Okay, this is my first attempt at a Doctor Who Fanfic, I've read some many wonderful ones, I thought Why not give it a go? There may be Amy/11 if you squint really hard. But anyways, Reviews are welcomed, constructive criticism only please. (= I would like to thank poyntersally for pointing out a plot snag. LOL poynter point okay enough rambling on with the story... R&R

The Doctor had been acting strange every since they left Earth 2020 after making a deal with the Silurians, something was wrong he was hiding something Amy thought as she watched her Doctor. fly his beloved Tardis his fingers dancing among the many buttons and levers. But what? The Doctor wasn't exactly forthcoming he had secrets, but this was different, she felt this secret in her soul. She had awoken crying many nights and not know why. It was like her heart knew something that her brain did not.

"Amelia, are you okay?" The Doctor broke in her thoughts,

"I'm sorry what?" she asked unsure of what he had just asked

A frown know graces his beautiful face, and he stopped pressing buttons and pulling levers and walked over to the leather couch that Amelia Pond know occupied, she looked pale and drawn, as if she hadn't slept in a month, she had her hands in her lap and sat stiff, he wondered for a moment if she were a statue like the Weeping Angels, he laid a gentle hand upon one of her hands.

"Are you ill?" he asked her searching her eyes for hidden answers or some sort of hint as to what may be bothering her.

"No, I just have been having nightmares" she said looking into his eyes, her eyes moistened at the thought of her nightmares.

"What about?" The Doctor asked as hearts fell to the pit of his stomach, fearing that what she would say,

"Well..." she started and she stopped short, and the Doctor gave her a reassuring squeeze, "You remember, when I saw the Future me in the field?" she asked,

"Yes" The Doctor said, knowing where this was going,

"Well, in my nightmare there is someone standing beside me and I know him, but when I wave at him he disappears and then I wake up crying in the middle of the night" Amy said, bring her arms in to hug herself.

"Well..dreams are complicated, they often come from one's imagination, or the last thing one thinks of before falling into R.E.M, that stands for Rapid Eye Movement, which is the state of being in a deep sleep" The Doctor said,

"Doctor" she said

The Doctor stopped rambling and looked at Amy, Amelia Pond the little Scottish girl who waited 14 years and smiled,

"Sorry" he apologized

This was never easy, revealing something that would hurt someone he cared about, no matter how many times he regenerated he will never get used to hurting those closest to him. He knew he owed it to Amy to tell her about Rory, and only hoped she wouldn't hate him when she found out..

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, he knelt in front of Amy and licked his lips.

"Amy" he said his voice low and measured

"Yes?" she asked, the Doctor had a grave look on his face, and she knew what he was about to say couldn't be good

"I know who the person in your dream is" he said slowly, and he swallowed hard, mentally preparing himself for what he was about to say.

Okay, so its a cliffie, you didn't think I was going to reveal all right off the bat did ya? Come on gotta have a little ANTICIPATION. 33