Chapter 4: Pain

Jasper froze in mid-lunge, his whole body tense. But he hadn't hurt Bree, which calmed my nerves somewhat. Jasper turned to Carlisle with eyes full of frustration. "What's going on?"

"She doesn't want to fight," Carlisle explained. "She's surrendered."

Now Jasper was perplexed. "Carlisle, I…" His voice trailed off. "I'm sorry, but that's not possible. We can't have any of these newborns associated with us when the Volturi come. Do you realize the danger that would put us in?"

I growled – it was a quiet, inaudible growl, but a growl all the same. I had no idea what Volturi were, or what danger Jasper was referring to, but I clearly understood his main point. He wanted to kill Bree. It took every ounce of strength in my immortal body not to leap at him and tear him apart.

"Jasper," the woman objected, "she's only a child. We can't just murder her in cold blood!"

"It's our family on the line here, Esme. We can't afford to have them think we broke this rule," Jasper retorted.

The woman whose name was Esme sauntered towards Bree and paused between Bree and Jasper, turning to face Jasper with her hands on her hips in an authoritative, defiant posture. "No. I won't stand for it."

Slowly, apprehensive but firm, Carlisle said, "We are not the Volturi. We follow their rules, but we do not take lives lightly. We will explain."

Jasper grunted. "They might think we created our own newborns in defense."

"But we didn't. And even had we, there was no indiscretion here, only in Seattle. There is no law against creating vampires if you control them."

"This is too dangerous," Jasper persisted.

Carlisle put a hand on his shoulder. "Jasper," he sighed. "We cannot kill this child."

Jasper was angry now; he glowered at Carlisle. But Carlisle ignored him, so Jasper just sighed a lengthy sigh, looking hesitant but calmer.

"I don't like this. At least let me take charge of her. You two don't know how to deal with someone who's been running wild so long."

I snarled again. I didn't trust Jasper at all, and I certainly didn't want Bree in his custody.

"Of course, Jasper," Esme agreed. Then, quickly, she added, "But be kind."

Jasper rolled his eyes, and I had a bad feeling that he had no intention of being kind. But Carlisle and Esme were clearly in control, and I trusted that they would keep Jasper from getting out of line.

"We need to be with the others," Jasper interjected. "Alice said we don't have long."

Carlisle nodded, and he and Esme headed back towards what had previously been the battlefield.

Jasper turned to Bree, glowering, all gentleness gone from his face. "You there. Come with us. Don't make one rash move or I will take you down."

Bree tried to look docile, but I could tell that she was angry on the inside – it was written all over her face. Again, I felt like killing Jasper, but I knew that would only make things worse for Bree.

Jasper suddenly paused for a split second. "Close your eyes."

Bree hesitated, and I gritted my teeth, slipping into a crouch. If Jasper actually tried to hurt Bree, he would regret it.

"Do it!" Jasper repeated.

Bree clenched her teeth and obeyed, but she still looked awfully fearful.

"Follow the sound of my voice and don't open your eyes. You look, you lose, got it?"

Bree nodded, seeming to relax a little.

"This way," Jasper instructed, and Bree slowly followed him in the direction of the bonfires. As the sun hit her, she glittered more brilliantly than the most precious stones, and I watched in awe. She was so beautiful.

Eventually, Bree was right next to the flames, and Jasper sharply demanded, "Sit here. Eyes closed."

Bree did as she was told, her face a mixture of fear and anger as Jasper continued to watch her like a hawk. Slowly, Bree's emotions seemed to give way to misery for some reason. She didn't look well – she had the same look on her face as she had when Freaky Fred had unleashed his 'talent'.

Then I was distracted by a low growl from the left. I turned, frightened, and was shocked by what I saw.

A pack of enormous wolves stood before me. They were easily as large as horses, with dense fur and teeth that looked capable of slicing steel. A word darted through my mind. Werewolf. I didn't know what it meant, but I was terrified of these strange creatures. And Bree still had her eyes closed. Had the wolves come to kill her? Was that why Jasper had instructed her to close her eyes? So that she wouldn't see the wolves until it was too late?

Then I froze.

A smaller gray wolf had noticed me, and its expression was one of determination. It stalked forward, slowly, teeth bared in a threatening snarl. I lost it. These wolves were going to kill me, and probably Bree, too. There was no point in hiding anymore.

With a savage, guttural bellow, I leapt from the shrubbery and towards the gray wolf. The others suddenly realized what I was about to do, and a russet one pushed the gray one out of my path. I hissed in satisfaction as my limbs closed around the russet wolf. The awful crack of its bones shattering made me smile. It howled a tortured howl of utter agony.

You will never get close to Bree. Ever! I thought. Stupid monster… don't you dare!

The yellow-eyes started shouting, "Jacob! Leah! Sam!" They started running in my direction at a frantic pace.

Then, abruptly, the other wolves were upon me. I screamed as my limbs were torn apart and thrown into the bonfire. For a moment, I was angry and miserable. I'd failed Bree, failed myself, failed everyone and everything… My 'new life' was about to end, and I'd failed.

Then, unexpectedly, my emotional turmoil dissipated.

As the flames surrounded my broken body, there was only pain…

Author's Note: Diego was the newborn that attacked Jacob and left him severely injured. An interesting twist, huh? Well, that's the end of my story. Diego and Bree died inches away from one another and Bree never knew the truth.