I'm admitting it. I am a gender bending fan.

I was searching for a really good fem!Harry fic a while back and I came across one called Unorthodox Matchmakers by Phoenix Soar (famed author of My Type of Women, Edward Elric: Storyteller Extraordinaire, and Into the Void). It's a Post-Second War fic, featuring a Girl-Who-Lived who is trying to become ordinary after defeating Lord Voldemort only to find that her troubles have only just begun. A ring appears on her hand one day, transforming her arch-rival Draco Malfoy into her future fiance. Now I'm sure some of you are thinking: come one Whitefox, it's just that same old worn out plotline where to two characters who hate each other instantly fall in love after becoming engaged.

Wrong! Harry (or rather Hariah) isn't exactly impressed by this new development and Draco is battling with feelings that he has suppressed for far too long for him to be able to act on them properly. There is confusion, angst, and jealousy, but at the same time they make attempts at bringing their two waring houses together.

And even if you aren't a fan of DracoxFem!Harry, watching Seamus Finnegan trying to court Millicent Bulstrode totally makes it worth it.

So in honour of Phoenix's great work, I present to you Unorthodox Matchmakers: Draco's Thoughts on Her, a series of oneshots that absolutely refused to leave my mind until I decided to write them down.

First Sight occurs during Philosopher's Stone.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the Harry Potter series. They belong to the great lady, J. K. Rowling. I also do not own the rights to Unorthodox Matchmakers. Those belong to Phoenix Soar. Go worship her fic.

First Sight…

Draco Malfoy's mother had just left him at Madam Malkin's Robes for all Occasions when a scruffy black haired girl with glasses stumbles her way on to the footstool beside him. The shop keeper slips on one of the long robes that they always have at hand over her head and begins to pin it to the correct length.

"Hello," Draco says politely. He doesn't really know why he strikes up a conversation with the girl who's obviously on the other end of the social class spectrum. Maybe it's because he is bored out of his mind, "Hogwarts too?"

"Yes," the girl replies, green eyes shifting uncomfortably around the shop.

"My father's next door buying my books and mother's up the street looking at wands," he informs her, "Then I'm going to drag them off to look at racing brooms. I don't see why first years can't have their own. I think I'll bully father into getting me one and I'll smuggle it in somehow."

When she doesn't answer, Draco asks, "Have you got your own broom?"


"Play Quidditch at all?"


"I do," he smirked, "Father says it's a crime if I'm not picked to play for my house, and I must say, I agree. Know what house you'll be in yet?"

Their conversation continued in that fashion, with him providing most of the dialogue and the girl answering simply. Draco does find out that the girl is an orphan, but had magical parents. She likes that savage of a games-keeper, which he thinks is ridiculous (after all, just look at him; he must be at least four times her size). She leaves, though, before he can find out her name.

He tracks her down on the train and offers the girl his hand in friendship.

"You'll soon find out some wizarding families are much better than others," Draco sneers, looking pointedly at the Weasley boy beside her as he holds out his hand. But she doesn't take it. Instead she says something that's more painful then a slap to the face.

"I think I can tell who the wrong sort are for myself, thanks."

Draco doesn't believe it: she'd said no to him. Him. A Malfoy! Impossible! No one said no to a Malfoy.

And yet…

It's only after Goyle's howling from Weasley's rat biting him has diminished to a whimper and they're safely back in their compartment that Draco Malfoy comes to the conclusion that he just talked to Hariah Potter, the Girl-Who-Lived.

His next thought is that he absolutely hates her.