Okay, This is the FINAL chapter, I hope you guys like the way I ended it. Thanks for all your wonderful support. Means the world to me. 3

Days Amy had been in her room for days, occasionally the Doctor would leave a tray of the kind of food he thought a human would consume outside her door, and after every meal he would return to find the contents exactly the same save for a few bits here and there. He watched from the screen how she just lie in bed, as if she were frozen in a moment in time. He had caused her pain, when he was trying to save her from it, which is how it always seems to go. Verging on the 7th day of her confinement, the Doctor made a decision to go into her room.

He knocked gently, he opened the door, he saw her form lying on the bed, and as he drew closer he saw that he chest rise and fall slowly, she must be dreaming he thought.

"Rory" she murmured and she sat up, her eyes still still half closed, "Rory?" she said her voice now more clearer and her eyes opened fully "Doctor" she said and then she broke into tears.

He rushed to her side, "Amy" he said as he wrapped his arms around her, happy that he was at least in the same room with her. He stroked her back, "What's wrong?" he asked, he felt her tears soak his shirt, he didn't care.

"I'm sorry" she said her voice muffled, he broke the embrace just enough to look into her face.

"For what?" he asked as he thumbed her tears away and a slightly embarrassed look came to her face

"For saying that I wish it were you stead of Rory" she said her bottom lip trembling,

"Amy you don't have to apologize, you never have to apologize to me" he said as kissed her forehead meaning it to be a gesture of forgiveness, but what started out as forgiveness soon blossomed into something much more special.

He looked into Amy's beautiful brown eyes, and for a moment his hearts skipped a beat, he noticed that both his and Amy's breathing had become hitched, he stroked her smooth porcelain cheek, he knew he'd regret doing what he was about to do, but there was a time for regrets and right now wasn't it.

He lowered his lips to Amy's in a gentle caress, but once Amy's perfectly manicured fingers threaded themselves into his hair that was he's undoing, he deepened the kiss and his fingers stroked down her cheek and lightly traced ear, which sent a shiver down Amy's spine, she lightly scratched his scalp, and to his and Amy's surprise he let out a growl, he broke the kiss,

"This isn't a good idea" he said his voice husky and his eyes darkened with lust.

"You know, good idea's are rarely appreciated in there time" Amy teased the beautiful and sorely missed smile back on her face. The Doctor felt his lips twitch.

"Amy" he whispered,

"Yeah?" she asked her eyebrow quirked

"I love you" he said, never had he said it out loud before to any of his companions

"I love you too" Amy said as she brought her lips back up to his in a searing kiss, he heard a low rumble and he abruptly ended the kiss, Amy grumbled at the loss of his mouth

"What was that noise?" his ears perked up, and he looked around the room for the source of such noise, it rumbled once more, and he looked at Amy in astonishment, and he pulled out his stethoscope from his bigger on the inside tweed jacket, and pressed it to her abdomen, and he giggled he had found the source, then preceded to thwack himself on the forehead.

"Of course, you must be starving" he said as he jumped up from the bed and before he left the room

"I'll see what I can do" he said with a smile,

"NO fish custard" she warned, with a smile on her face, she then heard his far away voice say

"Oi don't knock it until you've tried it" she let out a giggle.