Aang, Toph, Zuko, Sokka, and Suki, all looked up the path. A enormous army of demons has materialized. The took on a variety of shapes and forms. Some were humanoid. Others looked like birds, or reptiles. Still others were just abominations.

Up in the sky flew four beings. Katara, Satan, Azula and worst of all… Ozai. Ozai glided down from the sky and crashed right in front of Team Avatar. "Well Avatar, it seems you and I get to brawl again." Fire erupted out of his fist.

Aang whacked it away from them and into the left side of the army of demons, sending them flying, as if a bomb was thrown into their midst. Sokka grabbed his new sword from its sheath and ran past Ozai and started hacking the demons into pieces. Toph also joined, bending up spikes and shot them into the air, only to fall and impale demons.

Suki threw her fans into the eyes of her enemies, blinding them temporarily. Katara also floated down. In her distorted voice, she and the Lord of Flies said, "Why fight us Avatar, are powers our great. We are legion, for we are many. Power in numbers."

"You're wrong Beelzebub, there is no power where you come from, only death and doom." Aang responded. Ozai attempted to burn Aang to cinders Zuko tackled him to the ground. "You know what dad?" Zuko questioned. "You might have enhanced powers, but I got one thing you never had!" Zuko covered his fists with fire as he struck his father.

Each punch left a scar. "I have a team, people to watch my back, as well as a reason to fight!" Lightning began to explode from Ozai's eyes. Zuko was thrown into an group of hideous demons. Ozai stood up and brushed the dirt off his arms.

Satan was watch Aang's futile attempt at getting his beloved Katara back. The pain of the team fighting a battle they couldn't possibly win was just a sick form of entertainment for the Lord of Hell.

"Katara! Please! It's me! Aang! I….I love you! Please…" Aang's voice began to get shaky, about to cry.

Satan and Katara laughed at the Avatar's pitiful attempt. Katara lifted Aang up by the throat and tossed him into Sokka. Sokka ducked and Aang hit a rock, falling unconscious.

He was in a void of dark nothingness. Before him was Roku and Kyoshi. "Aang," stated Roku. "Don't give up hope. For if one gives up hope, one gives up on life. If I have given up hope about the War, you might have failed."

Kyoshi then commented, "And if I have lost hope against that tyrant who ruled my over my people, I would never have liberated them."

A voice then said, "If you never had faith and hope in your abilities, Ozai would be ruling the world as the Phoenix King." The Avatar(s) turned around to see a huge creature. "Hey, you're the Lion-Turtle who taught me how to beat Ozai without killing him!"

The Lion-Turtle smiled and said, "I am glad you remember me after all this time. Being a near-immortal being does have such problems." "I know I need faith and hope, but…I just can't hurt Katara… I…" Then out of nowhere Avatar Yangchen walked towards him and embraced him. "Hush now child, remember, God is with you…" she sang, trying to calm him down. The Lion-Turtle then asked, "Avatar Aang, do you remember how to energybend?"

"Y-yeah?" "Use it." Aang then questioned, "But Satan, Azula, and Ozai at too powerful for it."

Roku, who caught on to what the Lion-Turtle meant then said, "Who said anything about Satan, Azula or Ozai?"

Aang then reentered the material world.

Azula and Ozai were blasting a continuous stream of fire at Toph's rock wall. Suki and Sokka then snuck to Toph and whispered in her ear. "That's easy you two." Toph twisted her foot into the ground and a pillar of rock shot the firebender into the air.

Katara exhaled fire at the wall of earth. She was sent flying when a being tackled her. "W-what are you doing?" demanded the Lord of Flies to the Avatar.

"Freeing my friend!" Aang forced his hands on Katara's chest and forehead. It was Aang's blue energy, vs. the vile energies of the demon. Unlike the battle with Ozai, Aang over came the demon in a matter of seconds.

The black reptilian-humanoid monster flew from Katara's mouth. "It still doesn't matter if I'm out of her body or not! Hell will still cover the Earth!"

Ozai, stood up and held his head. From a pit of fire, Zuko lunged at him. Heat flowed from Zuko and into Ozai's face. In a matter of seconds, Ozai was in a lake of fire. Zuko then aimed his fingers toward Azula's back. She twitched as electricity ran through her body, destroying everything in her body. She too was in a lake of fire.

In seconds Katara awoken. "A-Aang? What's going on?" "I'll explain later, we have to stop Satan." Katara was on her feet in no time. A demon pounced at her and her water whip sliced right through it.

Satan descended to the Earth as did Beelzebub. "Avatar, give it up! It's the entire army of an entirely different plane of existence against the six of you!"

A fire ball flew and knocked Satan off his feet. "You are wrong!" yelled a voice, so familiar. It was Iroh. "Uncle! Get out of here! It's too dangerous!" Zuko cried out. "NO Firelord Zuko! I won't let you fight this evil on your own!"

A nice chunk of the demon army was swept under a freak tidal wave. "Grandfather!" yelled Sokka and Katara. Satan stood up, only to have daggers be thrown into his torso. "Mai!" yelled Zuko as the Firelady walked up to her husband.

"Kill them Beelzebub! NOW!" yelled Satan. Beelzebub charged. A girl in pink started flipping and jabbed him in pressure points. While this didn't stop him, it distracted him enough for quicksand to suck the demons underground.

"Nice work Ty Lee." Mai commented, high-fiveing her best friend. Aang then looked and saw a crazy old man standing on a pile of rocks. "Bumi!" "It's good to see you too Aang!"

Satan and Beelzebub couldn't understand. Where were they all coming from? "Missed me?" asked a Voice.

God descended from Heaven and when His feet touched the ground and army of Humanoids with bird wings appeared behind them. "God!" cried Team Avatar. "Unfortunately the problem had a more violent end then I desired but, it's at remote peace." God responded.

"You are the voice that told us the children were in trouble?" asked Iroh. "Yes, yes I am." responded God. A majority of demons disintegrated upon seeing Him. "Angels," commanded the Lord of the Universes, "Attack!" The angels charged and slew the demons. This left only Satan and Beelzebub.

"God, mind if I take care of Beelzebub?" asked Aang. "If you must." God answered.

Aang's tattoos and eye glowed brightly. Beelzebub howled in pain and suffering. "This is for taking over my love!" The Avatar approached the demon lord, who was beginning to turn to dust. When Aang touched him with the tip of his finger, the demon's body fell into a pile of dust.

Jeong Jeong appeared, along with Piandao appeared. Aang looked at them in confusion. "Where one White Lotus goes the others now follow."

God then replied, "Lucifer. I never wanted this to happen. You brought all this upon yourself. I am sorry. You were my friend Lucifer. I loved you."

All the benders attacked at once. When the cloud of dust was gone, Satan disappeared.

"Is he…?" asked Aang. "No. Satan is immortal, can't die." God sighed. "But You can…" started Sokka, but God interrupted, "I can kill him, but I won't."

"But why allow such a force to exist in the beginning?" asked Iroh. "He originally was called Lucifer, the Morning Star, the Bringer of Light. But he became jealous pf My power and self-existence, I was never created, he was. He tried to overthrow me with an army of corrupted angels. I never wanted this to happen but it did. So with a heavy heart, I casted them down to Hell. Which is now his kingdom..."

Aang walked up to the Supreme Being and hugged Him. The entire Team Avatar joined. God laughed.

"And now I must return to My omnipresent state." God said as his material body dissolved.

The group looked at the sky, except Aang. He was meditating. In a matter of moments he was in the Avatar State, allowing all past Avatars, including himself to look up at the Heavens and admire the beauty of it, and of the Kingdom of the Lord of the Lords. The Kingdom of God.

The End

(A/N: Well that's it. The end of the story. I hope you enjoyed it. If anyone was offended, I deeply apologize.)