her powers out she tapped into from her divine husband. The experience became so much more intense for both Aladdin and Jasmine. Aladdin got far more sensation out of the dry humping than he would have normally. He was painfully hard. Jasmine was very close to climaxing. Then Hermione did something special. Suddenly it seemed like the room got dark around the edges. The world outside that room seemed to not exist. The cloth separating their sexes vanished. Aladdin was now rubbing directly against her juicy flower. One slight shift and his tip found her entrance. Then he was slipping inside. The two had gotten so worked up that it only seemed like a few movements before they both found their release. It was intense but quick. Just as they started to come down the altered vision state ended. They were back to Jasmine sitting in his lap. Their clothing was back in place. But his lap was drenched with their combined fluids as was the bottom of her dress.

"What just happened?" Jasmine asked. "Did you experience what I just did?"

"I think so," Aladdin said. "It was some kind of vision state. I don't know how it happened. But I think it was magic."

"So did we actually do what it just seemed like?" Jasmine asked.

"In our minds I think," Aladdin said.

"That was…I don't know how to describe it," Jasmine said.

"I know. I definitely want more of that in the future," Aladdin added.

"I do too," Jasmine agreed.

She almost said something just then about choosing him as her suitor. But they heard the sound of something coming towards the room. Jasmine hopped off his lap into her chair like his lap was on fire. She didn't even notice as Aladdin cast magic which cleaned up the bottom of her dress and his lap. Sultan Navid entered the room at that point.

"Good morning," Navid greeted as he took his seat at the table.

"Good morning father," Jasmine greeted with a smile for her father.

"Good morning," Aladdin answered. "What a beautiful day today."

"It is a beautiful day," Navid agreed as he began to fill his plate. "What do you have planned for today?"

Jasmine glanced at Aladdin and said, "I plan to spend more time learning about Sultan Ali and his kingdom."

Jasmine reached over and took Aladdin's hand. Navid saw this and his eyebrows tried climbing into his hairline.

"It is going well then?" Navid asked.

"Yes father. Ali is a good man. From what I have seen so far he is a wise ruler," Jasmine said.

"Good, good," Navid said happily.

Navid felt the despair that his daughter wouldn't be taken care of if anything happened to him lessen. Jasmine and Aladdin shared a good conversation with her father before taking their leave.

"I like your father," Aladdin said. "He seems nice. He loves you a lot."

"He does," Jasmine said. "And I love him."

It pleased Jasmine that Aladdin and her father got along so well.

"What would you like to do today?" Aladdin asked.

Jasmine thought about it. Then an idea came to her.

"You've shown me Tylos. Could we go see some of the rest of the world?" Jasmine asked.

"I don't see why not," Aladdin agreed.

This set up a pattern for the next week. Aladdin would put Jafar and his guards off with magic multiple times per day. Then Aladdin and Jasmine would explore their world together using carpet. Abu came along for the ride. Meanwhile the two spent time each day snogging, growing physically closer.

"If you feel anything like I do right now I do not know how you are restraining yourself," Jasmine said after she broke their latest kiss, their chest heaving.

"It's only because I know when we are ready for more it will be all the sweeter for having waited," Aladdin said.

Jasmine grinned at him. Then the grin faded.

"What should be done about Jafar do you think?" Jasmine said.

Aladdin was severely attempted to just make Jafar disappear or obliviate the man into oblivion. Leaving Jafar in the same mental state as Gilderoy Lockhart was very tempting. But too many questions would be asked with that approach.

"I've been thinking about that. I think it would be best just to tell your father of our concerns. But we need to do so when Jafar's guards aren't in a position to take advantage," Aladdin suggested.

"Jafar controls many of the palace guards. We should do it when we are certain he is not near and advice caution to my father," Jasmine said thoughtfully.

Jasmine was starting to think like a ruler.

"Breakfast tomorrow then," Aladdin suggested.

Jasmine nodded her agreement.

Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path

Breakfast the Next Morning

"Father," Jasmine began hesitantly after they had finished their meal.

Navid looked at her daughter and could tell she was troubled about something. Her mother had the same look about her when bothered by something.

"What is it Jasmine?" Navid asked, giving her his full attention.

"It's Jafar," Jasmine began. "It has come to my attention that Jafar is using his guards to search for magical artifacts to gain power. He seeks to eventually usurp control from our family."

"How did you come by this information?" Navid asked.

"I have been establishing a network of informants at Ali's advice," Jasmine explained. "He has helped me. But I have spoken with each of the informants individually. Multiple sources have confirmed Jafar's actions."

Navid looked at Aladdin appraisingly and then back to Jasmine.

"This is very troubling news indeed," Navid said.

"We must be very careful with this information father," Jasmine said. "That is why we approached you at breakfast when it is just us."

"I see," Navid said. "Would it be possible for me to speak to these informants?"

Navid was smart to verify. He had known Jafar far longer than Ali had known his daughter.

"Of course," Jasmine agreed. "I can have them brought before you discretely under the guise of servants one by one."

"In the meantime let us keep this between us," Navid said.

Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path

Over the next several days Navid heard testimony of Jafar's actions. Much of it was word on the street style rumors. But one of the informants had witness testimony by a brothel worker who had slept with one of the palace guards. It corroborated what Jasmine and Ali had told him. Navid began to plan how to contain the situation with Jafar.

Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path

In the Meantime

"What is on your mind Aladdin?" Genie asked when Aladdin approached him with a thoughtful look on his face.

"I believe I know what my second wish will be," Aladdin said.

"Alright. Tell it to me before you make it official so I can see if it is doable," Genie suggested.

Aladdin nodded and said, "I want to wish for you to enhance my magical abilities to the point where I have the power and the knowledge to travel to other planets. I want to see these other worlds that are near the stars I see in the night sky."

Genie appeared surprised and then thoughtful.

"You surprise me with your request," Genie admitted. "So you want to be able to teleport to other worlds and you want to have knowledge of what other worlds exist. You are also going to want to be able to survive in the vacuum of space."

Aladdin nodded. He knew other worlds existed around stars from his knowledge of Harry Potter's life. But he didn't know anything about those planets.

"That pretty much sums it up," Aladdin confirmed.

Genie glanced at Hermione who had suddenly made herself visible to him.

"Give it to him. I will add to whatever you are capable of giving him," Hermione sent to Genie. Then she was no longer visible to him. "It would seem that some of Harry's travels may have leaked through the soulstar. Or I suppose it is possible Aladdin developed these desires for explanation on his own."

"You can make it official. Might I suggest you also add a desire to be able to take people with you," Genie suggested.

Aladdin nodded and took out the lamp. He made the wish official structured around what they had discussed. When he was finished Aladdin felt a boost in his magic. But knowledge also flooded his mind concerned with space travel.

"Wow," Aladdin said. "There is so much knowledge."

"More will come when you look at stars tonight. You will know about the planets orbiting each star when you look at the night sky. But you will only know of the planets for the stars you focus on. It is too much knowledge for the human mind to contain at one time," Genie explained. "Try it out tonight and see. You might need to sleep for your mind to adjust."

Genie didn't want to push his friend to free him. So, Genie left it at that. He departed the room as Aladdin focused on assimilating the knowledge he had been granted. Aladdin ended up falling asleep so that his mind could better adapt to the knowledge and what Hermione had done. Hermione had enhanced the physiology of Aladdin's mind a little to accommodate the knowledge better.

Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path

Aladdin was woken from his nap by Jasmine gently shaking him awake.

"Aladdin, wake up," Jasmine whispered.

"Jasmine, what are you doing here?" Aladdin asked.

His mind was still a little groggy from the enhancement his mind had just gone through and was going through.

"I came across some mentions of another lamp in the palace library. I think it's another lamp. Can you show me your lamp so I can see if it is the same one or a different one?" Jasmine asked.

Aladdin wasn't thinking clearly or he may have noticed how slightly off Jasmine was being. But he was still half asleep. He drew the lamp out of his protected pocket. When Jasmine saw the lamp she lifted it gently. Before Aladdin knew what was going on his world went dark. Jasmine had hit Aladdin with the lamp knocking him unconscious.

"Very good Princess," Jafar said. "You have done well. Give me the lamp."

The snake top of Jafar's scepter glowed with red magical energy as he manipulated the compulsion magic within the scepter to influence Jasmine. She handed him the lamp. He rubbed it. Genie came out.

"Oh crap," Genie said.

"Hello Genie. For my first wish I wish to be Sultan of Agrabah," Jafar said.

Jafar rubbed his hands together reluctantly and sent out a wave of magic.

"Your wish is my command," Genie said.

Hermione could sense what Jafar wanted to do next.

"Let's manipulate things a little bit," Hermione thought to herself.

Hermione reached inside her lover and activated Aladdin's newest ability to teleport to other worlds. While still unconscious he was teleported to a nearby habitable world.

"Genie, for my second wish I wish to become the most powerful sorcerer in the world," Jafar cried out.

"Oh crap," Genie said.

Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path

Aladdin awoke with a headache to find himself laying in a bed of some type of colored grass he had never seen before. He looked up to find himself in a clearing surrounded by trees. The trees didn't look like anything from his memory either. It was night time. This is what allowed him to realize as he sat up that he wasn't on his planet anymore. There were three moons visible in the sky.

"Where the hell am I?" Aladdin asked as he looked around.

Suddenly his position and general information about the planet he was on came to him. He was on the planet known as Magra approximately 45 light-years from his home planet of Earth.

"Amazing," Aladdin said with a grin despite the situation.

He closed his eyes and thought about what had happened before he was knocked out. Replaying the scene with his occlumency allowed him to realize Jasmine had knocked him out. Now that he knew what he was looking for he recognized the signs of compulsion.

"I need to get back," Aladdin thought to himself. "But how."

Suddenly the knowledge of how to apparate between worlds came to his mind. It was a variation on the apparition he was familiar with. He disillusioned himself and then focused on the new form of apparition. One moment Aladdin was on Magra and the next he was back on Earth. He reappeared in his quarters to find them empty. His senses immediately told him of a powerful magical presence from another part of the palace. He went looking.

Aladdin found Jafar, Genie, Navid, Jasmine, and Dalia in the throne room. Navid was petrified magically on his knees.

"The best way to punish you for what you have made me endure is to take away what you love most," Jafar said. "Jasmine is quite beautiful. This will be enjoyable. We will have to of course tame her spirit. But she will willingly marry me."

"She would never," Navid said through grit teeth.

"She will unless she wants to watch you die," Jafar said as he caused Navid to be wracked with pain.

Navid let out a scream despite his clenched teeth. Aladdin wanted to act immediately. But he restrained himself. He had to think of a plan here.

"Jafar is powerful. I can feel that. But even the most powerful beings are susceptible to a sucker punch," Aladdin thought.

He knew from Harry Potter's training that just because you were the strongest person in the room didn't mean you couldn't be taken by surprise. Aladdin wasn't sure if he was stronger or weaker than Jafar. But he wasn't willing to take the risk with a direct contest of power.

While he was thinking up a plan Jasmine cried out, "Stop. I will do it! I'll marry you!"

Jasmine had tears in her eyes. She certainly didn't want to marry Jafar. She detested the man. She wanted to marry Aladdin. Jafar released Navid from the torture magic and petrification at Jasmine's words.

"See, she is learning already," Jafar said with a maniacal grin. "Now let's arrange the wedding. I shouldn't take long with magic."

Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path

A Few Minutes Later

While the preparations were under way for the wedding, Aladdin had snuck away to lift a dagger from one of the guards. He had then enchanted the dagger with a few basic spells to strengthen it. He hadn't practiced these spells extensively before. It had taken him some time to get the spells down. The only reason they worked so he would later learn was because he had overpowered the spells severely. He had snuck away to prevent Jafar from sensing any magic use. Aladdin was nervous.

"Can I really do this? Can I kill a man in cold blood?" Aladdin asked himself.

Despite the fact that Jafar was clearly a right bastard, Aladdin had never killed a man before. The possibility existed that Aladdin could subdue Jafar magically. A stunner to the back might do it. But Jafar's magical capabilities granted by the lamp were a complete unknown. If the attack failed then the repercussions could mean a lot of people suffered in Agrabah, that Jasmine could suffer. Aladdin's training in his dreams and the experiences of Harry Potter suggested that the pragmatic course no matter how ruthless was that Jafar needed to die quickly.

Jafar moved slowly under invisibility until he was standing not far behind Jafar.

"Your highness, Sultan," High Priest Tavar began as he stood on a balcony to oversee the hastily arranged royal wedding. Tavar was very confused. Jafar hadn't bothered wishing everyone to remember him as Sultan for a long time. They were just made to suddenly believe Jafar had become Sultan. The people still remembered Navid's rule quite well. "In honesty and sincerity do you accept princess Jasmine."

Navid raised his hand to halt Tavar and said, "Yes. I accept Jasmine." Jafar looked at the nearby Navid who was being forced to watch the ceremony. He couldn't resist twisting the knife so to speak. "And might I say Princess that you look ravishing in this moment. This moment that exists before I have my way with you in every way I want. You will become my personal sex slave to do with as I wish." Jafar's smirk widened as he saw the fear develop in Jasmine's eyes. There was defiance of course. But there was also fear behind the defiance. "The things I will teach you will make a brothel whore blush. So yes. I accept Jasmine as she is about to accept me into her bed and her body. Don't worry Princess. I will train you to enjoy it."

Aladdin's resolve solidified in that moment.

"Thank you. I needed that," Aladdin thought.

"You're welcome," Hermione thought even though she didn't project that to Aladdin.

Hermione had influenced Jafar to say what he really was thinking to help Aladdin along.

"Princess Jasmine, do you accept the sultan to be your husband?" Tavar asked.

"I…," Jasmine paused. "I…"

It was at that precise moment that the enchanted dagger emerged out of Jafar's forehead. The enchanted blade had been magically enhanced to make it slide through bone and tissue like a hot knife through butter. Jafar's brain didn't even have time to fully process what was happening before it shut down. Aladdin released the dagger as the corpse collapsed to the balcony. Aladdin became visible at the same time.

"Fool," Hermione thought. Jafar had asked for magical power without the magical sensitivity to detect when an invisible assault was coming. Aladdin would have that sensitivity with time and training which she would provide in his dreams. "Good riddance to bad rubbish."

Jasmine was shocked. She ignored the blood splatter on her face. She ignored it because she was so shocked at Jafar's brutal and sudden death. But then when she saw Aladdin her shock gave way to relief.

"Aladdin," Jasmine cried as she threw her arms around him. Aladdin wrapped his arms around Jasmine pulling her into a tight hug. "I'm so sorry I attacked you."

Jasmine broke down in tears as the adrenaline from the terrifying situation she had found herself in left her system.

"It's alright. I know you were being controlled," Aladdin assured.

Aladdin's fingers twitched and the lamp disappeared into his expanded pocket. He summoned a cloth from his pocket. When Jasmine drew back he wiped the blood from her face. A little bit of his wandless magic helped with the cleaning effort.

"What is going on?" Navid asked as he stepped forward.

With Jafar's death the guards were uncertain what to do now. Jafar was no longer Sultan of course. But did that automatically make Navid the sultan? Jafar had had no heir.

"Excuse me," Aladdin said before pulling away from Jasmine and stepping to the railing. He began vomiting violently over the railing. When he turned back a few moments later everyone was staring at him. "I apologize. I have never killed anyone before."

Jasmine could see how guilty Aladdin was feeling as their eyes inevitably trailed down to the corpse at their feet. Jasmine stepped over the body ignoring the pool of blood. She pulled Aladdin into another hug.

"My boy, you did what needed to be done. I do not like death either. But Jafar seemed to have some type of magical powers," Navid said as he glanced at genie wearily.

"Baba, Jafar's powers were granted by the genie of the lamp," Jasmine explained as she indicated Genie. "This is the genie that Jafar sought to use to overthrow your rule. The genie has been in Aladdin's possession until Jafar used a magical staff he possessed to gain control of me. He used me to steal the lamp from Aladdin."

Navid shook his head in wonder and concern before saying, "I am truly getting too old to rule if this is the type of situation I will have to deal with."

Navid dearly wished his daughter was ready to rule.

"Baba, I have made my decision. I wish to marry Aladdin," Jasmine announced with a beaming smile.

Navid broke into a wide grin.

"That is wonderful news," Navid said. "I would be happy to welcome Aladdin into our family."

"Thank you Sir," Aladdin said.

"Your highness," Hakim said as he stepped up to Navid. Hakim had decided to support the sultan he had always known now that Jafar was no longer capable of ruling. "What are your commands?"

"Hakim, please have this mess cleaned up," Navid said as he gestured towards the corpse. "Thank you for your loyalty," He added.

"Of course," Hakim said before beginning to get the mess cleaned up.

"Jasmine, I would like to offer you the opportunity for a wish. But then I must have the lamp back to free Genie," Aladdin suggested.

Jasmine's eyes lit up and she said, "Yes please. I've been thinking about what I would wish for ever since you told me about Genie."

Aladdin passed the lamp to Jasmine. She looked up at Genie.

Jasmine rubbed the lamp and said, "Genie, I wish for a nearby magical oasis to be created which is quite large and will never run out of many fruits and vegetables for the people of Agrabah along with water."

"Your wish is my command," Genie said as he sent out a pulse of magic into one spot in the desert.

Over the next thirty seconds a large oasis bigger than Agrabah sprang up.

"I want you to choose a wish that benefits you," Aladdin said. "Can you think of one?"

Jasmine thought about it for a moment and said, "Genie, I wish to have the ability to comfort Aladdin and get him over the necessity of killing Jafar faster than he would normally, much faster."

Genie opened his mouth to respond that it wasn't really within his capabilities unless she wanted Aladdin's memory wiped.

"Genie," Hermione sent. "Just say you will do it and act like you are enchanting her. I'll handle the actual magical heavy lifting."

Hermione brought up a time dilation field around herself. This allowed her to quickly formulate how she wanted to change Jasmine to best carry out the young princesses' wish. What was less than a millisecond to the outside world but which had been several minutes for Hermione, she dropped the time dilation field. When Genie sent out the pulse of magic into Jasmine, Hermione had the spell formed. The moment Jasmine bonded with Aladdin carnally the young woman would be elevated in physiology to what all of Path-Harry's wives were. But because Aladdin and Jasmine weren't going to know about Path-Harry for some time to come or even Hermione herself the knowledge of her new physiology would be denied to Jasmine. Hermione had decided that Jasmine would be granted limited knowledge of some abilities to help Aladdin. Jasmine would just assume these magical abilities were a result of the wish she had just made. But in reality they were abilities she would have gotten the moment she bonded with Aladdin.

Jasmine would have knowledge of minor telepathy she could use to enter any nightmares Aladdin was having and soothe his night terrors into dreams. She would be empathic to his emotions and able to sense if he was distressed. She would also have knowledge of how the human mind works to best get him to talk. Hermione also gave the princess knowledge about how to channel soothing energy into her hands along with other parts of her body to give truly magical massages. And lastly Jasmine suddenly had the idea of how to thank Aladdin for saving her from Jafar over the next few weeks in an intimate way. That more than anything would help Aladdin's guilty conscience.

"Thank you, Genie," Jasmine said as knowledge flooded her mind.

"That still wasn't for you," Aladdin pointed out. "Try one last time."

Jasmine thought about this and said, "This is my best shot at something for me. Genie, I wish to have a happy and fruitful marriage with Aladdin. I understand there will still be trying times. But I wish to have far more happiness than hardship."

Genie mentally queried Hermione asking, "How should I handle this?"

"I'll take care of it as well," Hermione sent back.

Genie sent out his pulse of magic and a book appeared in Jasmine's hands along with the knowledge of what the book was appearing in her mind. Jasmine beamed. The book was an advice diary. Jasmine could write things in it and she would get advice on how to handle it. The diary was actually linked to Hermione so that Hermione could give the younger woman advice. With Aladdin's soul-star connection to Path-Harry that is all that should be needed to make their marriage a long and happy one.

"Thank you, Genie. Aladdin," Jasmine said turning to him. "Could Dalia have one wish? Truly just one," She assured.

Aladdin glanced at Genie who said, "I don't mind."

Jasmine handed the lamp to Dalia and whispered in the handmaid's ear. Dalia apparently liked what she heard because she was grinning as she rubbed the lamp.

"Genie, I wish that my future husband and I share a long and happy marriage while having our dream home and enough wealth to make us comfortable for the rest of our days," Dalia said while looking directly at Genie.

"Your wish is my command," Genie said with a smile while knowing exactly who she was thinking of. The pulse of magic went out. "Your dream home is located in a small concealed oasis a short distance from the city out of view by some dunes. I also saw that you wanted a ship to sail with and took the liberty of putting one in the nearest sea. The wealth is in a vault beneath your home. The concealing magic means only you and those you trust can find your home."

"Thank you, Genie," Dalia said as she handed Aladdin back the lamp.

"Genie, for my last wish I wish you to be free," Aladdin said.

The magical manacles Genie wore fell off and he slowly transformed into a human.

"Thank you," Genie shouted as he rushed forward and embraced Aladdin in a hug. "You wonderful man. Thank you!"

"Thank you as well, Genie," Aladdin said. "Are you alright with me still calling you that?"

"Yes. That's fine. Though I may want to change at some point in the future to a different name," Genie mused as they broke the embrace.

Genie turned to Dalia and stepped closer to her. She closed the distance and kissed him. He happily returned the kiss.

When they drew apart Jasmine with her arm wrapped around Aladdin's waist said, "I'm happy for you too."

"Thank you," Dalia said.

"It looks like we have a wedding to plan," Navid declared. "Let's have a feast to celebrate."

Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path

Two Months Later

Aladdin kissed Jasmine after the wedding ceremony completed. The music that broke out in the background was truly magical. Though, Aladdin had nothing to do with it. That was actually Hermione's doing. It amused her to have the musicians playing the soundtrack for the Aladdin film in the background. She watched on happily as Aladdin hugged Genie who congratulated him while Jasmine hugged Dalia. There was much celebration among the gathered crowd. The music, dancing, and dining began.

Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path

Later That Night

Smut Scene Redacted (See Author's Note at End)

Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path

2,000 Years Later

Jasmine walked out onto the balcony of her home in the palace at the capitol of Tylos. The night air felt just right despite the fact she didn't wear a stitch of clothing. She didn't look like she had aged a day since 2,000 years previous when she had first married her Aladdin. Queen Jasmine glanced back at her slumbering husband in the bed. She noticed Emmaline getting out of bed.

Emmaline was the latest of several women that had shared their bed. 2,000 years of marriage sometimes required spicing things up in the bedroom. Jasmine honestly didn't mind sharing her man as long as she still held the primary place in his heart. She knew from her empathy that she did. When Aladdin had first laid eyes upon Emmaline Jasmine had felt recognition in him and instant lust. He had long since told her about his magical powers. Though it had taken her more than 100 years to learn the extent of his abilities. Being able to take trips to other worlds and explore the universe had softened the blow of his long-held secrets.

Emmaline's resemblance to the Hermione of Aladdin's dreams was uncanny. Aladdin had been able to construct a pensieve and show Jasmine memories of being with this Hermione. Jasmine couldn't deny that the resemblance was amazing. They had invited the servant Emmaline into their bed from that point on. It had been 162 years ago. Emmaline had been granted immortality by Aladdin. Emmaline didn't always join them in their bed. But she often did.

"What's on your mind?" Emmaline, A.K.A. Hermione, asked.

"Just thinking about the preceding two thousand years of life," Jasmine mused.

"There's definitely a lot to think about," Hermione said.

Hermione had been observing Aladdin and Jasmine for much of their marriage. She had watched as the couple had many children and expanded their empire out into the stars using Aladdin's ability to teleport across the universe. Eventually the couple had tired of ruling outright and left much of the day-to-day ruling to their children. Aladdin & Jasmine still had the final say. But they mostly left their children to running the kingdom. Navid still lived having been made immortal. So did Genie and Dalia. Genie had been allowed to retain minor magical abilities thanks to Hermione's interference.

Hermione had even brought Jasmine's mother, Reliah, back from the dead. Navid was the only one aware of this fact though. Jasmine just thought her father had a particularly favorite woman that warmed his bed. The glamor charms covering Reliah's features were hiding who she truly was from everyone except Navid and Hermione. Hermione had appeared to Navid ten years after Aladdin's marriage to Jasmine. Aladdin had given Reliah immortality after Navid had taken a liking to the servant. They knew Reliah as Harul.

"Do you ever find yourself getting bored with life?" Hermione asked curiously.

"I wouldn't say bored no. We've explored so many worlds. We've made love so many times. Our home planet is well-explored. I just can't help this feeling that there is something greater we are missing," Jasmine admitted. "But even if I never discover that I have been extremely happy with my life with Aladdin. Thank you for sharing it with us."

"Thank you for having me in it," Hermione said.

Aladdin chose that moment to walk out onto the balcony. He was also naked, something that both women appreciated.

"What are you two ladies talking about?" Aladdin asked as he wrapped his arms around both of them, taking the opportunity to squeeze both of their rumps before pulling them into hugs.

No matter how many times he saw two such beauties standing naked before them he would still never get used to it.

"You have great timing. Jasmine just expressed the feeling that there was some greater existence she was missing out on. And I was just about to reveal to her that she was completely right," Hermione said with a wicked grin.

"I am?" Jasmine said with surprise.

"You are," Hermione confirmed. "You think I resemble the Hermione of your dreams," She added while looking at Aladdin.

"I never told you about that," Aladdin said.

"Nor did I," Jasmine added.

"You didn't have to because I am Hermione Granger Potter," Hermione said with a smirk.

"So the dreams were true!" Aladdin said.

"Sort of. Harry's past with me is a little different than that. The dreams were something I used to train you on how to be a man with magic," Hermione explained.

"What are you? A goddess?" Jasmine asked.

"I might as well be," Hermione said with a nod. "You both are mine, bonded to my husband who we called Path-Harry. You see Aladdin, you are part of my husband. Jasmine, you are bonded to Aladdin and his greater self. This will be easier if I release some knowledge to you."

Hermione unlocked the knowledge in their minds of what a soul-star was. They could both suddenly sense their connection to Path-Harry. When Hermione felt their minds adjust to this new knowledge she briefly let them catch a mental glimpse of all the other wives Path-Harry was bonded to throughout the multiverse.

"There's so many," Jasmine said with awe.

"Yes. But each of us is special to our Harry," Hermione said.

"I haven't been absorbed into him like the others," Aladdin said.

"Think of it more like a blending rather than absorption. But it's hard to explain without having actually experienced it. You will eventually gain the knowledge of what it feels like from your greater self's memories. But Harry prefers using soul-stars and seed verses for exploration these days rather than just taking over outright. Though I don't think he wouldn't occasionally mind taking over outright. He just finds it more entertaining seeing what versions of him with sparks of his divinity can do," Hermione explained.

"This is amazing," Jasmine said. "You are blowing our minds."

"I know. I'll give you time to adjust. Then we will go on a trip to some other places in the Multiverse. But first I think it is time you met your mother," Hermione said while looking at Jasmine.

"You can do that?" Jasmine asked.

"I've already done it. Harul is actually your mother. Magic has hidden her true identity from you until now. Your father and mother were under magic to keep them from revealing the truth until now. You can also have your parents back," Hermione told Aladdin.

"I would like that," Aladdin admitted.

Both of her lovers looked eager to go see their parents but Hermione smirked and pointed out with a gesture of her hands, "Don't you think you should get dressed first. I certainly don't mind both of you being naked. But your parents might mind."

"Oh yes. Oops," Jasmine said with a blush.

The trio got dressed and left their chambers heading off into what was a new adventure for Aladdin and Jasmine. Hermione enjoyed slowly revealing aspects of their new existence to her two lovers for a long time to come.

Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path – Aladdin – Path

The End of the Aladdin Verse

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