This Broken Heart of Mine

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Chapter 1

It was a silent morning in Lawrence. Well, silent outside. Inside Bobby and Ellen Singer's home was another story. Today was a big day for the family, the only problem was the one person that Ellen was supposed to get a hold of wasn't getting out of bed. She had been yelling for him forever, but he wasn't coming down the stairs. Saying that Ellen was angry was the biggest understatement of the year.

"Dean!" Ellen yelled from the bottom of the stairs. "Dean Ackles!" She yelled again. She moved up the stairs quickly before hitting his door. It took the twenty-three year old a bit to open his door. He was wrapped in only a blanket.

"Aunt Ellen." Dean growled. "Do you have to be so loud?"

"Are you forgetting something?" Ellen asked her nephew as she stood in his doorway with her arms crossed. Dean looked around for a bit before shaking his head.

"Nope." He said. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a hangover I'm nursing." With that, he attempted to shut the door, but Ellen placed her foot in the doorway to stop him. She glared at him. He opened his mouth to say something, but she raised a hand to stop him.

"About a year ago, you went to the jewelry store on the corner of fifth and Main and bought this really beautiful ring. You gave it to someone who adores you. You made that person a promise. You have been asked to fulfill that promise twice, once last year in December and then again this year in March. It's July now and you've been asked a third time to fulfill your promise." Ellen said. Dean stood there for a moment, his eyes growing wide after a bit.

"Oh shit, it's today isn't it?" He asked.

"If you're talking about your wedding to poor Sammy Winchester, than yea Hun." Ellen said. "Honestly, I don't see what he sees in you, but whatever."

"Where's my tux?" Dean asked, moving into his room quickly. Ellen was still in the doorway.

"The closet." She said. Dean quickly pulled open the closet door and pulled out a black tux wrapped in plastic. He then ran across the hall to the bathroom. He had to shower and change in record time.

"Where is everybody?" Dean asked.

"Well, Jo went with Ash and your uncle to see if they could stall the Winchester's while Pastor Jim and Casey Novak try to keep the people that are sitting in the church from leaving." Ellen said.

"Casey, one hell of a best man right?" Dean asked as he quickly jumped into the shower.

"He's more like an angel." Ellen whispered under her breath.

"What?" Dean asked.

"Nothing." Ellen said.

"What about Jensen?" Dean asked. "Have you seen him this morning?"

"No." Ellen said. "Your brother didn't come here last night, so I bet he was out for all hours of the night with those idiots from school. That Caleb and Rufus. They're bad news." Ellen said.

"They're my friends too." Dean said. Ellen rolled her eyes. Her nephews had a way of annoying the hell out of her. "Anyway, he better be at the church. I just hope that he doesn't try to pick a fight with Sammy's brother again. It breaks my heart when Sam cries because of them. My twin or not, I'll smack him around a bit."

"Just hurry up." Ellen said. "John Winchester said if you don't show up on time this time, he'll never let you see Sammy again, and I like him better than some of those other characters you date."

"Yes boss." Dean said, turning the water off and jumping out. There was a million things to do in a short amount of time, but all he could think about was the angel he was about to marry. He just prayed that John hadn't already drug Sammy out of there.

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