It has been 3 years since the end of The Great War; Aang, now 15, has been working of trying to keep peace. He was also trying to rebuild the Air Nomads. There was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Katara walked in, in her new silk robes.

"Hey Katara," Aang said, walking to his girlfriend. They instantly started a warm embrace. They were inches from kissing …Until Sokka burst through the door with Suki behind him. "Sokka!" Katara yelled, "Don't you know how to knock!"

"Sorry, but Suki and I need some help with the wedding." "O- Wait what?" Aang said, caught off guard by the news. "Aren't you a bit young for marriage?" Katara asked her older brother. "Hey, we're just getting ready for a few more years." Suki said.

"By the way," Sokka said, "Have anyone seen Toph?" Aang began to think and simply said, "No, I haven't seen her for like a few weeks." "I'll look for her." Katara said, stepping out.

It's been about two hours of searching; she was at the outside wall of Ba Sing Se. "Toph! Where are you?" Katara yelled.

Meanwhile beyond the outer wall, a Man was walking towards the entrance. "Excuse me," The Man said, "I need to see Fire Lord Zuko." "You cannot pass sir." The guard said.

The Man then stated, "L-look, I don't have the time to wait to make an appointment, it's real important, the fate of the Earth is at stake!"

The guards didn't take him seriously because he was rather old. "OK old timer, let's just get you into the city and get you to the," The Man then interrupted him, "I'm not insane, I'm deadly serious."

"Sure you are," said the second guard. The Man sighed sadly, "I'm sorry my children," He raised His hand and a blue beam of light came from his palm, "But you're forcing my hand. I may see the Avatar and Fire Lord Zuko."

"You may see the Avatar and Fire Lord Zuko." The guards said in monotone. But unseen by the Man and the guards, Katara was standing behind the gate, and witnessed everything. "Much obliged gentlemen." The Man said as the gate opened.

Katara ran back to Aang's home in Ba Sing Se. Thankfully everyone, including Zuko and Toph was there. "Guys," Katara panted, "There's a man who's just entered the city, but he did something to the guard's mind, so they let him in." "But Katara, we're completely safe," Zuko said, looking funny at Katara, "We are surrounded by guards. We're two of the most important people in the world; he couldn't mess with them all."

With that said, they heard a voice outside. "Excuse me; can I see the Avatar and Fire Lord?"

"Sorry mister, we can't let you in." "But sir, the World is in terrible trouble. I must see the both of them."

"Look old man," "Don't judge me because I'm old! I'm not insane. Please don't force my hand, I'd rather not."

"Look sir we can't you in this is The Avatar's sleeping quarters." "Please, it's urgent that I talk to him."

There was the sound of footsteps, the sounds of battle and blocking, "Sorry my children, but I must do this."

Then there was rushing noise. The door slowly creaked open and The Man was there. "I'm glad I finally got to you."

The team looked behind the Man and saw the guards frozen in ice. Zuko made fire trench knives, "Alright, who are you?" He glared at the Stranger.

"I'll have to be blunt about it. I'm Aang's superior." "What?" Toph asked. "You yourself might not remember Aang, but your past lives know who I am, just not my title. It changes depending on the world I'm in."

"So who are you?" Sokka asked. "Just call me The Creator."